Top 8 Hydroponic Growing Systems

The world is exploring various means to improve output in multiple fields, and the gardening system is not left out of this exploration. The hydroponic growing system is one of the significant advancements in gardening and agriculture generally.

The hydroponic growing system involves the cultivation of various plants without the use of soil. These plants grow directly in nutrient-rich water, and another material is used in place of soil to support root growth. You can explore both outdoor and indoor hydroponic growing systems.

Using hydroponic growing systems come with a lot of benefits. Aside from the fact that it saves space and allows you to grow plants all year round, it also promotes water conservation, ensures faster growth, allows nutrient control, and increases yield. It also reduces the use of chemicals and serves as one of the best indoor growing systems.

Like most other products where quality matters, it is essential to pay close attention to get a hydroponic system of the right quality. This review provides an insight into the top 8 hydroponic growing systems for various purposes.



●  Number of Pods: 9
●  Grow Height: 24 inches
●  LED Wattage: 50 watts
●  USP: 3-step water level indicator

Indoor Hydroponic System: AeroGarden Bounty Indoor Hydroponic

●  Number of Pods: 9
●  Grow Height: 24 inches
●  LED Wattage: 40 watts
●  USP: High-resolution touch screen display

●  Number of Pods: 9
●  Grow Height: 24 inches
●  LED Wattage: 30 watts
●  USP: Vacation mode feature

Stainless Steel Hydroponic System: AeroGarden Harvest Elite - Stainless Steel

●  Number of Pods: 6
●  Grow Height: 12 inches
●  LED Wattage: 20 watts
●  USP: LCD control panels  

Countertop Hydroponic System: AeroGarden Harvest Elite 360 Stainless Steel

●  Number of Pods: 6
●  Grow Height: 12 inches
●  LED Wattage: 20 watts
●  USP: stainless steel finish with smaller footprint 

Matte-Finish Hydroponic System: AeroGarden Harvest-Black Indoor Hydroponic Garden

●  Number of Pods: 6
●  Grow Height: 12 inches
●  LED Wattage: 20 watts
●  USP: Simplified control panel   

Starter Kit Hydroponic System: iDOO Hydroponics Growing System

●  Number of Pods: 7
●  Grow Height: 14.57 inches
●  LED Wattage: 24 watts
●  USP: 3 smart modes for different growth stages  

Self-Contained Hydroponic System: RoyalsellPro Hydroponics Growing System

●  Number of Pods: 9
●  LED Wattage: 21 watts
●  USP: 135o wide angle light  

AeroGarden Bounty Elite herb garden is a unique hydroponic system perfect for varieties of plants, including herbs, salads, tomatoes, and other vegetables. Similarly, this hydroponic system is compatible with Alexa and it is Wi-Fi enabled. It also allows you to fully control your planting system with features like infinite dimming level grow light, three-step water level indicator, and sunset/sunrise auto light dimming.

AeroGarden Bounty Elite contains everything your plants need to grow. It has enough space for you to grow 9 plants up to 24" tall in your indoor hydroponic system. The planting process is relatively easy; all you need to do is drop the pre-seeded pods (non-GMO) in the hydroponic planter and leave them to grow.

This hydroponic system includes a smart technology that reminds you when to add plant foods, water and turn on/off light. You can easily access the significant control function of your AeroGarden Bounty Elite with the integration of a high-resolution touch screen display.



Water and plant food reminder features

It is relatively expensive

Water level indicator

Plants grow close to one another, which might not always be desirable

High-resolution touch screen control panel and other smart technologies

Includes efficient 50 watts LED grow lights

AeroGarden Bounty Indoor Hydroponic Garden is another impressive home hydroponics. It grows plants bountifully all year round. It is perfect for growing varieties of plants, including tomatoes, herbs, pepper, and salad. This hydroponic garden kit allows you to grow up to 9 plants to a growth height of 24". All you need to do is drop the pre-seeded non-GMO pods in the hydroponic planter, watch it sprout, and get ready for bounty harvest in a few weeks.

You can be confident of having full control of the growth process because it includes various smart technologies. It consists of a three-step water level indicator, energy-efficient 40 watts LED growth light, and a high-resolution touch screen display that provides quick access to vital garden functions. It also uses smart garden technology that reminds you to add water and nutrients to your plants. It also reminds you when to turn on/off the hydroponic light for optimal growth. 



Includes energy-efficient 40 watts LED light

It is not cheap compared to other model

High-resolution touch screen display

The plants might grow too close to each other

Easy to fill and remove water bowls

Water and plant food reminders

AeroGarden Bounty Basic is another valid option for an indoor hydroponic garden. This hydroponic growing system supports the growth of 9 plants that can reach a growth height of 24". You can stay in full control of your hydroponic plant system with the integration of a high-resolution control panel.

It includes an efficient 30 watts LED hydroponic light supply that acts as sunlight to ensure your plant's optimal growth for bounty harvest. AeroGarden Bounty Basic uses smart garden technologies that automatically turn off and on the LED light. This technology also reminds you when to add water give food to the plant. This hydroponic growing system includes a vacation feature that keeps the plant thriving even while you are away. 



Vacation enabled feature

High probability of overcrowding among plants

High resolution control panel

Does not include water level indicator

Efficient 30 watts LED growing light

Automatic light control feature

AeroGarden Harvest Elite offers a more compact option for your indoor hydroponics. It allows you to grow up to 6 plants to a maximum height of 12”. This hydroponic growing system has essential features that enable you to grow various veggies and herbs all year round. The stainless-steel makeover also ensures the durability of the hydroponic system.

You can easily customize your growing experience with the inclusion of customizing settings. AeroGarden Harvest Elite also features a digital display panel that includes vacation mode. This vacation mode keeps the hydroponic plant growing at an optimal level even while you are away. The garden smart technology reminds you when to add plant food and water, and it automatically turns the hydroponic light on/off.

AeroGarden Harvest Elite has an efficient, high-performance, and full-spectrum 20 watts LED hydroponic light that meets your plants' lighting needs. It also includes an illuminated heat-sensitive button that dims when the garden light is off. 



Customized settings with LCD control panel

Relatively low number of pods

Water and food reminder

Does not include water level indicator

Vacation mode feature

Energy-efficient LED grow lights

The AeroGarden harvest elite hydroponic planter is an upgraded version of the hydroponic growing system that uses improved features. It uses a full spectrum 20 watts LED light for the enhanced development of vegetables, herbs, etc., and uses a 6-pod hydroponic garden kit for the plants’ indoor growth.

It uses a digital control panel that includes a vacation mode that ensures a constant hydroponic growing process while you are away. It also provides a rapid growth of your plants using hydroponic light for photosynthesis and other planting activities. This hydroponic planter allows you to grow plants naturally in water with no soil and mess.



Customized settings with an LCD control panel

Lacks adequate hood extension for the high vertical growth of plants

Stainless steel finishes for durability

Number of pods are relatively low

Plant food and water reminder

Vacation mode for growth sustenance

This type of hydroponic garden makes use of a plant-to-plate system that allows you to grow up to 6 plants at a time. It uses a control panel that guides you on the best time to add plant food and water to the tank and turn the light off and on automatically. The indoor hydroponic garden allows the development of plants to about 12 inches in height.

It uses a 20 watts LED light that provides adequate lighting and full spectrum for photosynthesis and rapid growth. It uses top-notch hydroponic supplies; hence, it is suitable for a wide variety of plants. The 6-pod harvest garden has an extended lamp arm that ensures convenience and flexibility of use. 



Touch sensor illuminated buttons

Relatively low growth height

Five times rapid growth than soil

Limited number of pods

Ultra-thin grow light hood

Features water and plant food indicators

The iDOO hydroponic growing system is highly suitable for indoor germination with a designed water circulation system that ensures an increased oxygen level in the water. It has 24 watts LED lights that simulate the sunlight’s spectrum, promoting photosynthesis in any weather. The device uses three smart modes for various growth stages.

The “normal mode” of the device makes use of blue, red, and white lights for the germination, blooming, and viewing stage of the plant running on 14 hours on and 10 hours off cycle. The “grow mode” runs on 16 hours on and 8 hours off cycle using red and white LED lights for germination and viewing stage. While the “enjoy mode” runs on12s hour on and 12 hours off cycle using 50% white and red LED lights for germination, blooming, and viewing stage.

The device also has suitable hydroponic supplies that help plants to absorb the necessary light and nutrients for their growth. This hydroponics kit allows you to grow as many as seven plants with the included seven pods feature. 



Different LED modes for various growth stages

No food reminder feature

Simplified control panel

Limited display feature

Extendable light post

Two water pump modes for night and day

Relatively affordable

The RoyalsellPro hydroponics growing system has a new LED technology planting light. It uses a 21 watts LED with 110 small lights to provide a full spectrum for an efficient plant lighting system. It is suitable for herbal green gardens providing plants with photosynthesis-enabling factors, natural growth, and other planting requirements.

This hydroponic system has an automatic intelligent timer for the LED indoor plantation that automatically closes after 16 hours of opening and opens after 8 hours of closing. The feature allows you not to worry about turning off the light and enable the plant to absorb enough light and rest at the proper time.

It has a 1.2L large water tank that provides automatic watering for the plant and provides a water indicator that you can easily see. It has a shortened water cycle of weeks, making it suitable for different kinds of plants that include; flowers, vegetables, succulent plants, and tropical leaves. 



Measuring and double nutrient concentrate vessel

It does not have a pump

Provide wide-angle light for unlimited illumination

Low pod number to LED ratio

Fully equipped growth kits for convenient nurturing

Auto turn on and off the system


PentaBeauty Digital PH Meter

Large 5 Tier Vertical Garden Tower

General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use tap water in Hydroponics?

Yes, you can use tap water for your hydroponics. However, you should ascertain and ensure that the chloramine, chlorine, and PPM level is optimal.

How often should you change hydroponic water?

It is best to change hydroponic water every 2-3 weeks. The frequency and mode of water change are essential to maintain proper nutrients and optimal pH.

Can you grow hydroponics without nutrients?

No! Hydroponics cannot grow without nutrients because the nutrient solution is the only source of food the plants can access.

What fruits can be grown hydroponically?

The best choice of fruits that can be grown hydroponically are water-loving plants. They include tomatoes, blueberries, watermelon, strawberries, blackberries, and grapes.

Does hydroponics use a lot of electricity?

Hydroponic system outlined in this review doesn’t consume a lot of electricity.

What is the best hydroponic system for beginners?

The best hydroponic system for beginners is the Deep-Water Culture (DWC) because it requires the user to fill the reservoir with the desired nutrient solution.


The indoor hydroponic garden is one of the planting explorations that ensure easy planting all year round. The hydroponic growing system is relatively easy to use and usually offer a high value for money. Nevertheless, getting a hydroponic garden kit of the right quality makes planting process much more comfortable and gives you the maximum yield you desire.

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