Top 8 Drywall Sanders

It can get pretty tiring having to polish large surfaces and drywall by hand – let’s not even think about needing to sand the ceiling – hence why it is important to own or have access to a drywall sanding machine. Electric sanders have revolutionised the sanding world, making it possible for users to polish large surfaces at a quicker pace, and with little or no stress.

However, with the different varieties of products available for the buyer to choose from, picking the best drywall sander can prove to be a tedious and time-consuming task for you. Because of this, we have scoured deep and wide through the market for the top drywall sanding machine products, and selected what we feel to be the best you could get.

The sanders reviewed on our list are powerful enough to polish most surfaces quickly with minimal effort, and come fitted with dust collection systems that ensure you don’t leave your work area in a mess, along with numerous other useful features.

Without wasting more time, let’s dive straight into the product reviews of what we consider to be the Top 8 Drywall

Sanders out there:

The first drywall sander on our list of top products is Makita’s cordless 18V Lithium-ion wall sander. The XLSO1Z is a battery-powered wall sanding machine that packs a ton of features that makes drywall sanding easier and more effective.

The Makita drywall sander runs on a Direct drive BL brushless motor that operates smoothly without carbon brushes. And this motor is suitably positioned at the machine’s sanding head, thereby making maintenance easy. Even better, this sanding head is located on a swivel, giving users greater manoeuvrability.

This sander comes with a control dial that allows users to manually adjust rotations per minute (RPM) to values ranging from 1000 to 1800 RPM, thereby granting complete control over operation speeds. The tool’s handle can also be extended and retracted at will and you can purchase an optional extension to increase its length even further.

Other features of the Makita electric sander include an overload sensor, soft grip handles, and a two-finger power trigger with a lock-on switch for continuous sanding. Interestingly, this product is compatible with Bluetooth technology that makes wireless collection of dust possible, although the Auto-Start Wireless System that makes this possible has to be purchased separately.



The adjustable makes it easy to sand places out of reach

It is quite expensive

The sander’s cordless design offers great mobility

Dust collection could be improved on

Quiet operation

Compact design

Swivel head offers great manoeuvrability

One reason an electric sander is preferred over its manual counterpart is the fact that users can get work done much quicker, and the Meterk 710W is an equipment that offers this, and so much more.

As with the majority of the products on this list, the Meterk sander runs on electricity, and its 710W power motor is sufficient to handle both light and heavy-duty sanding operations. Additionally, there are six adjustable speeds ranging between 1000 to 1850 RPM for the user to work with, and the bottom edge can be rotated to polish corners and sharp edges.

This Meterk product is a drywall vacuum sander that comes equipped with a bag and a vacuum hose for easy collection of dust while sanding. The sander is also adept for working in dark or dimly lit areas, and the LED light located at its bottom makes it suitable for use both in the day and at night.

The sander’s foldable design makes it possible to collapse and pack the tool into a bag, and assembling it is equally straightforward. Also, its handle can be extended to lengths ranging from 110 to 180 centimetres. Extra accessories of the Meterk sander include 14 sanding discs, two carbon brushes, two gaskets and a host of other useful tools.



LED light comes in handy in dimly lit areas

Doesn’t work with batteries

Great dust collection

Limited mobility

Adjustable speed


Powerful sanding operation

When it comes to producing equipment that offer great value at unbeatable prices, you’d do well to find a brand that fits this description better than WEN. And the 6369 variable speed sander is another excellent product from their stables.

The Wen drywall sander is that can polish surfaces to extra fine layers, and with a weight of just over 9 pounds, the 6369 is one of the lighter models on the market. The motor runs on a 5-Amp engine that is suitable for most DIY sanding tasks around the home. However, if what you need is a machine for heavy-duty sanding operations, then you might want to consider some of the other models on this list.

The Wen sander comes with a swivel head that rotates in all directions, thereby making it easy to sand on any surface. Also, unlike most other sanders, the 6369’s motor is mounted on its head, consequently ensuring that maximum power is exerted on the sanding surface. Users can also adjust the motor speed to values ranging from 600 to 1500 rotations per minute.

It is also worth noting that this product is a dustless drywall sander, with a dust collection mechanism that consists of a 15-foot dust hose and an automatic dust removal system. The product package contains six 9-inch hook-and-loop style sandpaper discs available in grit sizes: 60, 80, 120, 150, 180, and 240 – for varying degrees of sanding operations – complete with a juicy two-year warranty package. 



Easy to use

Difficult to get replacement parts

Great length for the vacuum hose

Default sanding discs tend to wear out quick

Variable sanding speed

Hook-and-loop features makes quick sandpaper change possible

Foldable design

Another excellent drywall sander worth giving a look at, for those looking to polish rough surfaces, is TACKLIFE’s variable speed tool, that is suitable for grinding on a wide variety of surfaces including plasterboard walls, paint coatings and ceilings.

This wall sander is run by an impressive 6.7A motor with an 800W power rating, and according to TACKLIFE, peak cutting speed for this sander stands at 1900 RPM, with the lowest possible speed being 600 RPM. The motor’s head is located on a swivel, with a ball design to make sanding as easy as possible.

With a weight of over 15 pounds, the TACKLIFE ceiling sander is not the lightest product on the market, and you will have to take a break from cutting from time to time. However, this tool makes up for that defect with a lengthy power cord that increases operation ranges. This sander comes with an automatic suction system for a cleaner working environment, and LED lights to aid visibility.

Also contained in the product package is a 2-metre long hose, 12 sandpapers with different grit sizes, 2 carbon brushes, and a bag for transporting the sander. 



Long power cable

It’s not the lightest product out there

Lock-on button makes continuous sanding possible

There are several complaints of the dust collector not working well

Telescoping pole can be adjusted to lengths of up to 5 feet

Adept at sanding corners

Ergonomic handle design

If what you desire is to acquire a feature-packed electric sander without needing to break the bank, then this 800W drywall sander from the house of ZENY should be at the top of your shopping list.

One feature that endears us to this pole sander is its sturdy, durable aluminium build. However, with a weight of 10.89 pounds, this sander is rather heavy, and might be difficult to use on ceilings. The sander boasts an ergonomic handle design, with its power switch located within easy thumb reach.

When it comes to performance, the ZENY drywall pole sander runs on an 800W motor, and it polishes surfaces at six different speed levels ranging from between 1000 to 2000 RPM. The adjustable variable speed function enables users to tinker with the machine till they find the right motor speed for various sanding operations. And the locking switch on the sander comes in handy, if you want your equipment to keep running without having to continually press down on the trigger.

The sander’s brush segment is detachable if need be, and you can remove the bottom completely to sand on irregular surfaces. The product package also contains a vacuum hose that cleans up after you while sanding, thereby helping to keep your work environment clean. 



Sturdy build


Great for sanding on different surfaces

Keeps dust production to the barest minimum

Comfortable handle design

Varying speed levels

The Ginour 6A sander provides an excellent option for buyers seeking an equipment that can sand tight corner, and irregular surfaces with relative ease. And this is no thanks to its 360°, 9-inch head.

This 360° design ensures the sander can rotate in any direction, and coupled with the removable bottom, you can work on almost any surface. Additionally, the Ginour drywall sander features an innovative floating head design that enables the user to polish surfaces in an up or down direction while moving the sander sideways.

Polishing operations on the Ginour 6A machine are powered by a 750W motor, with users able to set sanding speed to seven different RPM values ranging from 1000 to 1800. The lock button on the handle also helps keep speed constant, and LED lights located on the bottom give you a clearer view of the work area when visibility is poor.

Ginour’s wall sanding machine is supplied with a 13-feet flexible vacuum hose, and a dust bag for collection of dust, and it is claimed that this system eliminates 98% of all the dirt generated while sanding. The sander’s handle measures 5.5 feet at maximum length, and is detachable when the time comes to store the equipment.

You also get 6 hook and loop sanding discs, carbon brushes, and a detailed user manual that is easy to understand as extra features, upon purchase of this product. 



Adept at sanding corners

It’s heavy to use

LED light is quite useful

The sander head might be difficult to control

Sanding speed can be adjusted as you want

Automatic dust collection system cleans up after you

Handle length can be adjusted

Another equipment that stands out from the crowd when it comes to sanding drywall grit is the Orion Motor Tech 850W power sander, which is the most powerful options on our list of the top drywall sanders.

The Orion sander is electric-powered, and it connects to a power source via a cord that is long enough not to impact negatively on the tool’s range of operation. And coupled with a handle that can stretch up to 6.8 feet, you’ll find that you can polish your ceiling with ease. Another reason we particularly like the Orion pole sander is its innovative sponge head that immediately adjusts to whatever surface is being polished.

As stated earlier, the sander itself is powered by an 850W motor, with five different speed options between 800 to 1900 RPM, and the ability to lock in a chosen speed. Extra features of this sander include:
   • a vacuum dust collector with a regulation valve to adjust its suction power
   • LED lights for working under poor lighting conditions.

Furthermore, you get 12 free sandpaper discs of different sizes when you purchase this package, thereby equipping you to take on any surface polishing tasks. 



Swivel head

Quality of the dust bag can be better

Power switch is located within easy reach

Users have to assemble the product, and the instructions manual is not very helpful

Works great on uneven surfaces

Extendable handle

LED light

Last, but certainly not the least on our list of the best drywall sander to buy is the powerful CUBEWAY electric sander that comes with a default vacuum attachment for smoother surfaces.

This product is a multipurpose sanding machine that is adept at polishing various surfaces, be it exterior or interior walls, ceilings, paint coatings and adhesives. This, it can do, with the aid of a 360° dust shroud and a detachable brush segment. The sander’s front handle is easy and comfortable to hold, and its collapsible design makes it easy to store, as well as extend to surfaces that are higher up.

The pole sander runs on a powerful 780W motor, and its ceiling sander helper makes vertical sanding possible. You can also set motor speed to a value between 900 to 1800 RPM, for either quick material removal or fine polishing. And to ensure you don’t leave behind a messy work area, the CUBEWAY sander features a vacuum attachment for collection of dust. 



Vertical sanding is easier with this product’s special ceiling helper

Equipment is quite heavy

LED light offers better visibility

Adjustable suction power

Captures a fair amount of dust

Offers uniform sanding

Frequently Asked Questions

What grit sandpaper should I use for drywall?

The best type of sandpaper to use on drywall for fine surfaces is either the 120 or 150-grit paper. Use anything with lower grit number, and you will get coarse, rough finishing.

Can I use drywall sandpaper on wood?

Drywall sandpapers are suitable with a wide variety of surfaces, and yes, they are adept at sanding off wood.

Can I vacuum drywall dust?

Drywall dust can be vacuumed, but it is not recommended to use a regular cleaner as the dust might clog up the motor, eventually damaging the equipment. It is because of this, that most drywall sanders come equipped with a default, specialized dust collection system.

Can you just sand off varnish?

Yes. Sanding is an effective way of getting rid of varnish paint, and it can be done with the 150 and 220-grit sandpaper. However, you should know that this is a labour intensive process.

How long does drywall dust take to settle?

The average time it takes for drywall dust to settle ranges from between six to eight minutes.

Should you wet wood before sanding?

Sanding wet wood with a dry sandpaper is not a good idea, and can result in uneven surfaces and even ruin the sandpaper. If you must utilise water in your sanding process, then you should wet the sandpaper instead.


Drywall sanding does not necessarily have to be a tedious task, and with a suitable wall sanding machine, it can be a simple and even fun activity to carry out. Electric sanders reduce the time you would have otherwise spent sanding surfaces by hand, and our review list contains some of the products best suited to this task.

However, the best drywall sander is not confined to the products on this list, and models such as the Porter cable drywall sander provide really good alternatives. However, whichever product you end up picking, ensure to choose one that’ll be easy for you to use, and won’t leave holes in your pocket.

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