Top 7 Log Splitters

Every craftsman desire to use tools that will make his tasks easier, and gardeners are not an exception. The innovation of several mechanical gardening tools has helped with the easy projection of various gardening ideas.
The production of log splitters is one of the inventions that have shaped gardening processes. Log splitter is a piece of equipment or machinery useful for splitting various types of wood including hardwoods and softwoods. It will easily work on pre-cut sections or round logs chopped down by chainsaw or other suitable tools.

The innovation of a log splitter eliminates the stress of swinging an ax for easier firewood processing. This equipment will help you to cut down logs into smaller and usable pieces. These pieces are easier to store, and they burn with more efficiency. 

However, there is absolutely no point in buying a log splitter that won't deliver the expected result. Consequently, it would be best if you were sure of what you want because the tool market is saturated with log splitters from different manufacturers. 

The best log splitter is not the one with the highest or lowest cost; it is the one that offers the best value for money. This review is an evaluation of some of the best log cutters you can add to your gardening tools list.



●  12-second cycle time
●  25 tons splitting capacity
●  24” maximum log length

Electric Log Splitter: WEN 56207 6.5-Ton

●  20-second cycle time
●  6.5 tons splitting capacity
●  20.5” by 10” log capacity

Rugged Wood Splitter: PowerSmart 6-Ton

●  20-second cycle time
●  6 tons splitting capacity
●  21” by 10” log capacity 

Hydraulic Log Splitter: Sun Joe LJ10M 10-Ton

●  10 tons splitting capacity
●  18” by 8” log capacity
●  RAM return spring return for easy reset

Industrial Log Splitter: Boss Industrial ES7T20

●  14-second cycle time
●  7 tons splitting capacity
●  20.5” by 10” log capacity 

Heavy-duty Log Splitter: Southland SELS60 6 Ton

●  18-second cycle time
●  6 tons splitting capacity
●  20.5” maximum log length

●  16-second cycle time
●  5 tons splitting capacity
●  20.5” by 10” log capacity 

If you need an efficient gas log splitter for cutting different materials with ease, then Champion 25-Ton is certainly worth your consideration. It includes a large 224 cc champion single-cylinder OHV engine that gives it the capacity to split up to 25 tons. The engine is protected with a low oil shut-off feature that automatically switch-off the engine when the oil level gets low.

Champion 25-Ton gas log splitter is versatile and easy to use. You can easily change the position from vertical to horizontal and vice versa within a few minutes. This feature allows it to handle large and heavy logs without additional stress. Champion 25-Ton can handle logs that are 24 inches long and 100 pounds heavy. Its engine operates in 12-second cycle time for greater efficiency. The inclusion of a reliable auto-return valve allows it to make 300 cycles per hour for extensive applications.

The inclusion of a 2-stage gear pump allows you to regulate flow and pressure to increase productivity. Champion 25-Ton log splitter is also portable enough to fit into a truck bed. Its mobility is enhanced with a DOT-approved wheel that can help the equipment to travel at 45mph.



Versatile and efficient

The oil hose is not well fitted

Easy adjustment from horizontal to vertical

Relatively heavyweight

Rugged full-length beam design

Low oil shut-off and recoil start for enhanced safety

Impressive splitting capacity

WEN 56207 is an electric log splitter that offers great versatility and flexibility when splitting hard and softwoods. It includes a powerful 15A motor that delivers over 13,000 pounds of lock cracking pressure to ensure smooth cut through various types of logs. WEN 56207 allows a 20-second cycle time to help the log cutter handle 120 logs in one hour. It gives it the ability to cut logs up to 10 inches in diameter and 20.5 inches in length.

This log cutter comes with a stand that can lift it 34 inches above the floor for more comfortable use. Likewise, the user's safety is also secured because of the tool's two-handed operation. WEN 56207 has a fume-free design that eliminates the risk of exposing users to toxic emissions like carbon monoxide. The inclusion of side-mounted support wings further enhance easy operation by preventing the log from rolling off.

The storage and transportation of WEN 56207 are quite easy. It has 5.5 inches, never-flat wheels, and an onboard handle to complement each other for easy transportation and storage. This electric log splitter is a time and energy server because it automatically retracts once the split is complete with its auto-return cylinder. 



Lightweight, portable, and versatile

Generate high vibrations

Carrying handle and never-flat wheels for easy transportation

The power cord exits at the green button, which is uncomfortable for some users

Side-mounted support wings

RAM adjustment rings and other adjustable features

Powerful and easy to use

PowerSmart is one of the electric wood splitters designed for the most difficult situations. It has a sturdy build up with its steel construction that ensures its durability, effective applications, and adaptation to various operational rigors. It includes a powerful 1.75HP, 15amp induction motor that delivers 6-ton maximum performance for various small to medium-sized tasks.

PowerSmart log cutter has a 20-second cycle time that helps it to cut through various logs effortlessly. It can split logs up to 10 inches in diameter and 21 inches in length. It is also versatile because you can choose to use it on the ground or on a workbench. You can also use this wood splitter indoors because it doesn't produce any fumes.

This electrical log splitter uses a smart start with the inclusion of an easy push start button. It includes a sturdy rear wheel; thus, making it easy to move the log cutter around, even on uneven surfaces. 



Sturdy and rugged

Backs out when it encounters resistance during cuts

Smart and easy start

Struggles with green woods

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications

Does not produce fume or other toxic emissions

Can be used on the bench or the ground

Sun Joe LJ10M is a hydraulic log splitter with a 10-ton driving force. This wood splitter can cut logs that are up to 18 inches long and 8 inches wide. Its efficiency and durability are a result of its durable steel construction and reliable power system. Its lightweight also facilitates easy handling and effective applications.

Sun Joe LJ10M is quite easy to use because of its compact and portable size. This portability makes it easy for transportation, maneuverability, and storage. The inclusion of log cradles makes operation easier by preventing split wood from falling. It also includes sturdy wheels that enhance easy transportation. It has an operating handle that gives you total control during operations.

Another feature that makes the hydraulic wood splitter easy to use is the inclusion of a ram return spring for quick resets. This feature allows you to make quick and necessary adjustments, even during operations. Although it might not be efficient for heavy-duty tasks, it offers an effective delivery for various light log splitting tasks. 



Lightweight, portable, and compact

Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks

Easy to use with little maintenance

Its operation is relatively slow

Log cradle that holds split wood in place

Easy maneuverability

Ram return spring for quick resets

Boss Industrial ES7T20 is an electric log splitter with a lot of impressive features. This log splitter has a powerful electric motor set up of 2HP, 13.5amp, and 115V that delivers a 7-ton splitting force. Likewise, it is equipped with 3700 psi hydraulic pressure that ensures effective and smooth operations.

Boss Industrial ES7T20 has a log capacity of 20.5 inches (length) by 10 inches (diameter) and 5-inch splitting wedge height. It operates at 14 seconds splitting cycle. Similarly, you can be confident of getting your job done within a reasonable time to integrate an automatic ram return feature.

Its full-beam construction and other integrated features make it easy to use and durable. It supports a one-handed operation that reduces operator fatigue. The inclusion of 7 inches w/metal wheel in Boss Industrial ES7T20 allows easy transportation.
Boss Industrial ES7T20 is lightweight for easy maneuverability. Likewise, it comes completely pre-assembled, which makes it ready for use as soon as it arrives. 



Supports one-handed operation for the user's comfort

The splitting wedge is not tough enough for heavy-duty tasks

Lightweight and easy to use

It is not easy to roll around, particularly on uneven surfaces

Full-beam construction for durability

Automatic ram return that saves time

Powerful and efficient performance

Southland SELS60 is an electric log splitter that is suitable for various heavy-duty wood splitting tasks. It has a powerful motor with a 1.75HP, 15amp current rating that delivers a splitting capacity of 6 tons through woods with varying thicknesss.

Southland SELS60 wins various users' hearts because it effortlessly executes wood splitting tasks with its 18-second cycle time. This feature gives it the ability to handle big splitting jobs without much hassle. 

This wood cutter is equipped with an integrated stroke limiter that can adjust to a shorter stroke to optimize it for smaller logs. This feature also makes Southland SELS60 versatile and flexible for light log splitting tasks.

The mobility, maneuverability, and storage of Southland SELS60 are relatively easy because of its 7 inches wheel integration. It can also be placed vertically for easy storage and spec conservation. 



Powerful induction motor

The ram does not retract

Integrated stroke limiter for easy adjustment

Low on hydraulic fluid

Lightweight and easy to maneuver

Suitable for rugged performance

Heavy-duty wedge

YARDMAX YS0552 is considered one of the best manual log splitters because it gives you total control over your splitting operations. It has a powerful engine that delivers a splitting capacity of 5 tons for a smooth split through hardwoods.

This log splitter can cut a wood with a dimension of 20.5 inches in length and 10 inches in diameter within a short cylinder cycle time of 16 seconds. It includes accessories like a stand and long tray that make splitting operation easier. Its lightweight, portability, and inclusion of a 7 inches wheel make it easier to maneuver and transport.

YARDMAX YS0552 allows a two-handed operation that prioritizes the user's safety. Likewise, it is suitable for indoor applications because it does not give off any harmful emission. 



Portable, lightweight, and easy to use

Dry touch up paint

Allows two-handed operation

Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks

Includes stroke limiter for flexible adjustment

Includes log tray, stand, and other accessories

Minimal assembly required

Using suitable accessories can enhance the performance of your wood splitter. Some of these accessories include:

North Fork Firewood Carrier

Fiskars 378841-1002 X27 Super Splitting Axe

Logosol 14-Ton Manual Log Splitter

Kindling Cracker Firewood Splitter

Classic Accessories Gas Log Splitter Cover

Frequently Asked Questions

How big of a log splitter do I need?

The size of the log splitter you need is dependent on the size of the log you intend to split. The larger the diameter of the wood, the larger the splitter required for it. On average, you need a 4-ton splitter for a 6 inches wood.

Is it best to split logs wet or dry?

Most people prefer to split wet wood because it is relatively easier. Likewise, splitting wet wood will allow the woods to dry faster.

What is the hardest wood to split?

The hardest wood to split based on general observation and reviews are; sweetgum, elm, and cottonwoods.

Should firewood be split green or dry?

The choice of splitting firewood green or dry is dependent on the type of wood you intend to split. It is easier to split woods like live oak when green, but it does not work well for soft and brittle woods like some pines.

Will firewood dry in a pile?

Yes, firewood will dry in a pile as long as you are not exposing them to moisture. However, it will take a longer time for the wood to dry in a pile than when single.

Should I cover my firewood with a tarp?

It would help if you only covered your firewood with a tarp when you are sure that it is completely dried, and you don't want to expose it any further.


A log splitter is one of the gardening tools that will save you a lot of stress. However, if you want to use a wood splitter, ensure that you get one that will offer a high value for money like the ones listed above. If you find a wood splitter for sale, carry out a thorough evaluation to make sure it will suit your needs.

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