TOP 8 Leaf Blowers for keeping your garden clean in 2021

Several tools make gardening easy, and leaf blowers are one of them. Gardeners don't have to be dependent on just manual handling of tasks. Some power tools like leaf blowers often make most of these tasks easier, faster, and accurate.

A leaf blower, otherwise called a blower, is a gardening tool that assists in moving debris like grass cuttings and leaves by propelling air through its nozzle. The propelling air from blowers needs a power source. Therefore, leaf blowers are either powered by electricity or gasoline motors.

Leaf blowers have several uses, so it is considered one of the essential gardening tools. Some of the uses of this power tool include moving leaves, eliminating shallow snow, chasing out rodents, cleaning rain gutters, clearing puddles, drying surfaces, dusting, etc. 

Considering this tool's versatility, getting it will be a valuable addition to the lawn care tool collection of any gardener. However, getting a suitable or an impressive leaf blower might not be an easy task with the numerous models and brands present in the tool market. Well, you might not have to worry much after going through this review.

Below is a review of the top 8 leaf blowers that are suitable for various crafts. These reviews are based on a thorough evaluation of features, reliability, and application of various leaf blowers from different manufacturers. Many user reviews were also evaluated, and some models were tested for quality assurance. 

MAKITA XBU02PT is an efficient leaf blower because its solid power buildup includes a BL brushless motor that delivers up to 473CFM. This motor offers it enough power to produce up to 120MPH air velocity for effective and diverse applications.

This model is one of the top choices for battery powered leaf blower category because it has features that make it easy to control. It has a variable speed control that allows you to optimize the speed for specific applications. Regardless of the speed you are working with; you might not have to worry about the run time because it includes two 18V LXT Lithium-ion batteries.

MAKITA XBU02PT does not use oil or gas, only electric recharging, so you might not have to worry about the regular cost of fueling or refilling gas. The absence of brushes in its setup limits the possibility of overheating for cooler operations.



Zero emissions and low noise

Relatively expensive

Increased power and speed

Might not be suitable for extended use

Durable and diverse applications

Easy to use and control

Do you need a cordless leaf blower to give you a similar result with the electric-powered leaf blower? Makita XBU02Z can certainly fulfil your needs because it is one of the best cordless leaf blowers. It is an effective power tool that can deliver a high speed of 15,800RPM using its two BL 1850 LXT 5.0Ah batteries.

You can easily control the operation of Makita XBU02Z and optimize it for specific applications because it includes a 6-stage velocity/ volume selection dial and variable speed control option.

This model also involves low maintenance because you don't have to spend on oil or gas refills. This feature also reduces the possibility of emission, making it environmentally safe. It includes an in-line fan design that provides enough balance for easy handling and also improves its ergonomics and easy application. 



Ergonomic design and high durability

It does not come with a battery

Low cost of maintenance and low emission

It has relatively low runtime at high speed

High speed and excellent delivery

Easy to use and handle

Makita UB1103 is a corded Makita leaf blower with impressive ability. This power tool is preferred because of its ability to function as a two in one tool. Aside from functioning as a leaf blower, you can also use it as a vacuum.

Makita UB1103 is suitable for larger space because of its air volume delivery. It has a maximum air volume of 145CFM that allows faster and more efficient cleanups in larger areas. Similarly, the air speed of this leaf blower is as impressive as its air volume.

Makita UB1103 has a maximum airspeed of 203MPH that facilitates faster cleanups on Jobsites, gardens and lawns. The variable speed control of this model also supports easy usage and effective performance. It has a variable speed between 0-16,000RPM that allows you to choose the best speed for the right application.

The control of Makita UB1103 is also enhanced by including a large trigger and a conveniently located lock-on button. 



Easy to use and operate

Limited air speed

Dual functionality as vacuum and leaf blower

No power back up


Suitable for faster cleanups in large Jobsites

If you desire a cheap, yet effective and efficient leaf blower, then WORX WG520 should earn a place on your priority list. The good news is that the price of this model does not limit its functionality. It is more intriguing to know that it has some special features that are not common in other models.

WORX WG520 includes a TURBINE fan tech that optimizes its performance. Despite the performance of the fan tech, it comes with low noise. Another remarkable feature of this leaf blower model is that it leverages the turbine tech system to produce a twice as pro blower's speed.

WORX WG520 can effectively make 600CFM volume capacity that is facilitated by its large mouth nozzle. Overall, it produces a wide path, strong air that allows you to work on large areas with few passes.

With its 6.4lbs weight, WORX WG520 permits one-hand operation. This one-hand operation is also enhanced with its ergonomic design. The length of its cord (11-1/2") with a retainer also limits disconnection.



It is highly affordable

Limited variable speed control

TURBINE fan tech for improved speed

Might not be suitable for extended use

Lightweight and one-handed operation

Inclusion of extension retainer to limit disconnection

CRAFTSMAN BP210 27cc is a 2-cycle full-crank engine gas-powered backpack leaf blower. The technical setup of this model enables it to deliver quick and efficient air blows with air volume up to 410CFM /180MPH.

This model is easy to use because of its comfortable backpack design that distributes weight evenly and comfortably between the shoulders and hips for comfort and extended use. It also features an easy to pull start, and the inclusion of electric start capability makes it even easier.

You can enjoy full operational control because this model is designed with an ergonomic tube mounted lever and variable speed throttle. Users also get to enjoy a 2-cycle engine oil package addition for enhanced convenience



Electric and easy start capability

Not very suitable for large spaces

Powerful engine and high air volume

Slightly high maintenance cost

Controlled operation

Comfortable backpack design

Husqvarna 952711925 125B earns its reputation among several gardeners because of its ability to deliver high air volume and velocity. This model can produce a 425CFM air volume and an impressive 170MPH air velocity to ensure powerful cleaning performance.

This Husqvarna leaf blower model is designed for easy control, comfortable, and safe use. It has a stop switch that automatically resets to the on position for an easy start. As part of the plans to enhance the power tool’s easy operation, it features cruise control and intuitive control.

It has variable speed throttle and cruise control to ease its handling. You can also adjust the blowing tube length to optimize its performance for a specific control. Husqvarna 952711925 125B also provides low noise and minimal sound pressure. 



Cruise and intuitive controls

No variable speed control

High volume and velocity

It might not be suitable for extended use

Easily adjustable

Auto return stop switch

Oregon BL300 might be all you need to secure the service of a lightweight and effective leaf blower. One of the most outstanding features of this cordless leaf blower is its high power. It has a 6.0Ah Lithium-ion battery that can work up to hours when it is fully charged.

This model includes a brushless motor that can deliver up to 507CFM, considerably high air power. Oregon Cordless BL300 also features a variable speed control that allows you to optimize the blower's speed for specific applications. With its variable trigger control, you can operate the blowers at variable speeds up to 131.5MPH.

This battery powered leaf blower also has an ergonomic design that allows comfortable use for a long period without operational fatigue. The product comes almost fully preassembled, making it ready to use on the go



Easy to use and assembly

Cost intensive

Lightweight with ergonomic design

Limited safety features included

Variable trigger and Turbo button

High performance with low noise

Greenworks 2400802 is a battery-powered leaf blower that is reputable for its high power and effective performance. It has a 2.5Ah battery that provides enough power to give an air velocity of 390CFM and 110MPH that power through even the toughest debris. The 2.5Ah battery provides 14 minutes runtime on high-power for smooth and fast execution of projects.

It also includes a rapid charger that can restore the battery in 75mins and get you back to work. You can also be confident of retaining full control of Greenworks 2400802 leaf blower because of variable speed trigger, cruise control, and overmold grip. These features reduce fatigue and allow specific applications. 



High performance with low noise

It might not be suitable for extended use

Lightweight and easy control

Low runtime compared to other similar products

Soft grip and less vibration

Commanding power with fast recharge

Frequently Asked Questions

What to look for when choosing your leaf blower?

Buying the best leaf blower might be difficult, particularly if you don't know what to look out for when you get a new product. Some of the factors and features to look out for when choosing your leaf blower include;

       ●  Cost
       ●  Ease of application
       ●  Airspeed and air velocity
       ●  Weight
       ●  Overall dimension
       ●  Cubic feet per minute (CFM) delivery
       ●  Miles per hour (MPH) capability
       ●  Emissions and noise
       ●  Cost of maintenance


What is the best type of leaf blower?

There are different types of leaf blowers, with each of them optimized for specific applications. The major categories of leaf blowers are; cordless (battery-powered), corded (electric-powered), brushless motor, jet, backpack, hand-held and gas leaf blowers. Your selection will be solely based on your needs and purpose of use which can be personal, commercial, or industrial.

What is better in a leaf blower CFM or MPH?

Both MPH and CFM are essential in a leaf blower. The more the MPH, the faster the leaf blower will work, and the more force it will propel. CFM, on the other hand, determines to what distance it will push the debris. However, a high MPH rating can cover up for a low CFM rating but not vice versa.

What is a good CFM for leaf blowers?

The specification of CFM varies with leaf blower models and brands. However, for a good leaf blower, the CFM must fall within 350 to 600CFM.

Are Electric leaf blowers quieter?

One of the myths about leaf blowers is that electric leaf blowers are quieter than the gas or oil-powered. In the real sense, electric leaf blowers are not in any way quieter than other types of leaf blowers.

What are the best leaf blowers under $200?

Several leaf blowers are available for under $200. These include several DEWALT leaf blowers, Greenworks leaf blowers, Oregon leaf blowers, etc. These brands offer some of the most affordable models of leaf blowers with optimal performance.


Leaf blowers are one of the essential gardening tools. They particularly serve the purpose of clearing and play the role of patio cleaners. There are several types of leaf blowers from different manufacturers and each of them has its own uniqueness.

Therefore, it is best to identify your needs and select the product that best suits you. The list of products above is some of the best leaf blower models that can serve various gardening purposes. This review takes into consideration essential factors that make a good leaf blower.

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