Top 8 Pressure Washers

Cleanliness is an essential feature that contributes to the external view of a garden. However, gone are the days when cleaning parks and making all surfaces neat seem a hassle. The innovation of machines like pressure washers have eased the process of garden and outdoor space cleaning.

The pressure washer is also known as a power washer or jet washer. It is a machine that delivers a concentrated jet of water under regulation aimed at removing dirt from various surfaces. It is an effective way to clean surfaces because it uses less energy than a brush and less water than a hose.

The best pressure washer uses a high-pressure water to remove dirt like dust, chewing gum, mud, loose paints, and mold from various surfaces like patios, walkways, and walls. This high-pressure washer functions better than most other cleaning techniques.

However, the market is saturated with different products from various manufacturers. You might need to have a deep insight into multiple product types and manufacturers to select the best pressure washer for you.
This review contains some of the best pressure washers that can serve as a powerful addition to your gardening tools.



Gas Pressure Washer: Simpson Cleaning MSH3125

●  Maximum pressure: 3200PSI
●  Maximum Flow Rate: 2.5GPM
●  Weight: 65lbs
●  USP: 10” premium pneumatic wheels

Electric Pressure Washer: Sun Joe SPX3500 2300

●  Maximum pressure: 2300PSI
●  Maximum Flow Rate: 1.48GPM
●  Weight: 46.5lbs
●  USP: Total stop system 

Heavy-Duty Pressure Washer: Westinghouse WPX3200

●  Maximum pressure: 3200PSI
●  Maximum Flow Rate: 2.5GPM
●  Weight: 63lbs
●  USP: Axial cam pump 

Lightweight Pressure Washer: GreenWorks GPW1602

●  Maximum pressure: 1600PSI
●  Maximum Flow Rate:1.2GPM
●  Weight: 15.97lbs
●  USP: No gas, no oil, no emission 

Spray Gun Pressure Washer: Stanley SHP2150

●  Maximum pressure: 2150PSI
●  Maximum Flow Rate: 1.4GPM
●  Weight: 26lbs
●  USP: Foam cannon inclusion

Karcher Electric Power Pressure Washer: Karcher K2000

●  Maximum pressure: 2000PSI
●  Maximum Flow Rate: 1.3GPM
●  Weight: 25lbs
●  USP: Turbo nozzle inclusion 

●  Maximum pressure: 3000PSI
●  Maximum Flow Rate: 2.2GPM
●  Weight: 15.41lbs
●  USP: Spinning patio cleaner

Compact Pressure Washer: Greenworks GPW002

●  Maximum pressure: 2000PSI
●  Maximum Flow Rate: 1.2GPM
●  Weight: 37lbs
●  USP: Dual built-in soap tanks

Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 is a gas pressure washer from a reputable brand. It offers a perfect choice for gardeners and homeowners because of its ergonomic design, portability, and ease of usage. This high-pressure washer is useful for cleaning various surfaces, including furniture, patios, cleaning decks, house siding, and surface preparation for painting.

Simpson pressure washer MSH3125 is equipped with a HONDA GC 190 engine that optimizes its performance. Likewise, it has four quick connect nozzle tips (0, 15, 25, 40) and soap to optimize the washer for specific performance. It has a maximum pressure of 3200PSI and a flow rate of 2.5GPM for effective cleaning output.

The buildup of Simpson pressure washer MSH3125 is from a welded steel construction frame for increased durability. It includes 10" premium pneumatic wheels that adapt the machine to various surfaces, making it easy to use it even on rough surfaces.



Quick connect nozzles

Relatively expensive

Premium pneumatic wheels for stability

High operational noise

Impressive operational pressure and flow rate

Versatile for various cleaning applications

Maintenance-free OEM axial cam pump

Sun Joe SPX3500 2300 offers one of the most versatile options for electric pressure washers. This machine provides high-pressure cleaning on various surfaces, including patios, outdoor furniture, and other extensive surfaces.

One of the significant reasons for Sun Joe pressure washer efficiency is its powerful induction motor. It uses a 13amp/2000W brushless motor to sweep off even the most stubborn dirt and mud smoothly. The induction motor also delivers a maximum pressure of 2300PSI and a 1.48GPM flow rate for optimum cleaning performance.

It features an automatic total stop system (TSS) that shuts off the pump when the trigger is not enabled. This feature saves energy and enhances pump life. Sun Joe pressure washer SPX3500 also includes five quick-connect spray nozzles (0, 15, 25, 40) and soap. Likewise, it features a 1.2L detergent tank and an adjustable detergent dial that allows you to deliver the right amount of soap. It has a long spray wand that covers a wide area, and its easy-glide wheels allow smooth movement and easy maneuverability. 



Exclusive total stop system

Odd size couplers

Large detergent tank and adjustable dial

Its power source limits its application area

Five quick-connect spray tips

High power and performance

35-foot GFCI extension cord

Westinghouse WPX3200 is a pressure washer surface cleaner suitable for heavy-duty outdoor cleaning tasks. The gas-powered pressure washer uses a maximum pressure of 3200PSI and a maximum flow rate of 2.5GPM for powerful and deep cleaning of different surfaces such as exterior walls, patio furniture, decks, garage floors, and sidewalks.

The heavy-duty function of this pressure washer is primarily due to its original OHV Westinghouse engine. The durability of Westinghouse WPX3200 is near-perfect with its steel framing and abrasion-resistant construction materials. The design of this pressure washer allows convenient use because of its portability.

Westinghouse WPX3200 includes a small and lightweight maintenance-free axial cam pump for self-priming air-free pumping condition while operating at maximum pressure. It has five quick-connect spray nozzles (0, 15, 25, 40) and soap lines for flexible operations. These dedicated soap lines enhance the cleaning power of the machine.

Despite the size of this machine, its transportation is relatively easy, with its 12" never-flat wheels. It also includes a 25ft abrasion-resistant hose for broader reach. 



Rigid steel construction for increased durability

Relatively expensive

Horizontal-shaft engine with recoil start

Gets heated up after extensive use

Never-flat wheels inclusion for portability

Quick starts with flexible hose function

Powerful motor and deep cleaning water pressure

GreenWorks GPW1602 is one of the pressure washers that is suitable to solve homeowners cleaning needs. This machine's performance is top-notch with various accessories, including a soap applicator, rotary brush, and surface cleaner. Alongside other features, these accessories optimize it for diverse applications, including cleaning surfaces such as patios, cars, and patio furniture.

GreenWorks pressure washer GPW1602 has an operational pressure of 1600PSI and a flow rate of 1.6GPM to ensure effective cleaning performance. Likewise, it offers excellent versatility because it works in both horizontal and vertical positions. It has a 20 feet high-pressure hose for greater reach.

Another reason why GreenWorks GPW1602 is a considerable option is because it functions optimally without releasing any toxic emission to protect the green nature of the environment. It neither requires oil nor gas because its primary power source is electricity.



Zero environmental emission

Does not include wheels

Affordable, lightweight, and easy to use

Relatively low pressure and flow rate

Compatible with varieties of accessories

High-pressure holes with a quick reset

Suitable for both vertical and horizontal use

Stanley SHP2150 is another electric pressure washer with impressive performance. One of the factors that contribute to its remarkable performance is its power setup. It delivers a pressure of 2150PSI and a flow rate of 1.4GPM, which is 43 times powerful that a 7GPM garden hose pressure. These features make it suitable for cleaning various surfaces such as decks, pools, cement, RVs, ATVs, and outdoor furniture.

This electric pressure washer includes foam cannons that blast a layer of soap on whatever surface you want to clean. You can also switch the hose function to clean the foam once the soap does its job. It uses four quick connect nozzles (0, 15, 25, 40) that are easily adjustable.

Stanley SHP2150 is compatible with various accessories that enhance its performance. These accessories include a brass garden hose adapter, spray gun, high-pressure foam cannon, and quick release cord hook. It has a 25-foot soft, flexible high-pressure hose with designs suitable for various cleaning processes. 



Powerful cleaning force

Might be challenging to setup

Compatible with various accessories

Needs regular hose reorientation to maintain maximum pressure

High-pressure foam canon feature

Brass garden hose adaptor feature

Leakproof connections

Karcher K2 offers an industry-standard performance for various cleaning processes. It operates at a pressure of 2000PSI and a flow rate of 1.3GPM for efficient cleaning results. The on and off switch then further enhances your control over the power of the machine.

Karcher power washer K2000 includes four quick connect nozzles that allow you to vary your operations depending on your needs. The machine is compatible with various accessories that boost its performance. There is also a space for comfortable storage of accessories with the inclusion of a sizable removable bin. The detergent control of the machine is independent of the central regulation for more precision.

It has dual removable detergent tanks with an integrated water filter and a selector switch. This power washer is easy to move around because of its oversized no-flat wheels. These wheels are also adaptable to various work surfaces, and it is designed to last.



Extra storage feature

Fairly expensive

Easy setup and maneuverability

Plastic parts wear out over time

Foldable handle for easy storage

Dual removable detergent gallon

On/Off foot switch

The New Platinum Electric Pressure Washer is a power washer with optimum performance. It uses a pressure of 3000PSI and 2.2GPM flow rate to ensure efficient cleanup of various surfaces. Its motor runs quietly, and it stops when you remove your hand from the trigger.

The design of the New Platinum Electric Pressure Washer ensures stability with the inclusion of 4 wheels removable cart. You can lock these wheels in place during operation to prevent it from moving or allowed to roll freely for easy movement from one to another.

Similarly, this high-pressure washer is flexible and easy to maneuver. It has five quick-connect spray tips (0, 15, 25, 40, and watering) that allow you to optimize the mouth for various applications, including hydro jet power washing. The hose is quite flexible, and its telescoping handle further enhances easy maneuverability. Besides, you have the luxury to choose from two nozzle types, which are the turbo nozzle for making a circular pattern and the angle nozzle.



Highly flexible and easy to maneuver

Short power cord

Four removable carts for increased stability

Relatively expensive

Telescoping handle for increased maneuverability

Integration of different accessories

Flexible hose with a universal spray gun

Greenworks pressure washer GPW002 offers a versatile option if you want to brighten, strip, and clean surfaces in your home. Its 13amp induction motor delivers a pressure of 2000PSI and 1.2GPM flow rate, making cleaning processes as effortless as possible. Regardless of the pressure washer's weight and dimension, Greenworks GPW002 covers a broad reach with the inclusion of a 25ft high-pressure hose and 35ft power cord.

This Greenworks pressure washer is flexible; hence, it is applicable both vertically and horizontally. This flexibility is more efficient with the inclusion of compact wheels that allows easy movement of the machine from one position to another.

It comes with a dual built-in soap tank for easy application of soap to increase cleaning efficiency. It is compatible with various accessories, including two spray nozzles, one soap nozzle, and one turbo nozzle. 



Suitable for horizontal and vertical applications

Limited nozzle control

Dual built-in soap tanks

Relatively low maximum flow rate

Compact design with wheels

Heavy-duty induction motor

Includes soap applicator, surface cleaner, and rotary brush

Frequently Asked Questions

How many PSI do I need to clean concrete?

Most professional contractors recommend between 2000-3000PSI and at least 2.5GPM to clean concrete surfaces efficiently.

How powerful of a pressure washer do I need?

The power of a pressure washer you need is dependent on the nature of the application and the surface you intend to clean. On average, most pressure washers create a pressure between 1300-3000PSI and have at least 1.5GPM flow rate.

What should I look for when buying a pressure washer?

Some of the primary factors to consider when buying a pressure washer include:

       ●  Pressure per square inch (PSI) rating
       ●  Flow rate in gallon per minute (GPM)
       ●  Cost
       ●  Power source
       ●  Ease of operation
       ●  Safety features
       ● Warranty offers

Is 3000 psi too much for a car?

3000PSI is not too much for cars. Some large vehicles can even accept up to 4000PSI.

Should you pressure wash your house?

Pressure washing your home has a lot of advantages. You can pressure wash your home, as long as you feel a need for it and all precautionary measures are in place.

What is the difference between power washing and pressure washing?

The significant difference between pressure washing and power washing is the level of heat required. Power washing requires the use of heated water, while pressure washing requires water at room temperature.


A pressure washer is one of the gardening tools that can ensure a clean garden space. It is also useful in other cleaning processes. However, you need to use the best pressure washer for efficient results.

Understandably, selecting a good pressure washer might prove a hassle due to the saturated market. This review aims at making the process hassle-free with a list of some of the best pressure washers for various surface cleaning tasks.

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