Top 8 Telescopic and Extension Ladders

The ladder is one piece of equipment that is as old as time itself, and telescopic extension ladders are a modern, refreshing take on a device that never runs out of season. Telescoping ladders are improvements on the original ladder designs, with these models extendable to reach items that would usually be out of reach. And when not in use, you could also retract them into small compact shapes that fit in nicely into storage spaces, such as your car’s trunk.
That being said, in today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at the best telescoping ladders, along with those features that make them stand above the crowd. Without wasting more time, let’s take a look at these top-rated products!



Louisville Ladder FE3232 Fiberglass

●  Weight: 62 pounds
●  Maximum Extension Height:
29 feet
●  Max Load Capacity:
300 pounds

Little Giant Ladders, Velocity with Wheels, M22

●  Weight: 39 pounds
●  Max Extension Height:
22 feet
●  Max Load Capacity:
300 pounds

TACKLIFE 17 Feet Aluminum Extension Ladder

●  Weight: 34.4 pounds
●  Max Extension Height:
15 feet
●  Max Load Capacity:
300 pounds

TOOLTIN 15.5FT Telescoping Ladder with Stabiliser Bar

●  Weight: 36.6 pounds
●  Max Extension Height:
15.5 feet
●  Max Load Capacity:
330 pounds

Good Life 15.5FT Telescopic EN131 Professional Folding Ladder

●  Weight: 23 pounds
●  Max Extension Height:
15.5 feet
●  Max Load Capacity:
300 pounds

Ohuhu 12.5 FT Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

●  Weight: 25.4 pounds
●  Max Extension Height:
12.5 feet
●  Max Load Capacity:
330 pounds

WolfWise Aluminum Telescopic Extension Multi-Purpose Ladder

●  Weight: 24.7 pounds
●  Max Extension Height:
12.5 feet
●  Max Load Capacity:
330 pounds

Yvan Telescoping Aluminium Ladder,12.5 FT, One Button Retraction

●  Weight: 24.6 pounds
●  Max Extension Height:
12.5 feet
●  Max Load Capacity:
330 pounds

First up on our review list is this product from the Louisville brand. And it is none other than the FE3232 fiberglass step ladder, which is one of the best telescopic ladders to fulfill both your outdoor and indoor needs.

One thing the FE3232 has got going for it is its length; this telescopic ladder can be extended up to an impressive 29 feet, with an additional 3 feet reach height. And weighing 62 pounds, it offers a maximum carrying capacity of up to 300 pounds. The ladder features a durable, non-conductive fiberglass construction, making it suitable for working on electrical installations.

The FE3232 features D-shaped rungs with serrations for a firmer and more comfortable stand. And the bottom end of each of its rails is covered by mar-resistant caps to protect surfaces on which the extension ladder is placed. Louisville's patented Quicklatch technology secures the ladder's fly section, and the MAXLOCK rung lock is made from a strong polymer material.

The 32-step ladder also has a heavy-duty steel-plated shoe with thick rubber treads for enhanced safety. And as further proof of its safety, the FE3232 fiberglass ladder is certified safe to use by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Additional features of this ladder include a steel swivel safety shoe with a metal shield, outside slide guides for smooth operations, and a stop on the fly section that prevents the ladder's over-extension.



Solid and well built


Great stability

Heavy and difficult to maneuver


Pulley and rope makes ladder extension easy

Several safety features

While the brand name might read Little Giant, their ladders are certainly big on versatility, and the M22 Velocity with Wheels is one of the best and most feature-rich products of all extension ladders for sale in today’s market.

The Little Giant ladder is crafted from durable aluminum material, and it weighs just 39 pounds, meaning you can move it about with ease. Furthermore, the M22 ladder is rated at 300 pounds, and it will comfortably support an adult’s weight. And with its maximum extension height capped at 22 feet, the M22 collapsible ladder is one of the few telescopic ladders 5m and above tall on this list and is sufficient to reach wherever you want it to.

One reason we rate the Little Giant M22 aluminum ladder very highly is the series of innovative and safety features incorporated into its design. Firstly, this ladder boasts a multi-position design, which means you can use it in various ways. Rock lock adjusters on this ladder make it easy to use as an A-frame, extension, a 90° ladder, and a staircase. Additionally, you could purchase the Velocity Trestle Brackets, which are sold separately, to form a scaffold – how cool is that? 

The M22 ladder also has a cargo hold that comes in handy for holding tools while you’re working. And tip-and-glide wheels on the feet make it easy to transport the ladder. Finally, as expected from such a top-rated product, this Little Giant ladder meets all OSHA and ANSI safety requirements. 



Can be used in a variety of ways

If not careful enough, you could injure yourself while retracting the ladder

Easy to transport and store

Difficult to get it into full extension mode

Palm and hinge system provides extra support

Suitable for vertical use


This aluminum telescopic ladder produced by the TACKLIFE brand offers a good choice for those seeking a sturdy, lightweight product that provides good reach to work on high places, coupled with a strong weight support system.

As stated earlier, this telescopic extension ladder is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum with non-slip rubber feet to provide firm ground support. The ladder also features a dual-pin hinge for extension stability. And with the inclusion of two flexible 39.4-inch wheels, you can drag the ladder to move it from one place to another.

The quick-lock system makes it possible to adjust the ladder length with ease, and the product comes fully assembled; hence you don't have to waste time piecing it together. Additionally, it is possible to compact the ladder to a small size, making storage and transportation easy. The TACKLIFE ladder weighs 34.39 pounds and offers support for a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

Also, as obtainable with the Little Giant M22 ladder, this product from TACKLIFE can be used in several ways. You could stretch the ladder up to 15 feet in length with an additional 2 feet reach to use as an extension ladder, or use it on staircases or uneven surfaces. You could also bring one side down of the ladder down to use as a 90-degree on vertical surfaces or as an A-frame at lengths ranging from 4.6 to 7.2 feet.



Great versatility

The ladder is considerably heavy

Bottom wheels make it easy to transport

Narrow design

Easy length adjustment


The compact design makes storage easy

The next product to be reviewed on our list of the top telescopic ladders is this 15.5 feet telescoping ladder from TOOLITIN. Strong and sturdy while still maintaining a lightweight design, the TOOLTIN product packs a decent telescopic extension ladder that offers great value for money.

This telescopic ladder is built from quality aluminum alloy and plastic parts reinforced with nylon fiber to improve strength and extend service life. An innovative stabilizer bar design with anti-skid parts installed at the bottom of the ladder provides better stability and balance while working on the ladder. Still, these are not the unique features of the TOOLTIN ladder.
Located on the sides rails are thumb buttons that you can press once to collapse this retractable ladder. Also, this aluminum extension ladder features red buttons under each rung that activate the intelligent locking mechanisms. And the slow down design is intended to prevent finger injuries that typically occur when retracting telescopic ladders.

The TOOLTIN aluminum ladder stands up to 15.5 feet when fully extended, and its 36.59-pound weight can support a maximum load capacity of 330 pounds – which is easily one of the highest values on our review list. 



Compact and easy to set up

Not the lightest ladder out there

The stabilizer bar is a nice concept

The ladder is difficult to extend

Extra protection for fingers while retracting the ladder


Easy to retract the ladder

If you’re short on storage space, then the highly compact and portable Good Life EN131 aluminum folding ladder is a product you should consider buying.

The Good Life ladder is constructed from the highly durable aerospace-grade 6061 aluminum material and is EN131 certified to support loads that weigh as much as 300 pounds. And with the product weighing just 23 pounds itself – one of the lighter models on our list - moving it around should not pose too much of a challenge for you.

The ladder’s construction also features a no-pinch closure system, with the non-slip bottom end providing greater stability. The 14-inch gap between rungs provides adequate legroom, and the heavy-duty closure strap is strong enough to keep the ladder compact when in storage.

As inferred earlier, the Good Life aluminum telescopic ladder is popular among users because of the ease with which it can be stored. And this is reflected by the fact that the ladder can be compacted down to 3 feet when not in use. If, however, you need to fix a light bulb or check your roofing, then the Good Life ladder’s maximum extension length of 15.5 feet should suffice. 



Quite sturdy

Retracts rather too fast

Comfortably supports heavy weights

Tends to wobble at times

Adjustable to a great variety of heights

Very compact when collapsed

Available at a great price

The Ohuhu 12.5 feet aluminum telescopic ladder is a top-notch product that combines a user-friendly design with industry-standard safety features to deliver a comfortable user experience.

The Ohuhu ladder is an aluminum metal product with non-slip end caps to ensure stability and fairly wide steps to give users enough legroom to maneuver. Despite its relatively lightweight construction, the Ohuhu ladder is Type 1A rated, and with a maximum loading capacity capped at 330 pounds, can hold an adult human – or two.

In its retracted state, the Ohuhu collapsible ladder stands 2.9 feet tall, but you can easily get four times this length in its extended state, with a peak height of 12.5 feet. You also get two different retraction methods with this ladder; You could either collapse the entire ladder at once using the thumb buttons located at the sides or retract the product, one rung at a time.

The product package also comes with a heavy-duty strap, which helps the ladder maintain its compactness while in storage, and the portable grip handle makes climbing easier. 



Safe ladder retraction

The ladder can be wobbly when you're working at higher heights


The ladder breaks down rather easily

Sturdy build

Compacts nicely for storage


The WolfWise retractable ladder is another excellent product you should look to if you desire a mix of user-friendly features and safety, all at an affordable price. This 24.7-pound heavy ladder features an aerospace engineered 6061 aluminum alloy build common among most telescopic ladders, with an anodized finish to prevent corrosion. And with a maximum carrying capacity of 330 pounds, this sturdy ladder can handle an adult human’s weight with ease.

One common problem among telescopic ladders is the pinching and injury to fingers when collapsing the ladder; The WolfWise ladder’s smart-close system takes care of this. Under this system, each rung is carefully closed one at a time to keep your hands safe. However, if you don't have the patience for that, then you could use the One-button retraction feature to reduce your ladder's height in a matter of seconds!

The ladder’s integrated carrying handle comes in handy when you have to move it from place to place, and the closure strap is intended to keep the rungs compact when the ladder is not in use. When it comes to lengths, the WolfWise telescopic ladder stands 12.5 feet tall when fully extended, and when retracted, it is just a little over 3 feet tall. 



Functional design and sturdy build

Opening locked rungs can be difficult after some time

Anti-rust design

Can be wobbly when extended to the maximummanual is not very helpful

Offers great value for money

You can set the ladder to multiple heights


Yvan’s telescoping ladder comes last on our list of the top telescopic and extension ladders, and it falls within the lower price brackets of the models we have reviewed. A combination of sturdiness and lightness, coupled with a decent reach, all of which are available at a reasonable price, gives this product a well-deserved spot on our list.

Crafted from Aluminum alloy coated with silver to prevent rust and with a weight of fewer than 25 pounds, the Yvan extension ladder is rated Type 1A and can bear loads of up to 330 pounds. This aluminum folding ladder stands at under 3 feet tall in its compact form, making it portable enough to store and transport. However, if you were to extend the ladder to its maximum height, you could comfortably reach 12.5 feet. One design flaw we wish the producers of the Yvan ladder would look into is that you can only use the product when it is extended to its maximum height – there are no stops along the way. Away from that, it is also worth noting that the ladder features thick aluminum tubes that contribute to its sturdiness.

Additional features that give the Yvan product a place on our list of the best telescoping ladder to buy include the one-button retraction system that makes it possible to collapse the ladder via the push of a thumb button. And a slow-down design on the rungs to prevent injury during retraction. 



Easy to collapse and store

Can only be stood against vertical surfaces


You have to extend the ladder completely to use it


Slow rung retraction helps prevent injuries

Robust design

Frequently Asked Questions

Do telescopic ladders have to be fully extended?

While most telescopic ladders can be extended to a desirable length by the user, some other models leave users no choice but to extend the ladder to its full length before using.

How do you keep a ladder from slipping?

There are several ways by which you can prevent your ladder from slipping when in use. One of the most common ways to do this is to securely hook your ladder in place using either an anchor point or a stability device. Additionally, you could ask someone to hold the ladder steady for you.

Are extendable ladders safe?

Yes, Extendable ladders are typically safe to use. Telescopic ladders tend to have several features tailored to keep users safe. But to be sure of how safe it is to use a particular model, check for certifications from relevant regulatory bodies before purchase. And you should also inspect the product for cracks and defects before using it.

How do you clean a telescopic ladder?

Telescopic ladders are easy to maintain, and you can, most times, clean them by using a damp piece of cloth to wipe off dirt and then leaving them to dry off.

What are the lightest ladders?

Ladders built from aluminum are generally considered to be the lightest options available, with some weighing as little as 20 pounds.

Can you leave aluminum ladders outside?

Aluminum ladders are corrosion-free, and you can leave them outside without fear of them getting rusted. However, for the sake of other non-metal parts of the ladder, then you should consider storing your ladder indoors, under cool weather conditions.


Without a doubt, telescoping ladders are useful tools to have lying around as you never know when you’ll need to replace a faulty light bulb or fix a leak on your roof. The best extension ladders are lightweight, durable, compact, and, most importantly, safe to use. And if you’re considering investing in a quality telescoping ladder with all the aforementioned listed qualities for your DIY outdoor and indoor activities, the products reviewed in today’s article are a good place to start from. Also, looking further than the aluminum ladder price, you should go for a product that’ll serve its intended purpose and is equally convenient to use.

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