Top 8 Portable Power Stations

It is almost impossible to rule out the possibility of needing an alternative power source at some point. It can be a reliable backup power source in case of emergencies. Portable power stations are considered to be smaller and lesser-known cousins to generators.

They are battery-powered, rechargeable generators that mostly come in lunch-box sizes. Portable power stations are usually equipped with various power outlets like DC carport, USB charging ports, and AC outlets where you can connect power appliances. Some even refer to them as portable charging stations.

Portable power stations are usually the best options when you need to power small appliances like personal electronics, projectors, fans, mini coolers, tablets, and laptops. They can serve as a trusted power source when you are out camping, traveling, hiking, construction sites, and other locations where you might need an alternative to electricity. They can also come in handy in case of emergencies.

It is not enough to decide on getting a portable power station; it is also essential to identify quality products and opt for them. There are many portable power station models, and identifying a quality product might prove a hassle, particularly for a first-time buyer.

This review aims to mitigate the trouble of getting the best portable power station for you by providing an insight into some of the best products.



●  Battery capacity: 518Wh
●  Weight: 13.13lbs
●  USP: 4 convenient recharging options 

Solar-Ready Generator Alternative: AIMTOM 540Wh Portable Power Station

●  Battery capacity: 540Wh
●  Weight: 11lbs
●  USP: 9 convenient outputs 

Camping Portable Generator: FlashFish 60000mAh Portable Power Station

●  Battery Capacity: 222Wh
●  Weight: 5.6lbs
●  USP: Built-in multi safety protection

Home-use Portable Solar Generator: BALDR Portable Power Station

●  Battery capacity: 297Wh
●  Weight: 7.6lbs
●  USP: SOS flashlight and wireless charger 

Lightweight Portable Power Station: Westinghouse iGen160s

●  Battery capacity: 155Wh
●  Weight: 3.75lbs
●  USP: Ultra-portable with 3 mode lighting 

Compact Portable Power Station: BUTURE Portable Power Station

●  Battery capacity: 266Wh
●  Weight: 6.35lbs
●  USP: Built-in Smart and Silent Cooling Fan  

QC Portable Power Stations: RAVPower Portable Power Station

●  Battery capacity: 252.7Wh
●  Weight: 5.5lbs
●  USP: Different emergency light mode  

Universal Portable Charging Station: HALO Bolt 58830

●  Battery capacity: 58830mWh
●  Weight: 1.66lbs
●  USP: Stylish and safe 

Jackery Explorer 500 comes in as one of the best portable power stations because of its versatility and ability to use solar power. It can easily be recharged anywhere under the sun with Jackery 100W solar panel that can charge up to maximum level within 9.5 hours. You can also get to charge it with your car charger while in transit within 16 hours. It is also possible to charge it through various AC outlets, and it will only take 7.5 hours for it to be fully charged.

Jackery Explorer 500 has 500 watts output, one of the best for products in this category. It has a high capacity lithium battery (24Ah) that ensures the power station's longevity while in use. It also ensures that it can power multiple appliances for a long period.

Jackery 500 does not need an extra set up like a traditional power station van; this portable station is ready for use on the go. This portable power station model also includes a pure sine wave inverter that ensures safety while powering sensitive devices like laptops. It also includes a BMS system that helps with over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection, and over-current protection to ensure you and your devices' safety.



Uses multiple means of recharging

Doesn't come with the Jackery 100W solar panel

Safe powering of sensitive devices

Relatively expensive

Includes safety and protection features

Efficient and long-lasting charging capacity

Green and clean power supply

AIMTOM is another portable mobile power station with lots of impressive features. You can charge this device in three different ways, either using an AC wall charging adapter, car charging cable, or fast charging with the built-in solar system. The device will charge 8 hours using an AC outlet, 16 hours via car charging on the go, and 14 hours using the solar option under full sun.

AIMTOM portable charging station is designed to be travel friendly with its compact size. This device has 9 convenient power output sources that allow you to power 9 devices simultaneously.

This portable power station model includes 3-level adjustable LED lights and an LCD screen display that provides essential details like battery capacity, real-time power consumption, and remaining runtime. AIMTOM also include pure sine wave AC that allows safe charging of sensitive devices and an advanced BMS system that offers varieties of protection. 



Travel-friendly and compact design

Relatively expensive

MPPT built-in for fast solar charging

No solar panel inclusion

Impressive battery management system

LCD screen display to access essential information easily

BMS protection system

FlashFish is a portable power generation device that is optimized to meet varieties of power needs. This device has 3 built-in lithium batteries with a total capacity of 60000mAh. Each battery has a 20000mAh capacity, and the device has 300W continuous power and 350W peak power. You can also charge these portable power stations in three different ways, including wall sockets, car charger for use on the go, and use of solar charging option.

It is one of the lightest weight portable power stations, weighing just 5.6lbs. This weight and the inclusion of a carrying handle make it easy to move the device around. It has three different output ports that allow you to charge three different devices at the same time.
FlashFish portable power station includes a safety system that ensures device and appliances protection against issues like overheat protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, lock-on protection, low-voltage protection, and short-circuit protection. 



Lightweight and easy-to-carry handle

Does not include a solar panel; it is sold separately

Built-in multi-safety protection system

No car jumping function

Metal case for increased durability

Three charging options

BALDR330 Portable Power Station is equipped with a 297Wh power capacity that can power various appliances and gadgets. It explores three charging options, including solar charging that can charge the device within 5-8 hours, AC outlets that can fully charge the device within 5-8 hours, and car charging option within 7-8 hours.

This portable charging station is equipped with a wireless charger and a built-in multi-mode flashlight that can accelerate mobile charging in case of an emergency. The battery management system (BMS) of this model ensures improved battery utilization. It also offers various protection, including overload protection, overheating protection, overcurrent protection, and over-voltage protection. Similarly, integrating a pure sine wave inverter into the device facilitates stable, fast, and quiet operations. 



Lightweight and easy to carry

Does not come with the solar panel

Fast charging and environmentally friendly

Limited power outlet options

Wireless charging option

Efficient battery management system

Large capacity

Westinghouse iGen160s is another portable power station with impressive features. This device weighs only 3.75lbs, thus making it easy to carry it around. It uses lithium-ion batteries that can be charged within 6 hours from wall socket outlets. It is rugged enough for both outdoor and indoor use. It has 3 mode lighting that can also help with illumination in the dark.

Westinghouse iGen160s include three charging styles: the wall AC option, car charging, and solar panel. It also includes several protection systems, including overload protection, overheating protection, and overvoltage protection. 



Ultra-portable and lightweight

Does not come with a solar panel

Suitable for outdoor and indoor use

Limited battery capacity

3 mode lighting

Versatile outlets, including 3 convenient 5mm DC outputs

Integrated protection system

The BUTURE portable power station has updated lithium battery cells that make the power station powerful enough to charge several devices. It houses a 266Wh rechargeable battery, making it capable of charging a smartphone 20 times and laptops for 3 to 4 times. It can also power TVs for about 4 hours, mini-refrigerators for over 3 hours, and other small electrical appliances.

The power station has a power wattage of 300W and a peak surge power of 350W. It is very portable and power-providing, making it suitable for outdoor adventures with no worries. It has three easy charging methods that allow you to recharge the battery when it runs low, including charging with solar power.

The charging methods require varying time for the power station's full charge ranging from 4 to 8 hours. It has a perfect design handle that makes it easy to carry about. The power station also includes a flashlight that has an SOS light for emergency purposes.



High density battery

You cannot turn on the AC outlet when recharging the power station

Three charging options

DC will turn off when there is no load

Built-in smart and silent cooling fan

Portable and lightweight

DC auto shut off to save power when there is no load

The RAVPower portable power station is a powerful 300 watts power-producing device. It is a handy mobile power station that delivers about 110V of AC power to electrical appliances. It can also power USB-charged devices through the use of a 60W PD port and a 120W DC output port.

The power station is compatible with QC charging protocols to ensure fast charging of QC devices. It works with a solar power charger when it runs out of electrical energy. It also has power indicators that allow the user to have enough detail of the power station's running information.

The RAVPower portable power station has a powerful LG 18650 battery pack that stores a high electrical power regardless of its small size. It has a solid light and an SOS light that you can access by pressing the power button twice in times of trouble. It also has a built-in fan that blows at a low noise of about 50dB while ensuring a cool environment and working unit.



Allows emergency signaling with its SOS feature

Overheating during extensive use

Built-in fan to reduce overheating

Takes a long while to recharge the power station

Low noise and reliable operation

Portable and easy to carry about

Has QC fast charge feature

The HALO bolt 58830 is a universal portable phone and laptop charger with a two-2.4V USB output that ensures you never run out of power on your device. It can provide enough charge that ranges from 7 to 63 hours, depending on the device you are charging. It is stylish, safe, and portable, giving you no battery worries when you have it around.

The device weighs less than 3lbs but houses a power large enough to jump an SUV up to 96 times and a standard car up to 217 times. The power pack can hold a charge for up to a year when not used. It also has a convenient but efficient LED flood light that makes it useful in dark environments or when you need illumination.



Convenient and easy to carry

You will need to pass the safety check before you are allowed to jump start

LED flood light feature

Not suitable for heavy duty appliances

Lightweight and compact

Includes portable jump starter

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a portable power station last?

A portable power station's duration varies with several factors ranging from the battery capacity to the appliances you are using it to power. However, on average, a portable power station can last between 9-13 hours.

What does a portable power station do?

Portable power stations serve as backup or alternative power sources for various appliances such as laptops, mini coolers, tablets, phones, electric blankets, etc. It is particularly useful during hiking, camping, traveling, on construction sites, etc.

Is Jackery Made in the USA?

Yes, Jackery is made in the USA.

What can a Jackery 500 power?

Jackery 500 can be used to power appliances like most other portable power stations. They can power both mainstream electronics and other small appliances, including projectors, TVs, blenders, pellet smokers, etc.

What is the pass-through charge?

A pass-through charge is a cost or fee paid to other companies to maintain and operate the electricity network. All suppliers make this charge, and it is approved by the energy regulator yearly.

Should I fully charge my power bank?

It is not usually advisable to fully charge your power bank. It is best to charge it up to 80% and discharge only up to 20%. This charging range ensures better performance and longer life of your power bank.


Portable power stations might just come in handy in emergencies or situations where you might not have access to electric power. They are considered as less cost-intensive options to the regular fuel generators. However, you must ensure that you get a model of the right quality to harness portable power stations' full benefits.

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