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Temperature variation might be a big problem for individuals and animals in the home when there are no adequate backups. Heaters are useful in making certain areas in the home conducive at any point of the year regardless of the temperature at that time of the year.

Space heaters produce sun-like temperatures that ensure safe heating of the garage, rooms, and other spaces in the home to provide an optimum temperature. Unlike traditional heaters that pump expensive heat to the ceiling, room heaters produce more efficient heat that is released into desired areas.

In general, a good room or space heater is cost-effective and has an efficient way of keeping a comfortable and suitable temperature, even during thick winters. Likewise, these heaters are relatively safe to use.

Getting the best space heater that would suit your needs is as essential as the need for it. However, navigating the highly saturated market for the best room heater might seem a hassle, particularly for first time buyers. This review aims at making the process relatively hassle-free for all buyers by offering a list of some of the best space heaters for optimal efficiency.



Wall-mounted Infrared Heater: Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI

●  Dimension: 22.1 x 15.8 x 7.2 inches●  Weight: 9lbs ●  USP: Wi-Fi smart design, ETL Safety Certified 

Portable Space Heater: Dr. Infrared Portable Heater

●  Dimension: 13 x 12.5 x 17 inches●  Weight: 24lbs ●  USP: High pressure, low noise blower 

Garage Commercial Heater: Dr. Heater DR966

●  Dimension: 14.5 x 13 x 14.5 inches●  Weight: 27lbs ●  USP: Adjustable thermostat with high and low settings 

Oil-filled Radiator Space Heater: De’Longhi Space Heater

●  Dimension: 16.4 x 10.3 x 26.1 inches●  Weight: 26.6lbs ●  USP: Instant warmth and personalized comfort 

Large room infrared Heater: LifeSmart 6 Element

●  Dimension: 16 x 13 x 16.5 inches●  Weight: 21lbs ●  USP: Energy-efficient and keeps air moisturized 

Lightweight Space Heater: Lasko 6405 Oscillating heater

●  Dimension: 10 x 10 x 16 inches ●  Weight: 6.5lbs ●  USP: Electronic control, perfect for any space 

Portable Room Heater: AmazonBasics Eco-Smart Space Heater

●  Dimension: 15.71 x 12.68 x 15.04 inches●  Weight: 23.6lbs ●  USP: overheat sensor for safe operation 

Combo Tower Garage Heater: Lasko FH500 Fan & Space Heater Combo Tower

●  Dimension: 12.5 x 12.5 x 41.88 inches●  Weight: 12.5lbs ●  USP: fan and heater modes combination

Wall-mounted Infrared Heater: Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI

The Heat Storm HS-1500 is a suitable room heater for various areas in the house. It is a wall-mounted heater that allows a balanced regulation of heat in the room. It also uses a Wi-Fi connection that will enable you to control the heater’s temperature from your phone.

The heater consumes a little amount of power to ensure it provides the needed amount of heat. It is effortless to control and does not require professional know-how. The heater helps you save floor space as you don’t need to place it on the floor but mount it on the wall.

The Heat Storm HS-1500 weighs about 9lbs that makes it easy to carry and perfectly sticks to the wall. It has one lithium-ion battery that lasts for an extended period and helps power the heater.



Compact and portable for little space

You cannot mount it on the floor unless you buy the feet accessory

Little power for high output

It has an LED light that might be distracting in the dark

Lightweight and easy to handle

Wi-Fi technology for easy control

ETL safety certified for safe operations

Portable Space Heater: Dr. Infrared Portable Heater

The Dr. Infrared portable heater is an electric heater that can heat large rooms using Auto Energy Saving features with high and low capabilities. It is safe to use as it has overheating and tip-over protection features. It has an electric thermostat that ranges from 50 to 58 degrees.

It has a super quiet blower with a noise level of 39dB that makes it suitable for indoor use. It is a corded electric space heater with a 17 inches long electric cord that allows you to place the heater away from the power source. It has caster wheels that make it balance and rigid against the floor.

The Dr. Infrared portable heater has dual heating systems that use a 12-hour automatic shutoff timer and an Infrared quartz tube. It also consumes little power of 1500W to ensure extensive heat coverage.



Low noise, convenience, and comfort

The temperature unit comes in Fahrenheit only

Offers a high range of temperatures that you can choose

You might need to connect it to a high-quality socket

Long electric cord for flexible use

Large space capacity

Uses efficient dual heating technology

Garage Commercial Heater: Dr. Heater DR966

The DR966 is a commercial portable electric heater with heavy-duty properties. It is a ceiling or wall-mounted heater that allows you to mount it at suitable locations for perfect heat radiation. It also has an adjustable thermostat feature that enables the user to set the heat radiation to high and low levels.

The heater has a dynamically 8 inches fan that ensures maximum airflow with low noise and turbulence. The fan also helps distribute warmth throughout the room, providing a balanced heated room. It also has five adjustable louvers that allow you to direct the airflow from the machine.

The DR966 heater uses a forced air mechanism to ensure the radiation of heat throughout an area. The heater has a bracket that allows easy handling and mounting. 



Easy to control with simple control keys

You will need an electric cord that does not come with the heater

Easy adjustability for convenience

Setting the heater to a high heating value might consume more energy

Low noise

Portable and compact size that allows it to fit into little space
Efficient heat radiation for large space

Oil-filled Radiator Space Heater: De’Longhi Space Heater

The DeLonghi space heater is one of the best space heaters with technical and efficient features. The heater maximizes heat flow in the room while maintaining a low-temperature surface with unique thermal slot designs. It has an oil-filled radiator that helps ensure heat production.

The heater makes use of radiation to provide the required heat. It also has a thermal shutoff feature that prevents overheating, ensures safety, and makes it one of the best room heaters. It is very durable, and it requires little maintenance to keep it functioning well.

The heater allows you to customize its settings according to your heating needs using a thermostat and three heat settings. It is easy to control and move around because it has a rolling wheel stand. It also has an antifreeze feature that allows the heater to turn on when it goes below 44℉ automatically.



Comfortable and energy-saving features

It gives a disturbing crack sound when you turn it on from room temperature

Automatic operation for easy optimization

The relay circuit gives a click sound that can be disturbing

Requires stress-free maintenance for increased durability

Heats the room quickly and efficiently

Safe and easy to use

Large room infrared Heater: LifeSmart 6 Element

This heater uses a digital thermostat remote that helps provide Infrared warmth to large rooms. It has a 12-hour stop and start timer that allows the user to set time for heating and cooling. It also has a stylish metal cabinet that confers a strong exterior build.

It is an energy-efficient heater with three heat settings that includes a 50-watt eco setting. It weighs about 21lbs and uses various heating mechanisms that include; fan & forced air and radiant & infrared mechanisms. This heater is energy-efficient, clean, and offers adequate air moisturizing effect.



Provides zone heating, which allows you to heat a selected part of the home

Cannot be plugged into a low-quality socket to avoid melting

Clean heating as it does not use combustible fuels

It does not have a memory for its control

Reduce the cost of heating as it saves energy

Keeps air moisturized

Lightweight Space Heater: Lasko 6405 Oscillating heater

The Lasko oscillating heater is a portable electric heater with an adjustable thermostat feature and automatic shutoff timer. The heater ensures widespread heating with its oscillating feature and convection mechanism of heating. It has a stylish design and structure that makes it beautify any room it is used.

It is safe to use with its overheating protection feature, cool-touch housing, and self-regulating ceramic element. It features two heating settings with auto thermostat mode, widespread oscillation, and timer mode. It is also very lightweight, weighing 6.5lbs.



Lightweight, easy to control and handle

It can melt low-quality sockets

Compact size for a small space

It consumes high electricity when you tune it to a high heating value

Includes several safety features

Easy to adjust and optimize

Portable Room Heater: AmazonBasics Eco-Smart Space Heater

This eco-smart space heater is another impressive heater. It features an adjustable electronic thermostat. This easy control allows you to set the heater within a temperature variation of 65-85℉. It can heat rooms with a 1000sq. ft dimension at a standard 9ft ceiling height.

Aside from its easy adjustability, this space heater is also easy to use with its easy-to-read LED display that tells you the heater’s condition at every point. Likewise, it offers powerful performance with its dual heating system. AmazonBasics uses a 1000 Watts auto-low and 1500 Watts auto-high heating system. Similarly, the heater features a 7 inches (39 decibels) heat blower that ensures the even distribution of heat throughout the room.

AmazonBasics features a user-friendly design that also guarantees safety. It includes an overheat sensor that automatically shuts off once the product starts to overheat. AmazonBasics has an ECO-Smart setting for energy saving and higher efficiency. 



User-friendly and safe design

It might be hotter than the set temperature

Over-heat sensor for safe operation

It can give a slightly disturbing noise

Dual-heating system

Includes remotes for easy control

Adjustable electronic thermostat

Combo Tower Garage Heaters: Lasko FH500 Fan & Space Heater Combo Tower

Lasko FH500 is a product with utmost efficiency and easy control. This product has a combination of fan and heater mode. It is powered by 3-speed 1500-watt Ceramic heaters and four quiet fan speeds. This feature, together with its easy control, makes it suitable for all seasons. Lasko FH500 features three heat settings: high, medium, and low, allowing you to choose the most suitable one for the right period.

Lasko FH500 uses digital electric controls to optimize its performance to the one that best suits you. It includes an automatic digital thermostat, an 8-hour auto-off timer, and other digital controls that can help you manage the fan and heater settings.

This room heater is easy to maintain with the inclusion of an easy to clean the filter. This feature keeps the heater running efficiently, and it also enhances its durability. Lasko FH500 has built-in safety features including overheating protection, cool-touch housing, safe ceramic elements, and a tip-over safety switch. 



Easy digital electric controls

Its display light might be too bright for a dark room

Combo of fan and heater mode

It is impossible to turn off the display

Easy-to-clean filters and easy maintenance

Cool-touch housing

Efficient adjustable digital thermostat
Suitable for all seasons

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should the heater be placed in the garage?

It is best to place your heater in the coldest part of the room and direct it towards the center. This positioning will make the heat more concentrated in the colder part, and the rest will diffuse to the entire space through the center.

Are infrared heaters good for a garage?

Infrared heaters are, in fact, the best for garage. They are useful because they are easy to install, run on natural gas, cost-effective, efficient, and diffuse through a larger space.

Can you heat an uninsulated garage?

Of course, you can heat an uninsulated garage, provided you keep some precautions in mind. You can use high-powered, odorless, and silent heaters. It would be best to opt for a radiant style for a small to medium garage and torpedo style for a larger space.

Are electric garage heaters expensive to run?

Electric garage heaters are not expensive to run. However, an electric garage heater unit is generally cheaper than gas-powered heaters, but it is more costly to run than the latter.

Is a heated garage bad for cars?

Keeping a car in a heated garage is not bad if the temperature is optimum. It reduces the humid condition of the garage; thus, protecting the paint and metals of your car from damage.

How do I keep my garage dry?

You can take the following steps to keep your garage dry:

      ●  Seal up all cracks       ●  Check that all windows are properly closed and well insulated       ●  Close the doors of the garage tightly       ●  Wipe off cars with a towel       ●  Use a dehumidifier 


Ensuring an optimum surrounding temperature, especially in spaces like your garage, requires using the best available method. Garage heaters are certainly one of the best means to ensure this because they help you influence your environmental temperature.

However, the major challenge is getting the best space heaters to suit individual needs. Consequently, this review provides a list of some of the best space heaters that can provide long lasting solution to your heating issues.

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