Top 8 Soldering Stations

With the power to choose comes the responsibility of choice and with the different options of soldering stations available on the market, the responsibility lies on you to make the best choice for your soldering needs. Our job is to make that choice much easier for you.

Now, at any activity, there are always newcomers. Let’s take a moment to touch on what this whole soldering business is anyway.

Soldering is a process in which two or more items are joined together by melting and putting a filler metal (solder) into the joint. The solder is a fusible metal alloy that has a low melting point which simply means it heats up and cools fast; quickly bonding your two or more parts together. Soldering stations are a lot like a soldering iron, while a soldering iron is a compact pen-like tool with a metal end that when hot, can melt solder, a soldering station includes a base to hold it (the soldering iron) and typically includes features such as variable temperature control, digital display, and additional watts of power output.

Soldering stations have a variety of applications for both casual hobbyists and professionals and although there’s a bit of learning you have to do if you are new to soldering, a high-quality soldering iron can be the difference between a difficult job or an easy one.

Since every soldering station is different and you are a busy person, we decided to do the dirty work for you and tested different soldering stations available for purchase in 2020. We would point out each of their pros and cons so that hopefully you can find the one that best suits your needs. In no particular order, here are some of the best soldering stations available on the market.

Weller is a name that is renowned in the electrical/soldering world. They’re a trusted brand that makes high quality, reliable products, and this soldering station is no different.

The Weller1010 possesses an adjustable temperature which gives you greater control over your temperature settings and allows for more accuracy in selecting from its wide temperature range. The pencil of the soldering iron is well weighted and allows for more careful, precise movements. It has a slim ergonomic design so you won’t find yourself experiencing hand-strain after an extended usage session. The Weller soldering station also has a temperature lockout that stops you from over-ranging the element and although you can power it to full blast, it automatically scales down to safe temperature levels preventing you from damaging your work or hurting yourself.

Overall, this is a great soldering station for professionals who might use it everyday and casuals who use it for in-house repairs or in pursuit of their hobbies.


● Digital 70 W soldering station. This allows the iron to heat up fast and to provide a fast recovery time - gets the job done quicker with more efficiency and precision.
● The station is designed in state-of-the-art housing with a front panel power switch for easy access.
● Station automatically powers down to a given temperature when not in use.
● All settings can be secured with a password so that predefined settings can be maintained to ensure process quality.
● New high performance 70 W soldering iron with an ergonomic handle and easy tool-less tip change solution.
● ESD safe
● Sets temperature back automatically when not in use to save energy and increase tip lifetime.



Suitable for professionals and beginners alike

Does not possess the mainline fuse

Two-piece station

Bulkier than most its category

Soldering iron attached via a heat-resistant silicone cable

Temperature stability within 4 degrees

Precise digital readouts and push-button controls

On/off switch

Digital soldering stations are generally more expensive than their analog counterparts but this one in the X-Tronic series is affordable.

Similar to the previous soldering station we looked at, it has an adjustable temperature range via the front knob. And although it’s slower, it has a much larger range of motion and is precise. When adjusting the knob, the soldering station displays your setpoint within the temperature range. Once it’s settled on a specific setting for a few moments, the digital display goes back to reading the actual temperature of the tip. This means that you can toss out the guessing games in exchange for knowing exactly when your iron is ready.

The X-Tronic 4010 Pro X has a compact base that houses the temperature control, the cleaning sponge, and the receptacle to rest the soldering iron in when you’re not using it. This makes for a more portable design making it a great choice for casual users who want to store it when not in use.

The silicone-coated cord is highly flexible, so you won’t have any ergonomic issues. A built-in sleep mode enables it to power down when not in use ensuring durability and safety.
The soldering iron itself isn’t the most comfortable soldering iron we’ve used. It may not be our first choice for extended use but for an hour or two a day, it works fine.

● ESD Safe
● Soldering Iron Station Total Output: 75 Watts
● Soldering Iron Output: 60 Watts
● 54 Inch 100% Silicone Soldering Iron Cord with Virtually No Memory
● Compact and portable design
● Quick heating
● Built-in sleep mode



Ergonomic grip

The control power unit has a hard plastic case and feet

Sleep function and electrical protections

Blue-lit LED readout

Temperatures range from 392 to 896 degrees

55-inch power cord

Brass sponge with a supply of flux in a separate tin

Automatic shutoff

Being a Chinese product, we didn’t have great expectations for this soldering station because lots of Chinese companies offer good looking options but with far from impressive performance. Hakko soldering station is an exception – possessing high precision, this soldering station can compete favorably with the big brands. The thermal recovery has drastically improved as the new model sports an iron-plated copper tip. This upgrade brings great dividends in improved functionality as the tip doesn't cool down quickly so you don't have to wait a long time for it to heat back up.

The Hakko soldering iron has a holder that is detachable, meaning you can place it anywhere for convenience. The holder also comes with both a cleaning wire for scraping off solder that’s started to cool, without dropping the temperature, and a cleaning sponge good for quickly wiping off whatever is left at the end of your project, or for dropping the temperature a bit.

It works excellently as a solder rework station where you can work on previous solders that may have been degraded over time.

● Digital calibration and Digital display showing in °F or °C
● Low-temperature alarm
● Adjustable temperature control, range: 120° - 899°F (50° - 480°C) and Maintains idle temperature within 1.8°F
● Ceramic heating element and sensor ensures rapid heat-up temperature and fast thermal recovery
● Password protected temperature setting functionality
● Preset mode allows you to store up to five (5) preset temperatures
● Slender, lightweight ergonomic iron handles and compact station design takes up less bench space
● ESD Safe



Two-part soldering station

Difficult to re-calibrate the temperature

Push-button temperature calibration

Oxidation-resistant soldering iron tip

Includes two soldering irons

Includes a sponge and cleaning wire

The Prostormer is our first 2-in-1 combo soldering station consisting of a hot air soldering gun and a soldering iron. The station possesses capable brackets that keep both the temperature controlled soldering iron and heating gun. It is one of the best soldering stations out there.

The dual digital display is encased with ABS plastic housing which gives it a compact feel and increases its durability. It shows readings for both the soldering iron or the hot air heating gun.

The Prostormer is also great as it has a hot air rework station for use when you're taking off solder from previous work. It comes with a half dozen standard-sized tips, a desoldering pen, a bit of solder, and other add-ons. This soldering station is capable, practical, affordable, and built-in good quality. It does not take up lots of space. It comes in a nice box with everything nicely wrapped up and also has lots of spare parts as well as good manual reference.

● Dual blue LED display sets
● Temperature adjustment range from 100°C to 480°C (212°F - 896°F), temperature tolerance is within +2°C
● High volume hot air gun, heating up quickly, the wind is soft and large, suitable for lead and unleaded operation
● Anti-static design of the whole machine, effectively eliminating the damage of SMD components
● It also has the function of fault self-detection and fault warning
● Auto sleeps when not in use



Capable of high temperatures

The tips erode a bit too quickly if you continuously use flux

Good safety features

Ergonomic handle

The Chinese product Yihua 939D+ continues the latest trends of Yihua, which includes many powerful features that can only be found in high-end soldering stations. It has three different fully customizable channels for quick selection. It is very handy when soldering different types of components that require different temperatures (SMD, Through Hole, cables, etc.). It also has features functions like Sleep, Shutdown, Celsius/Fahrenheit conversion. The iron cable is made of silicone and is soft and heat resistant.

It is most useful for home or lab work. It doesn’t work well for metalwork but If you are looking for electronic repairs or a model kit building, this solder station is for you. its drawback is that after use, it might leave a smell that will take some time to leave the room it is being used in.

● Durable Efficient Soldering System - With sufficient power, this solidly built soldering station can heat up instantly
● Built-in Transformer and PID Temperature Control
● Automatically detects machine failure and has an alarm function
● Sleep function, Automatic shutdown function
● ESD Safe
● LED Display in both Celcius and Fahrenheit



Can heat up instantly

No obvious cons

Built-in Transformer and PID Temperature Control

Automatically detects machine failure and has an alarm function

Sleep function, Automatic shutdown function

This is the TOAUTO FT-80W Soldering Station. It’s a 12-in-1soldering kit that consists of an extensive array of tools. It is suitable for several DIY hobbies, factory production, and home appliance repairs. This station gives you the more precise control needed for delicate jobs, as well as the more intensive heavier pieces. In addition to the controls over the temperature, it also has the arms to give more control over manipulating my material while working.

It comes with everything you might need to jump right in. Don’t you love it when a product comes with everything you need? This product does just. It comes with all the tips you might have all the tips I need for different jobs. It came with some starter solder, sucker, tweezers, and a sponge is very nice for keeping your tips clean. 

● An auto-shutoff feature after 20 mins.
● It heats up fast within six seconds.
● Includes solder tips and other accessories.
● LED display, temperature conversion
● Built-in Transformer and PID Temperature Control
● Anti-static design & ESD safe, temperature Range: 194°F ~ 896°F/90°C ~ 480°C
● Automatically detects machine failure and has an alarm function



Capable of high temperatures

Heating is rapid and if not checked could cause damage

Good safety features

Ergonomic handle

It heats up fast within six seconds

Anti-static design

This next soldering station is similar to the last we just touched. This little tool is an excellent soldering station. Be you an electronic guru or casual, you would find this digital soldering station kit very useful. It heats up to maximum temperature in under 30 seconds. You can fine-tune the temperature to your solder and project needs. Handy for making solder extra sticky not too hot, wet, and taking forever to set.

With a 65-watt hot ceramic soldering iron heating core, it easily produces an ultra-high temperature that melts the solder material and upon cooling makes the weld strong. It comes with a built-in stainless steel pipe that prevents the high-temperature from damaging the tube. Another great characteristic of the product is its anti-static design, so no need to worry about accidental electrostatic shocks, providing users with a safe using environment.



High-efficiency fan for cooling function

Does not include overheating protection

Offers stable current output

Sturdy design for efficiency and durability

The input power adapter to convert current

Lightweight and easy operation

This soldering station has large power and high precision. Often touted as having one of the best soldering irons for electronics alongside the Hakko FX888D, it is fast at heating up and takes only 6 seconds to reach the melting point of 392°F solder wire. It’s perfect soldering equipment.

With an Anti-static design, you are sure to be prevented from accidental electrostatic shocks. It has an LED display that shows the temperature in both °C/°F.

It heats up in a flash, but even more importantly it responds to temperature adjustment so effortlessly that you won't hesitate to choose the right amount of heat for the specific challenges you encounter or intend to tackle. PID temperature control technology and sleep mode & wake function can greatly help those of us plagued with absentmindedness from burning our garages down.

● Possesses an auto-shutoff feature
● It heats up fast within six seconds.
● Includes solder tips and other accessories.
● LED display, temperature conversion
● Built-in Transformer and PID Temperature Control
● Anti-static design & ESD safe, temperature Range: 194°F ~ 896°F/90°C ~ 480°C
● Automatically detects machine failure and has an alarm function



Heats up quickly

No visible cons

Easy to set up and use

Comes with free solder

Good safety features

Anti-static design


QuadHands Workbench Mini Helping Hands

Plusivo Soldering Iron Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a soldering station?

Things to look out for when choosing a soldering station include; Heat up time, Temperature and Wattage Control, ESD safety, Soldering tip cost

What wattage soldering iron is best for electronics?

Most of the soldering irons used in the electronics are in the range of 20 – 60 Watts. Soldering iron with wattage 50W is very common these days and it will provide sufficient heat for most soldering projects on the circuit boards. Soldering irons with higher wattage (40W -60W) are better. The Hakko FX888D is our pick, especially if you solder frequently.

What is the difference between a soldering iron and a soldering gun?

A soldering gun is shaped like a pistol, operated with a trigger, and is used for joining metal surfaces. A soldering iron, which is also used for joining two pieces of metal, is wand-shaped and utilizes a heated metal tip.

What temperature is best for soldering?

A hot iron will melt solder immediately on contact. Whereas, a cooler iron will need to be held in contact for a while first, which might do damage to the PCB or parts. The best temperature is apparently between 600°F and 700°F (~320°C - 370°C).

What is flux in soldering?

Solder flux removes all oxidation on the surfaces to be soldered and allows the solder to flow where it is needed, making solder joints secure.

Can you use too much flux when soldering?

Excess flux use can leave flux residue on the object you are working on. A solder sucker can help get rid of the excess.


These are some of the best soldering kits on the market with high quality and heavy-duty functionality. All the stations in this list and safe and secure to use coming from the most reliable manufacturers.

The soldering kits all heat up fast and you can easily adjust temperatures to most suitable for use. Additionally, they have been certified by diverse regulatory bodies and hence meet standards for quality service.

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