Top 8 Jigsaw Tools

Are you wondering how woods, metals, and other materials get such perfect curve cuts? Have you tried several skills, and you are still not getting the right curve cuts? Making curve cuts on materials is not just about expertise or skill; it also involves having the right tool.

There are many types of saws, but the jigsaw tool is one of the must-have saws for woodworkers, construction engineers, and other related artisans. Jigsaws are useful in making crosscuts on a board, cutting intricate shapes, finishing the inside of a corner cut, and irregular cuts without requiring much sanding.

This tool has a reciprocating blade that it uses to cut irregular shapes like stencil designs. It can cut various types of wood, metals, and other materials. Different types of jigsaw use different power sources, including electric power and battery power.

It is essential to know what to look out for in a jigsaw if you intend to make the right purchase. The tool market is saturated with various jigsaw models from different manufacturers; hence, specificity is a crucial factor that will help you choose the right product.

This review provides insight into some of the factors and specificities you should look out for in the best jigsaw. Likewise, the list contains the top 8 jigsaws available in the tool market.



Battery Powered Jigsaw: DEWALT DCS331B

●  Weight: 5.4lbs
●  Variable Speed:
●  USP:
Accepts T-shank jigsaw blades

Top Handle Jigsaw: Makita JV0600K

●  Weight: 5.2lbs
●  Variable Speed:
●  USP:
Onboard wrench for fast bevel adjustment

Corded Electric Jig Saw: Bosch JS572EK

●  Weight: 5.15lbs
●  Variable Speed: 800-3000SPM
●  USP: Constant response circuitry 


●  Weight: 4.6lbs
●  Variable Speed:
●  USP:
Curve control technology

2-in-1 Saw: WORX WX550L

●  Weight: 4.2lbs
●  Variable Speed:
●  USP:
Functions as reciprocating saw and jigsaw

Advanced Jigsaw: TACKLIFE PJS02A

●  Weight: 5.3lbs
●  Variable Speed:
●  USP:
Laser and LED light adjustment system

Flexible Jigsaw: Meterk Upgraded 800W

●  Weight: 4.19lbs
●  Variable Speed:
●  USP:
faster heat dissipation for durable motor

Compact Jigsaw: Ryobi JS481LG

●  Weight: 4.4lbs
●  Variable Speed:
●  USP:
High-intensity LED light

DEWALT DCS331B is one of the best DEWALT jigsaws with its portable size and compact feature. If you are having trouble with an electric power source, this model is a worthy consideration. DEWALT DCS331B is battery-powered, and it uses a 20V battery for optimal performance.

This DEWALT jigsaw is easy to use, even for beginners, due to several integrated features. It has an all-meter, lever action that allows quick and easy blade change. DEWALT DCS331B is versatile for making various angular cuts because it has dents at 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees. It has a 4-position orbital action that improves its cut quality and control over speed. It operates at variable speeds between 0-3000SPM that allows optimizing specific speed for various applications.

DEWALT DCS331B includes an adjustable blower that helps to remove chips from the line of cuts to make it clean and clear. It also includes an anti-slip comfort grip that increases user comfort and control.



Variable speed control

You have to purchase the battery and charger separately

Easy to handle and control

Plate tilting release can be challenging

4-position orbital action

Keyless shoe bevel and keyless blade change

Enhanced grip and comfort

Makita JV0600K is another impressive jigsaw tool with impressive and easy to use features. It is a corded electric jigsaw that uses a powerful 6.5amps, 110V motor to deliver a variable speed between 500-3100SPM. This variable speed operation makes it easy for you to match specific speed to various operations. Likewise, it includes a built-in dust blower that clears dirt from the line of cut to increase accuracy.

Makita JV0600K is also considered one of the best jigsaws for professional use because of its impressive cutting ability. At 90⁰, this Makita jigsaw offers a maximum cutting capacity of 3-1/2" on wood and 3/8" on steel. Similarly, its cutting ability is complemented by three orbital settings and straight cut feature to deliver faster and more accurate cuts on various materials.

You can have Makita JV0600K on the list of the best jigsaws with its unique design optimized for versatile applications. It includes an ergonomic rubberized handle that enhances comfort and easy handling. 



Lightweight and compact

It has thinner blades

Includes lock-on button for continuous operation

It doesn’t come with a guide

Well-balanced design to reduce operator's fatigue

Counterbalance system for reduced vibration

Efficient dust management

Bosch JS572EK is one of the most notable Bosch jigsaw models with versatile and easy to use features. One of the outstanding features of Bosch JS572EK is its powerful 7.2amp, 120volts motor that makes it suitable for various heavy and light-duty cutting tasks. It includes a variable speed control that allows you to set the speed and control operation speed. It also includes four orbital settings with varied blade strokes.

Aside from its powerful motor, Bosch JS572EK also has impressive cutting abilities. It has cutting capacities of 5-1/2" on softwoods, 0.875" on aluminum, and 0.375” on mild steel. You can ensure the visibility and cleanliness of your jigsaw with the use of the integrated dust blower. The dust blower has an on/off switch for easy control.

Bosch JS572EK is easy to carry and handle with its durable plastic carrying case. It also uses a double-roller system that minimizes deflection during operation for enhanced accuracy. It also includes bright LED lighting with on/off to enhance the visibility of cutting areas for improved accuracy. 



One-touch blade change system

Relatively expensive

Counterbalanced low vibration mechanism

Effective dust management

Variable speed control

Designed for durability and convenience

If you work within a limited budget, then BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C should top your product consideration list. This jigsaw tool is one of the most affordable jigsaws you will find, and it offers a high value for money. It has a powerful 5amp motor that delivers variable speed up to 3000SPM for an efficient cut on various materials.

BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C, like most other BLACK+DECKER jigsaw models, includes a curve control technology that allows you to adjust the saw's orbit in 1 of 4 settings for easy control and optimal delivery. The inclusion of a wire guard also provides a clear line for precise and accurate cuts. This corded electric jigsaw can make bevel cuts up to 45⁰.

BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C is one of the lightest weight jigsaws that you will come across. It weighs only 4.6lbs, and the integration of a keyless blade clamp further makes it easy to control. This BLACK+DECKER jigsaw includes a dust blower that helps with the effective management of dust. 



Relatively affordable and cost-effective

It might not be suitable for heavy-duty tasks

Wire guard for improved precision

The lock-on button is slightly difficult to engage

Includes curve control technology

Adjustable shoe for improved stability

Lightweight and easy to maneuver

WORX WX550L is another typical jigsaw for sale. This model is unique for its dual functioning as both a reciprocating saw and a jigsaw. Its pivoting head allows you to convert from a reciprocating saw to a jigsaw within seconds. It is a cordless jigsaw that makes use of both 20V and 40V batteries for optimal delivery. This battery does not limit the cutting ability of WORX WX550L as it can cut through various materials, including ceramics, plastic, wood, tile, metals, and PVC pipes.

WORX WX550 features a cutting technology that enhances efficient cuts. These cuts' versatility is further enhanced with the product's compatibility with both t-shank jigsaw blades and reciprocating saw blades. It operates at a no-load speed of 3000SPM.

Another impressive feature of WORX WX550L that will particularly interest users with limited workspace is its compact size and lightweight. This jigsaw tool weighs 4.2lbs, and the inclusion of a built-in dust blower helps in the effective management of dust. It also improves the visibility of cuts. 



Lightweight, compact, and easy to use

Does not include variable speed control

2-in-1 tool (Jigsaw and reciprocating saw)

Some users complain about short battery life

Includes orbital cutting technology

Built-in dust blower for effective dust control

Relatively affordable

TACKLIFE PJS02A is another corded electric jigsaw with advanced yet easy to use features. It includes an impressive 6.7amp motor that delivers enough cutting power for slicing through various types of materials. This powerful motor also delivers a variable speed up to 800-3000SPM. The variable speed has six settings control that allows optimizing the product speed for specific applications. This jigsaw tool also includes 4-position orbital action for more efficient and accurate cuts.

Aside from its six-speed operation, TACKLIFE PJS02A also includes six different blade collections. Each blade is applied for different cutting processes. It includes a rip fence and metal guide that aids easy and accurate cuts. The cut accuracy is further enhanced with the inclusion of bevel angle adjustment.

TACKLIFE PJS02A has a built-in laser that guides the cutting line and LED light for a clearer cutting vision even in dim lights. It includes both dust blower and dust collection ports for effective dust management and improved precision. 



Relatively affordable

Relatively heavyweight

Six-speed settings for specific applications

Its laser feature goes off mark during cross cuts

Includes dust blower and dust collection port

Switch lock design

Tool-free blade change

Meterk jigsaw is one of the most flexible corded electric jigsaws that is suitable for various applications. It has a 6.7amp, 800W motor that delivers variable speed up to 800-3000SPM with six adjustable speed settings. It also includes a 4-position track setting that enhances faster cut and conserves energy during operation. Meterk jigsaw tool also features an adjustable bevel angle between -45⁰ and 45⁰.

This corded electric jigsaw also has an impressive cutting ability. It delivers a cutting depth of 100mm on woods and a cutting depth of 10mm on iron. Meterk jigsaw is easy to handle because of its lightweight and no-slip handle that ensures grasping comfort and easy control.

The design of this jigsaw allows faster heat dissipation to improve the durability of the motor. It also features a lock-on button for easy applications. Other notable features of Meterk are the inclusion of a safe dust removal system, laser guide, and LED light. 



Non-slip handle for enhanced control

Relatively high noise level

Safe lock-on feature for continuous operation

Improper laser and blade alignment

Easy and versatile application

Safe dust collection and dust control

Laser guide and LED lighting

Ryobi JS481LG is an impressive Ryobi jigsaw model. It has a 4.8amp motor that delivers variable speeds between 600-3000SPM. It features an onboard LED lighting system for a more accurate and precise cut.

This jigsaw model has a 4-position orbital action that acts as an indicator for the material being worked on. Its variable speed dial allows proper matching of speed with project size. It has a tool-free blade clamp for rapid blade changes. It features a lock-on button that ensures continuous usage.

This Ryobi jigsaw also features an onboard dust blower that ensures your tool's cleanliness and visibility of the cutting area. It has a rubber over grip feature that ensures comfortable and easy handling of the tool. 



Relatively affordable

Does not include anti-vibration feature

Comfortable to use and easy handling

Its blade system is not a universal fit

Onboard dust blower

High intensity LED lighting for improved accuracy

Variable speed control


DEWALT Jigsaw Blades Set with Case

Bosch 21-Piece T-Shank Contractor Jig Saw Blade Set

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an orbital jigsaw and a regular jigsaw?

The main difference between the regular jigsaw and the orbital jigsaw is the movement of the blade. The regular jigsaw only moves its blade up and down while the orbital jigsaw moves its blade forward and backward on the material.

How thick can a jigsaw cut through?

On average, a jigsaw can cut through ¾" thick hardwood and 1-1/2" softwood, depending on the blade and other features of the product.

Can a jigsaw cut straight lines?

Yes, you can cut perfectly straight lines with your jigsaw.

Is a jigsaw good for cutting wood?

Absolutely yes! Jigsaw is one of the ideal tools for cutting wood.

Can I use a jigsaw to cut tree branches?

Jigsaw might not offer the best tree cutting ability. Although it might help you cut down thin branches but it is not the right tool for this purpose.

What is a bevel cut?

A bevel cut is an angled cut that is relative to the surface of the material. The angle is usually any angle aside from 90⁰.


Jigsaws are one of the essential tools for woodworkers. Obtaining the best jigsaw is as essential as the decision to purchase the tool. The review above contains the top 8 jigsaws to consider while making your decision. It also provides an insight into features to look forward to in an ideal jigsaw.

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