Top 10 Garage Storage Units

Garage organisation system will perhaps be one of the most useful tools you can have for your garage design. Not only does it help you organise your garage, placing every tool or item within it in its place, but it can also add an aesthetic value to your garage design. the top best garage organisation systems are ones that are durable enough to handle the rigours of the atmospheric conditions and temperatures that garage provides. In order to help you ascertain what you should search for when searching for the best garage storage unit, here are the top 10 garage storage units available for purchase in 2020:

The DeWalt 4 foot tall shelf can help transform your workshop or garage storage to the next level. This storage rack is a 3 shelf deck made from industrial steel wire. The three industrial metal wire grid decks can each support 1,500 lb. for a total 4,500 lb. capacity. This translates to every shelf rack combining to handle 2 and a quarter tons. This ultra-sturdy rack also sports premium features such as top caps and fiberglass-reinforced nylon feet to prevent sliding and floor damage. The industrial powder-coated finish on the steel uprights, support straps, and crossbeams ensure that you do not have to worry about chipping or fading.

Each of the three shelves features a total of five support straps to prevent twisting or spreading under heavy loads and four clips on each shelf to prevent warping. Safety features include locking pins to ensure that the crossbeams stay properly seated and a wall-mount anchor bracket to prevent accidental tipping. The storage shelves are adjustable in 2.35-inch increments so you can design a shelving unit customized to your needs.

You can also easily join multiple racks together vertically or horizontally. Two uprights come with pre-installed horizontal and diagonal support beams for easy setup and assembly. With this metal shelving, you can finally let go of that plastic shelving. This DEWALT garage shelving can help you achieve the storage setup of your dreams with our ultra-strong, industrial storage solutions. 

What Makes It Special

• Massive capacity

• Capable of handling 4,500 lbs

• Durable

• Fade and chip resistant coating

• Nylon foot pads stop the flooring from becoming damaged

• Support straps to brace each shelf and distribute the weight

• Safety features such as secure crossbeams and wall mounting

Thanks to this storage rack from UltraHD, you can revamp the space in your garage design. with this metal shelving you are able to store all your supplies and tools in a stylish and secure manner. The shelving can be conveniently adjusted to suit your specific needs. This garage storage comes with quality powder-coated construction, high quality wheels, stainless steel segmented doors and hardware that offers an economical yet stylish looking inspiration to your garage organisation ideas.

What Makes It Special

• Easy assembly

• Powder coated construction

• Stainless steel segmented doors

• High quality wheels

• Set of 4 5inch heavy duty wheels

This garage shelving from Topeakmart comes with an anti-rust galvanised steel structure which has been designed to ensure it lasts for a long time. Structural integrity is an important aspect of this garage organisation tool that there is a middle supporting beam placed on each tier. The beams are there to hold the MDF board in place, providing additional stability. The storage shelves are each able to hold 386 pounds which are evenly distributed.

These storage shelves have levels that can be adjusted at 1.6 inch increments, ensuring that they are versatile, able to safely store a variety of items. This garage shelving can also be used as a workbench. The five tiers design can enlarge your storage space horizontally and vertically at your places to keep your home neat, tidy and organized. They also offer ultimate convenience in garage organization. It is ideal for kitchen, living room, garage, workshops, warehouse, balcony and garage design use.

The rubber feet provide added stability and also can avoid causing damage to the ground and floor. There are no bolts or nuts required to put this together, so you can count on easy assembly when you purchase this garage shelving.

What Makes It Special

• Boltless design

• Easy to assemble

• Rubber feet for skid resistance

• Space saving

• Versatile and adjustable use

• Durable design

This shelving from FLEXIMOUNTS lets you avoid water damage by simply storing your item off the garage floor. Protect your items and use garage ceiling space to store seasonal and unused items. The 22'' to 40'' ceiling dropdown offers a maximum of 105 cu. Ft. of storage. All you have to do is purchase overhead racks with long ceiling brackets that have been designed to be attached to 2 studs. When combined with 6 vertical posts, you get the optimal structure choice to ensure safety.

Every item from the screws used to the hardware have undergone strict tests to ensure quality. The heavy duty cold-rolled steel construction provides safely loading up to 600 lbs. The integrated grid design ensures that the entire shelf rack is sturdier and more stable than other products out there. Installation is easy and it is something you can do by yourself thanks to the step by step installation guide. This overhead storage rack fits all ceiling joist spacing ≤ 24", if joist spacing > 24", only fits the ceiling spacing of 48".

What Makes It Special

• Easy assembly

• Manufactured from high quality materials

• Safe and secure storage mode

• Helps you to avoid water damage

This FLEXIMOUNTS Wall Shelf unit is manufactured from heavy gauge cold rolled steel. Its low-profile design fit with any garage design, whilst providing you with ample storage opportunities. It comes with all necessary hardware and has undergone intensive quality tests. Installation is easy as you get all the hardware you might need. You only need one person to install this shelving. To ensure your shelves are level, you get an inbuilt bubble level to guide you. The heavy gauge steel construction provides safety loading up to 400lbs total. This corner shelf unit can be secured to either wall studs or solid concrete wall.

What Makes It Special

• Heavy gauge cold-rolled steel

• Easy one-person installation

• More stable with the buckle design with Velcro

• Top quality mounting screws

• Compatible with different joist spacing

• Compatible with wood joists and concrete ceiling

Wall Control's metal pegboard is bound to last a lifetime while offering the highest quality tool storage available and at an exceptional value. It does not matter where you use it, the tool room, garden shed or even the garage, you can be sure that this storage rack’s heavy duty design is bound to have your garage storage ideas covered. This Pegboard has an attractive, magnetic, and durable powder-coated finish, which ensures that it last for a long time, regardless of how much wear and tear it undergoes

Metal Pegboard panels accept conventional 1/4-inch pegboard pegs in addition to the more secure slotted pegboard pegs from Wall Control. This copyrighted pegboard storage system provides maximum versatility by allowing you to utilize your old pegboard pegs and Wall Control's more secure slotted hooks, brackets, and shelving systems. 

What Makes It Special

• Attractive & High-Quality Pegboard Finish

• Over 10.5 Square Feet of Pegboard Tool Storage Space

• Includes Wall Control Slotted Accessories

• Stronger than Conventional or Plastic Pegboard

• Accepts 1/4in Pegs & Wall Control Accessories

• 48in x 32in Overall Pegboard Coverage

This Rubbermaid Deluxe Tool Tower is ideal for long-handled garden tools. Store and organize over 36 tools for easy access and more floor space with this garden tool rack organize. The tool tower stores rakes, brooms, snow shovels, and gas-powered weed eaters for easy access and more floor space in the garage or shed. Front clips allow head-down storage of spades and brooms to simplify access and so that the rack doesn't get top heavy.

The clips also enable easy slide-in storage from the side, rather than having to come in from above and sliding the handle into the slot.

It is perfectly suited to store up to 40 tools. This shelving comes with a moulded-in weed trimmer and electric cord holder. When it comes to assembly, you do not have to worry about not having any tools, as it can be assembled without tools. You can be sure that it will not peel, dent or rust. 

The special curved tubing of the Deluxe Tool Tower holds long-handled tools securely. Whether you're storing rakes and brooms head-up or shovels and hoes head-down, tools stay in place while still being easy to put in or take out.

What Makes It Special

• Ideal for long-handled garden tools

• Stores up to 40 tools

• Casters for easy mobility

• Front clips and new curved tubing allows for head-down storage and additional stability

• Easy to assemble with no need for tools

• Will not rust, dent, rot or peel

This bike storage has a Powder-coated steel for durability-resists of rusting, chipping and cracking. The rubber-coated sleeves are scratch-resistant. The finish on this bike storage is not only durable, but also environmentally friendly.

This bike rack for garage ensures that your bicycles are off the floor, freeing up valuable room in your garage design. It is perfectly suited for the Cycling lovers.
The bike rack for garage can seamlessly accommodate 6 bicycles and hold up to 300 lbs, Strong enough for most kinds of bikes, like mountain bike, road bike, folding bike, adults’ bike and kids bike etc. It is recommended for installation on solid walls: wood, brick, concrete wall, and more.

Installation is easy, as it can be installed in a few minutes. Additionally, the hook can be moved to any position you want. All you need is an electric drill, and a spirit level to ensure that it is lined up for installation on wall studs.

What Makes It Special

• Super durable material

• Helps to save space indoors

• Sturdy and heavy duty design

• Seamless installation

This 30 Bin Wall Mounted Storage Rack helps Keep all your parts and hardware neatly organised and handy. This plastic shelving is ideal for mounting in a garage design or a shed. With these removable cube shelves, you get garage shelving that is not only easily accessible but convenient as well.

This storage rack makes sure you never lose those tiny items and will never have loose screws. The 2 sizes of moulded polypropylene storage bins fit onto an included peg board that mounts onto most walls and is light is weight.

You get a labelling spot which you can use to seamlessly identify what you are storing in each removable bin, heavy duty storage material which has an upgraded mounting slot design for additional stability.

What Makes It Special

• Labelling spot

• Structural stability

• Ultra-durable peg board

• 30 piece bin

This sports organizer provides metal shelving which combines 3 major parts together. It offers 4 garage hooks for hanging, 3 bins with a different design for various sizes sports items and bat racks, hockey racks and even golf bags. Organize all your indoor & outdoor sports goods on one basket for truly space saving and providing easy access.

This sport utility storage organizer is ideal for a game room, garage design, basement, playgroup, gym, and schools for any workplace. It is time to prevent the chaos of sports items and make it tidy and well-organized. Made from durable coated steel frame with elastic straps, you can be sure that this cube storage unit for sports gear will last for a long time to come. Assembly is easy thanks to the seamless structure design. You also get a detailed installation guideline to help you during installation.

What Makes It Special

• Large garage organization

• Suitable for numerous use

• Easy to assemble

• Durable steel construction

What should not be stored in a garage?

There are quite a number of things you should not store in a garage. Things such as extra fuel should not be stored as the highly flammable fuel poses a leaking risk. Home improvement chemicals or paints should also not be stores as some chemicals freeze at the same temperature as water and some chemicals have noxious fumes that could be dangerous in such an enclosed space.

Furniture, clothing and food should also not be stored in a garage unless your garage is climate controlled. If your garage is not climate controlled, it becomes subject to the wild changes in humidity and heat.


Is it OK to store Christmas decorations in the garage?

There is nothing wrong with storing Christmas decorations in the garage. The most important thing you have to do is ensure that your breakables are wrapped in bubble wrap or newspaper and then placed in a hard exterior container for safe keeping.

Is it OK to keep a freezer in the garage?

There is nothing wrong with placing a freezer in the garage as long as you are certain that it will not be exposed to extreme temperatures. When your freezer is exposed to temperatures colder than -17 C or hotter than 43 C, it is unlikely to work as it was intended and causing damage.

Can I use kitchen cabinets in the garage?

The bulk of garages have a couple of open shelves for storage; however, you can add more storage room by mounting any kitchen cabinets you are not using onto your garage wall.

How do I maximize my garage space?

In order to do this, you can build garage cabinets, install wall organisers, add ceiling or overhead storage, create magnetic boards for the small tools and parts, use adjustable shelving, and create a folding workbench just to name a few.

Why are garage cabinets off the floor?

Garage cabinets are off the floor in order to ease cleaning and sweeping. Typically, all cabinets come with a 4 inch toe kick in order to facilitate this. If garage cabinets are not off the floor, they can always become full of debris that has blown or been swept into them.

Well, there you have it. The top 10 garage storage units available for purchase in 2020. There are quite a number of factors you have to consider before purchasing any garage storage unit. For one, you have to ensure that the unit you select is designed to suit your needs. You do not want to purchase a unit that is inadequate to your storage needs. Additionally, you also have to consider what type of garage you have and what you actually use the garage for. If you are a bit on the handy side, you are likely to have tools lying around, this is where a steel storage rack would be useful for you.

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