Top 10 Picks for Wheelbarrows

If you’re a garden owner, no matter the size, you’ve come to realize how relevant wheelbarrows (also known as garden carts, yard wagons, yard cart, and dump cart) are to making work a lot easier on your garden unless you like hauling dirt and debris in your hands or small containers which would require multiple trips. Wheelbarrow use is not limited to the garden/backyard/patio/farm owners; as long as you have the need to move large loads from one point to another, you probably need one.

As important as getting a wheelbarrow is, getting the right one matters the most. The right wheelbarrow should adequately meet your needs, not be prone to random breakdowns, and have the right price tags, amongst a lot of other criteria. The right wheelbarrow greatly reduces your workload while the opposite occurs when you purchase the wrong one.

This review makes the product selection process easier as the list of best wheelbarrows is the product of intense use carried out on numerous products on the market to save you the “trial and error” process. The selection was carried out by professional reviewers on a broad range of wheelbarrow types based on criteria like durability, efficiency, product quality, etc.

What TYPES of Wheelbarrows Can You Find on the Market?

Wheelbarrows comes in various shapes and sizes which can even further complicates the selection process. We’re going to classify wheelbarrows on different bases to make simplify making a purchase. All you have to do is understand your needs and select the type that suits them best as they all have their positives and negatives.

1.Classified based on build material

  • Stainless Steel Wheelbarrows – These are the most common types of wheelbarrows you’d encounter on the market. The stainless steel trays and handles are resistant to cracking and rust unlike iron or other metals with low rust resistance. They are pretty sturdy and are capable of serving a wide range of heavy duty jobs. On the other hand, they can be pretty heavy and difficult to maneuver especially for unexperienced users. They also conduct heat better than their plastic, canvas or wooden counterparts and hence tend to get very hot when left under the sun for prolonged periods.
  • Plastic Wheelbarrow – Plastic wheelbarrows are the second most common type garden carts. They are completely resistant and cost less than the metal or stainless variants, making ideal for low budget shoppers. Their lightweight increases their maneuverability and portability making them suitable for transport through less defined routes.They trade their lightweight for durability as the plastic material is weak and susceptible to developing and propagating cracks when exposed to trauma or extreme temperatures. It is also not suitable for heavy duty tasks.
  • Canvas Wheelbarrows – These wheelbarrows’ trays are made out of durable canvas material. It is lightweight, foldable, durable, affordable and suitable for storage purposes for individuals who don’t have adequate space. It is also for individuals who don’t have to move heavy loads around frequently. However, they are not suitable for heavy loads and for moving loads composed predominantly of small particles like sand. 
  • Wooden wheelbarrows – The tray of these wheelbarrows are made of wood. They are mainly employed for esthetic enhancement of the gardens, amongst other uses. They are obviously rust and crack resistant unlike their metal and plastic counterparts respectively. They are also environmentally friendly as they are biodegradable.They however are prone to damage by splintering, rotting and molding when exposed to prolonged moisture. So, to prolong the lifespan of the wheelbarrows, its best to keep them away from rain or high levels of moisture.

2.Classified based on how it is propelled

  • Manual Wheelbarrows – As the name implies, this class of wheelbarrows are purely propelled by manpower. They are the most common types found on the market and are relatively cheap wheelbarrows compared to their motorized counterparts. They can be quite tedious to operate when hauling heavy loads.
  • Motorized Wheelbarrow (electric wheelbarrows) – These models make use of an electrically powered engine to propel the wheels and all you’re left with is the maneuvering. They are not really common amongst home garden owners as they’re used to haul industrial sized heavy duty loads. They also on the more pricey side and require more complex maintenance procedures than the manual models.

3.Classified based the number of wheels

  • Single-wheeled Barrows – They have a single wheel located at the front and center of the wheel barrow. This is the most popular kind of wheelbarrow. They are easy to maneuver especially in tight spaces, but require higher upper body strength than the multiple-wheeled barrows.
  • Multiple-wheeled Barrows – Here, the most common types found here are the two-wheeled variants. They offer more balance especially when moving asymmetrically distributed heavy loads. They also require less strength to operate. They can be harder to maneuver than the single-wheeled variant particularly on inclined terrains. The two wheel wheelbarrow barrows may have less maneuverability but, they’re still easier to maneuver than the three- or four-wheeled barrows.

4.Classified based on wheel design

  • Pneumatic wheelbarrows – Wheelbarrows with pneumatic wheels have inflatable wheels that need to be inflated from time to time and contain a tube within that serves to absorb mechanical shock. They are perfect for use across rough terrains but should be kept away from sharp obstacles like cacti and sharp rocks as there is a risk of getting punctures.
  • Semi-pneumatic wheelbarrows – This is halfway between pneumatic and non-pneumatic wheels. The semi-pneumatic wheelbarrow wheels have air pockets within them that serve the shock absorption purpose that the tube in the pneumatic wheels serve. They are great for use in rough terrains and do not have the risk of getting punctured.
  • Non-pneumatic wheelbarrows – In these kind of wheelbarrows, the wheel are solid rubber all though. They will never go flat and hence require less maintenance which increases its convenience. They can also be used in terrains with sharp rocks and extreme temperatures without fear of the tires getting punctured.

5.Classified based on strength

  • Heavy duty Wheelbarrows – These kind of barrows have a very high weight and load capacity limit (>8 cubic feet). They are mostly found in the industrial scene where there are tough and heavy transportation tasks. They can also be quite heavy and large in size which makes them harder to maneuver.
  • Light duty Wheelbarrows – These are the smaller, more common types of wheelbarrows that are found in most home gardens. They are easier to maneuver as they are light, smaller in size and have lower weight and load capacity limit (up to 5 cubic feet) than the heavy duty wheelbarrows.

What to look out for when purchasing a wheelbarrow (A buyer’s guide)

After picking out the right class for you in each basis of classification, consider the following factors in the wheelbarrows for sale before reaching into your wallet or purse to make what would likely be a long term commitment:


Wheelbarrows come in a wide variety of sizes ranging from small to average to small sized wheelbarrows. Your body size and intended use would determine the size of barrow you get. Most body sizes would be compatible with average sized wheelbarrows. However, extremely tall or short individuals may find it difficult to operate them as they may have to stoop or stretch respectively.

Weight and load capacity limit

This simply depends on how large and heavy the loads you plan to carry predominantly are. If you intend to carry heavy loads, heavy duty wheelbarrows with high weight limits are preferred. The reverse is also the case as it is illogical to get a heavy duty wheelbarrow when all you intend to use it for are light garden chores.

Construction quality and Durability

The construction material quality affects the durability of your wheelbarrow. If you intend to carry out frequent heavy tasks, getting a durable stainless steel wheelbarrow would be the wiser investment choice, even though they come at a higher price. The plastic wheelbarrows are more budget-friendly but have way less durability than the stainless steel barrows and are suitable for lighter duty jobs.After ensuring the material is right for the intended tasks, make sure the all connections on the barrow are properly fixed to prevent it from falling apart.

Type of terrain

The number and type of wheels would depend on the predominant terrain it is used. For instance, in a hilly terrain populated by sharp rocks, getting a non-pneumatic, multiple-wheeled barrow. In the same vain, pneumatic tires are best for carrying fragile loads as they have adequate mechanical shock absorption. Four-wheeled barrows (garden carts) are not suitable for very hilly terrains as they are affected by gravity and harder to maneuver.

Usability/ Maneuverability

I don’t think anyone would want to spend their money on a product that is difficult to use or maneuver. If the primary use of the barrow is as a garden wheelbarrow, getting a single-wheeled barrow that offers the best maneuverability is the best option. The 2 wheel wheelbarrows are slightly less maneuverable but they offer more balance and higher energy efficiency.The best wheelbarrows are easy to use, and offer comfort features like proper handle length with rubber grips.

Our recommended top 10 list of best wheelbarrows is as follows:

SuperHandy Electric Powered Utility Cart

This is a stainless steel electrically powered wheelbarrow powered by a rechargeable 24V ¼ eHP 180W Brusless system, powered by (2) 12V 7Ah AGMs. It is capable of hauling a maximum of 330lb and ascending a maximum incline of 12° at a maximum forward speed of 3.1 MPH and reverse speed of 2.2 MPH.

It is dual-wheeled with two 13” tires and packs an immense 4 cubic feet tray capacity which should be more than enough for hauling dirt/debris and other loads in your garden and other light and heavy duty tasks.

Comfort and convenience features like a grooved water resistant grip to prevent slipping and an indicator light that lets you know the battery life are found on the superhandy wheelbarrow.



Easy to handle and maneuver

May be difficult to assemble

Electrically powered silent and clean source of energy unlike gasoline powered engines

Sturdy and Durable

Large 4 cubic feet tray capacity

Maintains full functionality even in winter

True Temper RP810 Dual Wheel Poly Wheelbarrow

The plastic loading tray on this wheelbarrow provides lightweight and easy maneuverability which are both necessary in a manually operated wheelbarrow. It also gives it complete rust and corrosion protection. The handles are made of hardwood which also contributes to its lightweight. It has a pretty large loading tray capacity of 8 cubic feet with two 8” shock absorbing pneumatic tires.



Lightweight and easy to use

The plastic may breakdown over prolonged periods of exposure to sun rays

Premium build quality

Large maximum tray capacity

Easy maneuverability

WORX Aerocart 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow

The WORX aerocart is manually operated and comes with an aesthetically pleasing and hardy stainless steel tub-shaped loading tray with a maximum load capacity of 300 lbs. It comes with two 10” flat-free tires that makes it suitable for hauling loads across rocky terrains without fear of the tires getting punctured. The wheelbarrow is versatile with up to 8 different functions, so it is definitely worth the price tag.



Solid framework and build

Tray can get pretty hot when left under the sun

Durable build material

Easy to maneuver

High maximum load capacity
8-in-1 functions

VIVOHOME Heavy Duty Steel Garden Cart

This uniquely designed 4-wheeled garden cart is sturdy with premium anti-rust iron mesh tray design. It has a maximum loading capacity of 1100lbs which is very sufficient for even heavy duty loads. The four 4.10” pneumatic tires are excellent shock absorber with noise cancelling function. The handles length can be adjusted for convenience and the sides of the tray can be detached for moving large loads.



Premium anti-rust metal build

Can be difficult to maneuver in tight spaces

Noise cancelling tires

High maximum load capacity

Easy to use

Durable build material

Landworks 2103Q044A Heavy Duty Lawn Cart

The landworks heavy duty manually powered garden cart features a similar solid, premium looking iron mesh tray like the VIVOHOME garden cart. It is fitted with four 10” pneumatic tires that are great for working in bumpy terrains. It is capable of hauling up to a 500lbs load up a maximum incline of 15° efficiently. The 5-6 cubic feet tray has detachable sides for hauling larger sized loads.



High tray capacity

Difficult maneuverability

High maximum loading capacity

Easy to use

Solid and long-lasting frame build

Giantex Dump Cart Garden Dumper

This is a heavy duty, rust-resistant, plastic tray wheelbarrow with a steel frame and a maximum loading capacity of 660lbs fitted with 4 sturdy 10” pneumatic tires. The plastic tray makes the wheelbarrow lightweight and a little easier to maneuver than it other 4-wheeled counterparts. The handle length can be adjusted and is foldable making storage easier.



Powerful cart capacity of 660lbs

Plastic tray more fragile than steel models

Premium quality plastic build

Easy to pull

Easy to store away

Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart

With a massive 600lbs maximum loading capacity, this manual, plastic loading tray, steel framed garden cart can take quite a licking and keep on ticking. It is efficient at moving medium to large sized loads with minimum upper body strength and is equipped with 4 10” pneumatic tires. It also features a patented dumping feature which makes unloading easier and faster.



Rigid loading tray and frame

May be difficult to maneuver is small spaces

Simple to use, even for first timers

Wide bed dimensions

Quick dump technology

LUCKYERMORE Garden Dump Utility Wagon Cart

The LUCKYERMORE dump wagon has a plastic loading tray, a steel frame and four 10” pneumatic tires. The handle can be turned over 180 degrees which is a good touch to increase the maneuverability. The loading tray has a maximum loading capacity of 550lbs which should more than suffice for light to medium weight garden jobs.



Relatively higher maneuverability compared to other 4-wheeled wagons

Difficult to assemble for first timers

High value for money

High maximum loading capacity

Sturdy plastic tray

Best Choice Products Dual-wheel Home Utility Yard Wheelbarrow

This is a very lightweight (26lbs!) wheelbarrow when compared to most of the others on the market. This is due to the plastic loading tray and dual 13” pneumatic tires. It doesn’t trade in its lightweight for its sturdiness ad the plastic tray and steel frame are solid and durable. It has a maximum loading capacity of 330lbs which is suitable for light to medium duty jobs.



Comfortably padded handlebars

Relatively small loading tray size

Durable build materials

Just 26lbs product weight

Easy maneuverability

Easy to assemble

Marathon Dual-wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow

This two-wheeled wheelbarrow has a 5 cubic foot anti-rust plastic loading tray with a maximum loading capacity of 300lbs. Its lightweight (just 29lbs) design makes maneuverability a breeze even in slightly tight spaces. The two wheels are pneumatic and offer superb balance and shock absorption.



Lightweight design

Plastic loading tray subject to damage from trauma

Easy to assemble

High maneuverability

Solid plastic frame

High value for money


Go2buy 4 pcs 10-inch Solid Rubber Tire Wheels for Garden Utility Wagon Cart

Gorilla Carts GCT13NF 13 Inch No Flat Replacement Pneumatic Tire Wheel

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a wheelbarrow?

Once you’ve identified your needs, you choose a wheelbarrow that’d satisfy those needs based on the number overall design and build material, ease of use, weight limits, etc.

How big of a wheelbarrow do I need?

This strongly depends on the intended use. For instance, you won’t get the same sized barrow that you would use to move dirt as you would if you intend to carry heavy engines and the sort.

How many wheelbarrow loads are in a ton of gravel?

Depending on the wheelbarrow size (2 or 3 cubic foot) it should generally take between 9 – 14 full loads to equal 1 cubic yard. 1 cubic yard is equal to 1.13 tons of gravel.

How heavy is a wheelbarrow full of dirt?

Approximately 55 pounds.

Do you push or pull a wheelbarrow?

Both, depending on the design. Although, pushing is preferred as it makes the handles less likely to slip from your hands. Terrain also matters, as it is easier to pull through muddy and soft grounds than to push.

How many wheelbarrow loads are in a ton of sand?

1 cubic yard of gravel equals 14 wheelbarrow loads for a 2 cubic foot tray, 9 wheelbarrow loads for a 3 cubic foot tray. 1 cubic yard equals 1.3 tons.


When it’s all said and done, a wheelbarrow is necessary even in small sized home gardens. In order to get your money’s worth, a thorough read of this review is encouraged as it was put together by professional product reviewers based on experience with a number of products, user reviews, high durability scores, amongst other carefully selected criteria. The only thing left for you to do is carefully identify your needs and with whatever budget, you can find a pretty decent and long-lasting wheelbarrow on this list.

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