Top 6 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

If you are here, then I guess you are looking for the best smoke detectors. Briefly, let’s go through what smoke detectors are and their importance. A fire alarm or a carbon monoxide alarm warns the occupants of a building of fire or imminent fire. What it does is to sense the presence of smoke or heat and notify the residents of a particular place with a warbling or chirping sound. Both commercial buildings and households use heat detectors. The smoke detectors in commercial buildings send an alarm to the fire alarm control panel connected to the building, while the detectors in houses send an audible sound from the carbon monoxide or smoke detector itself.

The two basic types of smoke detectors are ionization and photoelectric. The ionization heat alarm is more sensitive to small flames and responds 30 - 90 seconds. The photoelectric fire alarm, on the other hand, responds more to smouldering or slow-burning fire. Just like every other product on earth, to get a quality smoke detector can be overwhelming since all smoke alarms claim to be the best. Nevertheless, you have nothing to worry about as we’ve compiled a list of the best smoke detectors available. This article will offer you comprehensive information on the best fire sensors with their pros and cons. Experts have tested these detectors, so the quality is guaranteed.

When we talk about sensitive and thoughtful smoke alerts, Google Nest Protect and CO Alarm is currently the number one bestseller on Amazon. It is the first home alert that allows you to operate your alarm from your phone without any extra complex hardware. It tells you what’s wrong by alerting you through your phone without necessarily being in the house. Another distinct quality about Google Nest Protect and CO alarm is that it is the only smoke alert that differentiates between steam and smoke in the bathroom. Thus, you can have your bath peacefully and calmly without worrying about your alarm going off without a reason.

Besides, this fire alarm is built with a split spectrum sensor that detects both slow-burning and fast-burning fires and tells you the exact location. With Google nest smoke protect, you don’t have to worry about changing your fire alarm any time soon as the sensor has a decade span. Also, Google Nest Smoke Protect and CO Alarm tests its battery by giving you a reassuring promise that everything is working well when you turn off the light. Hence, no annoying warbling about a low battery in the middle of the night.

Google detector is also inbuilt with a safety check that allows you to test smoke and CO alerts with just a tap and gets a full and detailed report about the condition of your alarm. Finally, the Google Nest protector can interconnect using wireless. What this means is that when your fire alarm goes off in a room, all other detectors go off, giving you all-around protection and guiding you to know how to stop the danger.

Other Features Include:
  ●  Safety Path Light: Google Nest Protect and CO alarm illuminates your escape route to safety during a fire incident or imminent one and lights your way at night.
  ●  App Silence: When there is a little smoke which makes the alarm go off, you can easily keep it down from your phone.
  ●  Family Account: Everyone in the family can have a separate account without sharing a password to allow them to operate the alarm.
  ●  Phone Alerts: Family members can be alerted of a smoke or fire incident anywhere they are, so they can call for help without necessarily being at home.
  ●  No Annoying Buzzing sound: The device informs you way ahead of the condition of the battery with a message on your phone. This way, you don’t have to cut your sleep in the night to replace the battery.



Detects both fast and slow fires

The device is expensive.

A decade span sensor

You may need a smartphone made in the last 3 - 4 years before you can operate the alarm from your phone


It may not be easy for people that are not technically-savvy to operate

No low battery chirps

Phone alerts

Safety path light

Has three extra batteries

More sensitive and thoughtful

Next in rank to Google Nest is X-sense Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm as it is a combination of smoke and carbon monoxide features. In other words, the detector can identify both slow and fast smoldering fires. The alarm provides a 10-year continuous and efficient work, so you worry less about changing it any time soon.

Key Features:
  ●  X-sense Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm has an LCD that indicates the presence of real-time carbon monoxide in the vicinity, the remaining battery life, and the condition of the alarm.
  ●  It has a built-in lithium battery which saves energy and is eco-friendly.
  ●  It has both photoelectric and electrochemical sensors.
  ●  Another unique thing about this device is that it communicates with colours like green, red, and yellow with information ranging from low battery, smoke malfunction to smoke alarm.
  ●  With just a gentle tap on a single button, you can test the alarm circuit and hush the annoying whirring alarm.
  ●  The device is so self-operating that you don’t need an electrician to help you install it on walls or ceilings.
  ●  The detector comes with fittings and manual instruction that clearly shows how to use it and what the different information displayed on the LCD screen means.
  ●  It has a mounting ring that is distanced from the body to allow easy installation and placement.
  ●  In the case of smoke or fire emergence, it silences the alarm for 9 minutes, giving you enough time to get the smoke out.
  ●  X-sense Smoke and Carbon monoxide detector meets the UL 217, UL2014 (US) and EN 14604, EN 50291 safety standards. 



Easy to use

A little bigger

Highly sensitive to smoke and carbon monoxide

It lacks an ionization sensor

Loud enough for anyone to hear

Displays information about the condition of the alarm

Easy to install

It has a 10-year lithium battery

The X-sense SCO3 Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm is almost the same as X-sense SCO1, as regards durability. It has an LCD indicator of the condition of the alarm and an auto-check feature. Below are some of the distinctive features of X-sense SCO3.

Key Features:

  ●  The device has dual sensors that detect both smoke and carbon monoxide at once, so you get notified of the kind of danger; thereby, minimizing false alarms.
  ●  Durability: It has a 10-year lithium battery that works effectively, monitoring smoke and carbon monoxide concentration.
  ●  Easy installation: X-sense SC03 Carbon Monoxide Detector alarm is easy to install unto walls and ceilings without any tedious wiring or the help of an electrician.
  ●  The silence button of the alarm allows you to test the alarm weekly and to hush false alarms when they occur.
  ●  It has an LED indicator that tells you of the condition of the detector.
  ●  In case of fire emergence, it gives an alarm tone of over 80db that instantly alerts the whole household.
  ●  To allow you to know the specific danger, X-sense SC03 has two different alarms of smoke and carbon monoxide that lets you know how to react to the situation appropriately without checking the LCD.
  ●  It complies with the UL 217 and UL 2034 safety standards and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and a 5-year warranty. 



Long battery life

Lacks ionization sensor

Easy to use and mount on the wall and ceiling

Very sensitive


Has two different alarms

It’s not hardwired

With battery backup, First Alert BRK SC9120B-6 Hardwired Smoke Detector can provide maximum protection for your household by giving an early sign of fire before it escalates. It is inbuilt with a combination of C0 and smoke sensors. This device can easily connect to other compatible First Alert CO and smoke detectors, so they work hand-in-hand to detect smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide anywhere in the house if it is hidden or invisible.

Key Features are:
  ●  First Alert Hardwired Smoke Detector has a combination of C0 and smoke sensors.
  ●  It features a 9-volt battery backup for efficient and continued monitoring even in the absence of power.
  ●  It shows different lights that indicate if the alarm is for smoke or monoxide; thereby, minimizing disturbing false alarms.
  ●  It has a single test and silence button for regular checks and to hush false alarms.
  ●  The device has both electrochemical and ionization sensors to detect smoke and smoldering fire. 



Easy to install and use

Very sensitive

It connects to other alarms easily

Batteries must be replaced regularly

It detects both smoke and carbon monoxide

It has a 10-year warranty

It has easy-adapter plugs

Double sensors

The First Alert Dual-power Carbon Monoxide Detector operates on a dual-power system. It has an advanced electrochemical sensor that allows it to detect a dangerous concentrated carbon monoxide in your house on time. It has a battery backup for detecting CO even when there is a power outage.

Key Features:

  ●  Dual-power system: The detector works continuously and efficiently with or without power.
  ●  Advanced Sensor: It is built with an advanced electrochemical sensor to detect elevated CO even when the battery is low.
  ●  LED Display: First Alert Dual-power Carbon Monoxide Detector has an easy-to-read backlit digital screen that tells you the level of the carbon monoxide and the general working condition of the detector.
  ●  This device gives you an end-of-life whirring alarm way ahead of time that it’s time to replace the battery.
  ●  Test and Silence Button: It has a test and silence button that helps you minimize unnecessary alarms that disrupt your sleep.
  ●  User-friendly: With the extended power cord, it’s very easy to mount a First Alert detector on a wall or ceiling.
  ●  It has an almost deafening 85db alarm that alerts everyone.
  ●  It has a 7-year limited warranty.
  ●  It meets the UL2034 safety standard. 



More responsive and sensitive

Too sensitive

Easy placement

The battery compartment is difficult to open

Battery backup

Traditional in design

Detects elevated carbon monoxide

Operates with a power outage

Kidde smoke and carbon monoxide detector is a talking alarm designed to announce the specific hazard type. The CO detector comes with a voice warning system that indicates low battery, smoke, peak level carbon monoxide and a smart hush activation; hence, cutting down many possibilities of false alarms. Also, it comes with a test-rest button that checks the alarm circuitry. The device uses AA batteries; thereby, giving you optimal protection even when there is a power failure.

Key Features Include:

  ●  It is battery-operated and comes with two reliable AA batteries that make it work continuously with or without power.
  ●  The alarm device uses ionization sensors to fish out hidden smoke and fire.
  ●  The detector has a 10-year life and a 7-year limited warranty and is Ul Listed. So you can rest assured of its quality.
  ●  It has an end-of-life warning that whirs every 30 seconds to inform you that it is time for a replacement.
  ●  The good news for those who speak Spanish is that this device comes with a bilingual (English and Spanish) user’s manual.
  ●  The alarm has a peak level warning that announces “carbon monoxide previously detected” if the alarm had earlier detected an elevated CO level.
  ●  LED: The device flashes green for normal working conditions and red for danger or hazard. 



A voice warning alarm

Battery needs replacement

Easy to use and install

Battery-operated only

Test-retest button

It doesn’t have a home automation

Detects fire and C0 threats

Hush system for false alarms

Indicator light

The battery is easy to change

Frequently Asked Questions

Should smoke detectors be on the wall or ceiling?

Yes. Smoke detectors can be on surfaces like walls and ceilings.

Where should smoke alarms not be placed?

Do not place smoke or carbon monoxide detectors near windows, doors, curtains, and passageways as air might disrupt their operation.

How many fire detectors do you need in a house?

That depends on the number of rooms in your house. Nevertheless, you should install smoke or CO alarms in every room, sleeping room and on every level of the home.

How far should a smoke detector be from the light?

You should place the smoke detector at least 13 inches/300mm far from the light that may cause electric noise and false alarms.

Do smoke detectors also detect carbon monoxide?

No. Smoke detectors do not detect carbon monoxide and vice versa. Regardless, some devices that combine the features of smoke and CO detectors.

Can I disconnect a hardwired smoke detector?

Yes. To disconnect a hardwired smoke or CO detector, get a ladder, place it firmly on the ground and climb it to reach the smoke detector. Then, grasp it in your hand and twist in an anti-clockwise rotation. This action will free the fire detector from the mounting surface or level. Gently pull it away when it’s free.


The effect of fire can be devastating and life-threatening. Tackling an imminent fire situation can help preserve lives as well as properties. And smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have proved many times to be elements of safety in a house. They automatically detect smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide that appears to be the most deadly as it’s odourless and tasteless. Having a smoke or CO detector in every room in your house will give you and your family protection against fire and CO concentration.

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