Top 8 Chipper Shredders

Trees and branches will only look good around your property when you keep them in order. So, if you have a property with many intricate tree branches, then a chipper shredder isn’t only a good move; it is a smart move as well. The right wood shredders will help you keep your yard looking best.

Chipper shredders are also known as wood shredders. They are essential tools that help you to keep your landscape attractive and neat. They are useful for reducing branches, composting materials, trees, leaves, and mulch. In general, they make it easy for you to dispose of yard debris, and they also meet some other lawn needs.

There are several types of chipper shredders, and you have the luxury of choosing the one that best meets your needs—the chipper shredders for sale range from the light-duty electric shredder to some heavy-duty gasoline-powered shredders. Invariably, there is a chipper shredder for you regardless of the size of your yard.

However, choosing the best wood chipper usually seems to be a hassle among most buyers. Most of the challenges arise from the highly saturated market of wood shredder models, not knowing what to look for in products, and the inability to navigate the entire tool market.

This review aims at making this process hassle-free for buyers. It contains a list of top chipper shredders, their features, strengths, and little weaknesses. This review also provides an insight into the characteristics you should look out for if you intend to get one of the best chipper shredders.



Multi-function Chipper Shredder: Landworks Wood Chipper Shredder

●  Reduction Ratio: 15:1●  Weight: 130lbs ●  Max branch capacity: 3”

Heavy-duty Chipper Shredder: GreatCircleUSA Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher

●  Reduction Ratio: 15:1●  Weight: 125.7lbs ●  Max branch capacity: 3”

Compact Wood Chipper: SuperHandy Mini Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher

●  Reduction Ratio: 15:1●  Weight: 87lbs●  Max branch capacity: 3”

Ultra-quiet Chipper Shredder: Sun Joe CJ603E

●  Reduction Ratio: 21:1●  Weight: 38.6lbs●  Max branch capacity: 1.73”

Electric Wood Chipper: Snow Joe CJ601E

●  Reduction Ratio: 16:1●  Weight: 25.4lbs●  Max branch capacity: 1.5”

Flexible Wood Chipper: TACKLIFE Wood Chipper

●  Reduction Ratio: 16:1●  Weight: 36.5lbs●  Max branch capacity: 1.77”

Lightweight Wood Chipper: PowerSmart PS10

●  Reduction Ratio: 17:1●  Weight: 29lbs ●  Max branch capacity: 1-5/8”

Rolling Electric Wood Chipper: WEN 41121

●  Reduction Ratio: 17:1●  Weight: 23.1lbs ●  Max branch capacity: 1.5”

Multifunction Chipper Shredder: Landworks Wood Chipper Shredder

Landworks Wood Chipper Shredder is one of the best wood chipper shredders because it is a 3-in-1 machine. With this model, you can have a wood chipper, shredder, and mulcher in one machine. Aside from the fact that this will save you cost; it will also offer you a diversified option while working.

Landworks Wood Chipper Shredder delivers a reduction ratio of 15:1 when using the top hopper for ½” MAX volume chipping/ shredding. It also works with a side chute for cutting 3″ MAX limbs/branches. The Landworks Wood Chipper Shredder also delivers a powerful performance that makes it suitable for various applications, including forestry, gardens, and landscaping.

This mulcher chipper has a unique design that is optimized for comfort and durability. The slanted housing design minimizes jams compared to many other chippers. You can also attach the device with a small tractor for easy transportation.



3-in-1 multifunction capacity

Some essential accessories are sold separately

Uses powerful and advanced technology

Relatively heavyweight

Low oil auto-shutoff for safe operations

Universal vacuum attachment

Comfortable to use

Heavy-duty Chipper Shredder: GreatCircleUSA Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher

GreatCircleUSA is another impressive heavy-duty gas-powered 3-in-1 machine that helps you keep your yard neat. It has a reduction ratio of 15:1 when using the top hopper for ½” MAX volume chipping/shredding.

GreatCircleUSA also has a powerful engine that makes it suitable for various applications, including landscaping, forestry, and garden. It features a powerful recoil starting from a 7HP/212cc gas engine that can help you handle up to 3″ wood effortlessly. Invariably, GreatCircleUSA got you covered, regardless of the size of your yard. This wood chipper shredder also features an attachable leaf vacuum for easy mulching.

The design of GreatCircleUSA is smart and efficient; hence, making it one of the best garden chippers you can find around. All the other design elements further make it easy to use, even for a novice. 



Powerful engine for easy execution of tasks

It is relatively expensive

Useful for multifunction application

Relatively heavyweight

Comfortable design for easy usage

Helpful in building firebreaks and fire prevention

Use accessories that allow easy transportation

Compact Wood Chipper: SuperHandy Mini Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher

If you want a handy machine and suitable for use in a small space, then, SuperHandy Mini Wood Chipper offers you a viable option. This garden chipper is relatively compact and lightweight; thus, making it suitable for gardens and small yards. Nevertheless, the compact size of this model does not undermine its functionality.

This wood chipper shredder model has a powerful recoil starting. It can mulch woods and deliver a reduction ratio of 15:1 when using the top hopper for ½” MAX volume chipping. SuperHandy Mini Wood Chipper can handle branches up to 3″. The capacity and essential features make it useful in various areas, including landscaping and forestry.

The design of SuperHandy Mini Wood Chipper is unique. Besides the fact that it is relatively lightweight and compact, it also features a highly desirable, vertically extended discharge chute. This discharge chute ensures the delivery of accurate debris discharge. 



Compact and unique design

It can be a little bit noisy

Includes a vertically extendable discharge chute

Most of the accessories are sold separately

High chipping capacity with auto-feed function

Convenient and easy to use
Uses forced air to cool its engine

Ultra-quiet Chipper Shredder: Sun Joe CJ603E

Sun Joe CJ603E is one of the best wood chippers with its impressive features, powerful engine, and chipping capacity. The electric chipper is relatively silent; hence, you won’t have to worry about experiencing disturbing noise during operations.

Sun Joe CJ603E offers a powerful performance with its 15amp, 120V, and 60Hz motor that allows the machine to shred branches up to 1.73” effectively. Likewise, it has an impressive reduction ratio of 21:1, which is one of the best you can find in any model. This wood chipper’s power gives it the flexibility of turning leaves, brush, twigs, and branches into mulch.

The design of this electric chipper model gives you comfort and ease of usage. It features a 7″ sturdy wheel that allows you to move the machine from one point to another with ease. Sun Joe CJ603E is also concerned about your safety by including a safety hopper with a lock knob. This feature prevents the motor from operating when opened. 



Lightweight and easy to use

It can only handle small branches

Includes sturdy wheels for easy movement

Safety hopper inclusion with lock knob

Silent during operation

Impressive reduction ratio

Electric Wood Chipper: Snow Joe CJ601E

The CJ601E electric wood chipper is a highly efficient machine for your garden operations. The machine features a 14amp electric motor that provides a load speed of 4300RPM, ensuring a high cutting capacity. The wood chipper shredder can cut branches up to 1.5” thick.

It is very portable, and it features a 6” wheel for easy operation and mobility. The mulcher chipper is ideal for turning twigs and branches into top-quality nutrient-rich garden mulch. The garden shredder has a 16:1 reduction ratio that allows it to chip and shred specific branch. It is one of the best chipper shredders you can get as it is highly safe and secure to use with its safety hopper locking knob. This feature prevents the motor’s operation when opened. It also has a reset button that comes to play when you have an overloaded chip.



Hopper locking knob for safe and secure operations

It might not work well outside size limits

Powerful motor for cutting and shredding

The blade can break when used inadequately

Standard reduction ratio

Compact and portable structure with a wheel for mobility

Flexible Wood Chipper: TACKLIFE Wood Chipper

The TKWS01A is a high-performance electric shredder with a 15amps pure copper motor with a high chipping capacity and reduction value of 16:1. The wood chipper shredder has a max cutting torque of about 460Nm that ensures easy and quick cutting sticks.

The garden shredder can cut branches with a maximum thickness of 1.77” with ease. If you are an advocate for a green environment, TKWS01A offers an ideal option because it is eco-friendly and does not produce smog. The machine features an overload protection switch and an instant start switch that makes it safe and secure for shredding and cutting applications.The wood shredder machine features a top-quality roller blade that has seven teeth for high efficiency and performance. It also has an anti-clogging feature that enhances the operation and use of the machine. 



Reversible blade for anti-clogging

Not suitable for some specific type of waste

60L collection bag for maximum collection

Takes time to shred waste completely

Easily adjustable blade for cutting operations

Low noise and wheel inclusion for portability

Eco-friendly and user-friendly

Lightweight wood Chipper: PowerSmart PS10

The PS10 is a corded electric garden chipper. It comes with a 15 amps electric motor that requires 120V and 50Hz of power for shredding and wood chipping. The engine ensures the cutting speed of about 4500RPM, allowing it to cut many sticks in a few minutes.

The wood shredder machine has a cutting diameter of 1.625” and a reduction ratio of 17:1, making it suitable for shredding and cutting varieties of sticks. You won’t have to worry about movement with its 6” wheel for mobility. The electric chipper shredder has a safety locking knob that prevents the motor from functioning when opened or loose.



It has a safety hopper locking for maximum safety

It might not be able to cut large branches exceeding cutting capacity

Simple controls for easy operation

You might need to cool it down after a long work

6” wheel for mobility and convenient operations

High mulching capacity

Relatively affordable

Rolling Electric Wood Chipper: WEN 41121

The WEN 41121 functions as garden shredder and a garden wood chipper. The electric chipper shredder is suitable for turning your excess lawn clippings, foliage, and twig into a high-quality nutrient-rich mulch. It shreds branches and sticks up to 1.5” with ease delivering a reduction ratio of 17:1. The wood chipper machine’s electric motor provides about 8000 cuts per minute, equivalent to 130 cuts per second.

The wood shredder is safe to use as it features an internal safety mechanism that prevents the machine’s start-up when the hopper is open. It has two 7” cutting blades and two 6” wheels that enable easy cutting, shredding, and machine operation. The electric wood chipper has a collection bag and a push stick with on-board storage that ensures the machine’s high performance and collection of shredded branches. 



Delivers high cut capacity per minute

It might pose difficulty cutting some branches

It has powerful and large blades

You might need a step-up transformer in case of low power

Impressive reduction ratio

Compact and lightweight


TR Industrial TR88011 Safety Helmet & Ear Muffs

Universal Wood Chipper Collection Discharge Bag

Gardzen 3-Pack Different Sizes Garden Bag

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a shredder and a chipper?

A shredder and a chipper’s significant difference is that a chipper primarily breaks larger branches or complete pieces of wood into smaller chips while shredders only pull the material apart with a blunt edge; thus, leaving it in a state where it is ready for compost.

How long do wood chipper blades last?

The lifespan of a wood chipper blade is dependent on the number of sides. A single-sided wood chipper blade can last up to 25-50 hours, and you can sharpen it thrice. Double-sided wood chipper blades usually have twice the lifespan of a single-sided blade.

Can you make your own mulch with a wood chipper?

​Yes, you can make your own mulch with a wood chipper, particularly with smaller branches and leaves.

Can you put pine cones in a wood chipper?

Yes! You can put pine cones in a wood chipper without any fear, and it will turn the pine cones into great compost.

Will a wood chipper shred bamboo?

Yes, a wood chipper will shred bamboo, but only a heavy-duty chipper can shred bamboo. Light-duty chippers are not designed to shred sturdy materials like bamboo.

Can nails go through a wood chipper?

Yes, nails can go through a wood chipper, but it is not a good idea. Letting nails through wood chippers can damage the machine.


Wood chipper is a great asset for anyone that intends to keep their yard looking fantastic. This machine will not only make this process possible; it will also make it easier. However, it is essential to understand that purchasing the best wood chipper is only possible when you know the exact features and products to consider. The list of top 8 chipper shredders above will make the entire process of product selection completely hassle-free. It also provides insight into the features to look out for in a wood chipper.

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