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Gardening is not a craft that stands alone. It comes with several other practices, including trimming, cutting, pruning, and other woodworking and metalworking practices. All that matters in gardening is using several tools to keep the garden in perfect shape.

Grinders are one of the essential tools for gardeners and other DIY crafts. This tool is designed for various practical applications in woodworking and metalworking processes. There are two types of grinders: angle grinders and bench grinders. 

Both types of grinders perform almost the same functions. The primary difference between the two is the design and mode of application. A bench grinder is a benchtop grinding machine that is useful for sharpening cutting tools like scissors, chisels, shears, screwdrivers etc. Angle grinders, on the other hand, are primarily useful in removing excess materials from a piece.

The roles and tasks these grinders can perform are dependent on the type of discs, blade, and other features. Most individuals' basic challenge is choosing the best angle grinder or the best bench grinder for various processes. There are several models of these tools from various manufacturers and identifying the best of them might seem a hassle.

This review aims to help potential buyers make an easy decision when it comes to bench and angle grinders. This review is an evaluation of some of the best angle and bench grinders. It is based on a critical evaluation of the specifications, features, and versatility of each model. Various customer reviews were also considered, including putting some of the tools to test.

DEWALT DCG414T2 is one of the most flexible angle grinders you would come across. It gives you enough power - similar to that of a corded model - while allowing you to enjoy the freedom of a cordless grinder. This model uses a FLEXVOLT battery that automatically changes voltage with tool switching. Its 13 amp motor delivers a no-load speed of 9,000 RPM that gives it enough power to make several cuts through various materials.

This small angle grinder can make up to 126 cuts per charge in ½" rebar. It has an anti-rotation E-CLUTCH system that engages when the tool notices a stall or pinch. This feature shuts down the motor in less than a tenth of a second. Its electronic and kickback brakes slow the wheel to a stop when the trigger is released. 

DEWALT DCG414T2 is optimized with a brushless motor that allows extended use by increasing the runtime of the grinder. It also makes it suitable for demanding applications. As part of its safety measures, DEWALT DCG414T2 has a two-stage trigger to prevent accidental startup.



FLEXVOLT battery with an automatic voltage change

Support handle can become uncomfortable

Impressive wheel capacity

The trigger aligns with the middle finger, thus, preventing instinctive use

Remarkable brake features

Portable and lightweight for easy applications

DEWALT DW840K is an impressive electric-powered angle grinder that can easily adapt to various tasks. The 8 lbs angle grinder comes with a 13 amp motor that can deliver a no-load speed of 8,000 RPM to execute tasks on various materials.

Another impressive feature of this model is its power to weight ratio. This ratio allows for efficiency and mitigates the operator's fatigue. It has an adjustable guard that helps to direct sparks away from you while using the product. DEWALT DW840K includes a rear handle that is principally designed to enhance your comfort during operation.

DEWALT DW840K comes with a 2-position side handle, five grinding wheels, a backing flange, a carrying bag, and a wrench. It includes a spindle lock that allows easy adjustments. The durability and motor life of this model are improved with the sealed ball and roller bearings.



Impressive weight to power ratio

Works only with selected blades

Comes with several accessories

Comfortable to use

Keyless adjustable guard for improved productivity

Suitable for heavy-duty tasks

Makita 9565CV comes with several impressive features that you will not easily come across in other angle grinders. One of these features is the inclusion of a super joint system (SJS) technology that actively prevents gear damage that might result from accidental wheel binding. This technology and the use of large and improved carbon brush materials combine to improve this model's durability.

Makita 9565CV weighs 5 lbs making it extremely lightweight and easy to handle. It includes variable speed control (5 stage control dial) that allows you to optimize this device's speed between 2,800 to 10,500 RPM for specific applications. Its 13 amp motor also provides it with enough power for increased output and effectiveness.

The electronic speed control of this model also allows you to maintain constant speed under load. Makita 9565CV also has an electronic limiter that stops the motor and prevents its burnout and overload. It has a lock-on switch that keeps it on all through the time of applications. 



Variable speed control for a specific application

The on/off switch is not very user friendly

Electronic speed control

Extremely lightweight and easy to handle

Soft start features for smooth startup

Makita XAG04Z is one of the most user-friendly angle grinders you would come across. The product weighs 5.8 lbs which is a good weight for a battery-power angle grinder.

It has an efficient BL brushless motor that eliminates carbon brushes. This feature permits cooler running of the power tool, even during extended use. This feature also reduces power loss to heat, thus, increase the runtime. It optimizes the battery energy to enjoy up to 50% extended runtime per charge.

This battery-powered model has an automatic speed change technology that adjusts the power tool’s torque and speed to optimize it for specific applications. This model delivers a no-load speed of 8,500 RPM for effective grinding operations. Makita XAG04Z also has active feedback sensing technology automatically turns off the motor if the wheels of the product are forced to stop suddenly. 



Lightweight and easy to use

Poor switch positioning

Cooler operation during extended use

50% extended runtime per charge

Variable torque and RPM control

Active feedback sensing technology

Bosch GWS13-50VSP is one of the grinders that would give you massive confidence when it comes to high-speed applications. This model is easy to use for both beginners and amateurs with its vibration control and variable speed setting. The paddle switch of this model also provides multiple and comfortable grip positions.

Bosch GWS13-50VSP also has a powerful 13 amp, 120 V motor that delivers a variable speed of 2,800 RPM and 11,500 RPM diverse grinding operations. Consequently, the product also features a variable speed setting that allows you to match the tool's RPM with specific applications.

This angle grinder has a direct-motor cooling feature for higher overload capabilities. The safety of this grinder is enhanced with the inclusion of an acceleration sensor and restart protection that prevents accidental startups. It also features directed airflow that keeps dust away from vital components of the model. 



Reduced vibration

The paddle switch can be challenging to use

Lightweight and safe to use

Large motor housing

Variable speed setting for optimized performance

Direct motor cooling for extended performance

WEN 4280 is a versatile, effective, and easy to use a bench grinder with work light. This work light enables you to use this model even in a dimly lit environment. It has a sturdy cast iron base that confers rigidity and sturdiness on it to prevent wobbling during operation.

WEN 4280 has a powerful 5-amp motor that delivers a variable speed between 2000 to 3400RPM that allows you to regulate the bench grinder's speed to suit specific applications. Slower speed maximizes precision while high speeds enhance faster operation. The high speed might also be essential to breeze through hard materials.

WENS 4280 include an 80-grit and 36-grit and 8-inch by 1-inch grinding wheel for grinding gardening tools with dull edges. This model weighs 41 lbs, which is moderate for products in this category. 



Variable speed settings

Not suitable for large scale application

Flexible work light

Takes several seconds to get to a top speed

Non-cost intensive

Sturdy cast iron base

JET 577102 is another bench grinder with impressive performance. This 60 lbs bench grinder has several features that make it suitable for professional applications. It has pre-lubricated, cast-iron wheel guards and enclosed ball bearings for improved durability and effective performance.

It has one-piece quick adjusting spark guards and large eye shields that you can easily adjust to ensure maximum safety. It also includes a 1-1/2" exhaust port size to ensure smooth and easy elimination of waste and dust. The body of this bench grinder sits on a rubber foot to mitigate unwanted movement during operations.

JET 577102 has an impressive power setup with 1 HP, 1 phase, 115 V motor that delivers a wheel speed of 3,450 RPM. It has wheel grits of 36 and 60 with a wheel diameter of 8" and 1” thickness for heavy-duty performance. 



Sturdy buildup for durability


High power for heavy-duty tasks

Rubber feet for stability during application

Safe and easy to use

Waste exhaust port

Delta 23-197 is a portable bench grinder with an overall dimension of 9.5" x 14.5" x 16.5". This dimension and its 41.1 lbs weight make it easy to handle and use. It has a work light that illuminates grinding surfaces for better sharpening and polishing outputs. The work light has a separate control switch independent of that of the bench grinder’s motor switch.

Delta 23-197 has a powerful 5 amp induction-type motor that delivers an upfront variable speed between 2000 to 3400 RPM for precise and regulated applications. This power setup and the general specifications of this product confers versatility on the product, thus, making it suitable for various polishing, sharpening, buffing, and sharpening operations.

Delta 23-197 has a water trail that keeps it cool during extended operation. This model's cast-iron base improves durability and reduces vibration during operation, making it easy to control. 



Adjustable safety shield

Variable speed control

Water tray feature for cooler grinding operation

Versatility for various professional applications

Work light feature

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when buying an angle grinder?

The key features to look for when buying an angle grinder include:

       ●  Wattage
       ●  Speed
       ●  Disc diameter
       ●  Power source
       ●  Safety features
       ●  Motor type
       ●  Cost and warranty offer
       ●  Ease of maintenance

What can I do with an angle grinder?

Angle grinders have several applications in gardening and various crafts. These applications include:

       ●  Cutting
       ●  Grinding
       ●  Polishing
       ●  Sanding 

Can a grinder cut metal?

An angle grinder is a versatile power tool that can grind and cut metal. However, this ability is dependent on the disc and power of the grinder.

Can an angle grinder be used to cut wood?

Angle grinders can cut wood. However, it poses a serious injury risk to the operator. If you intend to cut wood, consider other cutting tool options such as jigsaw and circular saws.

Can I use an angle grinder to cut paving slabs?

A standard angle grinder can easily cut through paving slabs.

What are the best grinders under $150?

The best grinders under $150 are specific DEWALT, Makita, and Bosch grinder models. Generally, models from BLACK-Decker, WEN, Koki Holdings (Metabo HPT), TACKLIFE, and PORTER-CABLE cost below $150.


Grinders are one of the most versatile gardening tools and are useful in lawn care, woodworking and metalworking crafts. There are two types of grinders: angle grinders and bench grinders. Each of them has specific features and your needs are the major determinants of your preferred brand and model.
Regardless if you are getting a bench grinder or an angle grinder, it is essential to get the best model from reliable manufacturers. This review aims to help you get the best grinders without much hassle.

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