Top 8 Random Orbital Sanders

Gardening is one of the most encompassing crafts you would come across. It brings together a lot of DIY practices that involve the use of several hands and power tools. These power tools are useful in various garden beautification processes.

Random orbital sanders are one of the versatile tools gardeners employ in their garden and lawn care processes. It is a powerful tool that works on several surfaces, and it is a hand-held tool that requires little technicality.

This tool's sanding blade delivers a random orbit action, and this random orbit action is produced by the simultaneous spin of the sand disc and its movement in small ellipses. The vibrations in the tiny circles of the tool allow it to make ultra-smooth sanding. This sanding process is useful in preparing various surfaces, including wood, plastic, and metal, for further actions such as painting. 

However, to get the best results using this tool, you must ensure that you are employing the best random orbital sanders' service. Using a low-quality model can result in poor outputs and increased frustration.
Selecting the best orbit sanders remains a major challenge to most potential buyers. This review highlights some of the best random orbit sanders for various DIY applications, including garden care. The features, versatility, and specifications of these products were evaluated. Various customer reviews were also considered.

BLACK+DECKER BDERO100 is one of the most reliable random orbit sanders from a reputable manufacturer. This model has a 120V, 2amp power setup that delivers an orbit speed of 12000 orbits per minute for a high-quality finish and effective removal.

It includes a loop and hook system that allows fast and easy paper changes. It also includes a dust-sealed switch that effectively keeps out dust and debris. BLACK+DECKER BDERO100 is a lightweight corded sander weighing 3.16 pounds.

The compact size of this random orbit sander also allow operators to be in close range with the surfaces they are working on. This proximity gives room for more maneuverability, precision, and accuracy. This model includes several components such as; a dust bag, sanding sheets, and BDERO100 sanders.



Efficient for a high-quality finish

It comes with limited features

Compact and easy to use

The cord length allows only limited applications

Adjustable for convenient use

Dust sealed switch

High orbit speed

BLACK+DECKER BDCMS20C is a cordless orbital sander that brings cordless freedom and comfort to gardeners and other DIY enthusiasts. This battery-powered orbital sander comes with a 20V max, 1.5Ah battery for optimal performance, and effective delivery. This orbital sander can deliver up to 12,000 orbits per minute, one of the best you would find in products in this category.

You can easily utilize and access this model even in tight spaces with its compact and ergonomic design. This design includes the addition of a 2-position grip that permits easy control during usage. It includes dust collection features and dust sealed switches that work together to ensure that the tool is clean at all times.

BLACK+DECKER BDCMS20C weighs 2.59lbs, which makes it portable and remarkably lightweight. This model's included components are; sheets of detailed finger paper, extra sheet tips paper, a charger, and a compatible battery.



2-position grip for convenient applications

Runtime might not permit extensive applications

Lightweight and portable

Might be too small for industrial application or extensive space

Dust collection system for clean work surface

Impressive orbit per minute delivery

This Makita orbit sander is one of the sander models you can trust for versatile applications and effective delivery. It has a 120V, 3amp power setup that delivers a speed of 12,000 orbits per minute to ensure fast and smooth sanding.

The durability of this model is top-notch with its oversized ball-bearing construction for increased durability of the tool. It also includes a rubber-sealed switch that keeps dust away from the tool and boosts durability. This orbital sander model is also designed for comfort and convenience with the inclusion of a rubberized palm. This palm fits the hand just like a glove with easy control and ensures even distribution of pressure. This feature also reduces vibration and ensures low operational noise (80dB).

This Makita sander includes a through-the-pad dust collection system and fabric dust bag. The dust collection system allows easy dust collection for cleaner workspace while the fabric bag allows easy disposal. It also uses 5" (8-hole) hook and loop abrasive paper for easy changes and optimized adjustments for specific applications. 



Low vibration and noise

Relatively difficult to maintain

Rubberized handle for even pressure and easy use

Neither comes with a sanding disc nor abrasive papers

Efficient dust extraction and disposal feature

High orbit speed

Supports continuous operation

Makita GV5010 is another Makita sander model with impressive features and optimal performance. Aside from the appealing outlook, this model also have impressive power performance. This corded electric sander uses 120V and a dual motor set up for optimized application.

It has a 3.9amp motor that delivers 5,000RPM and 4.2amp that delivers 4,500RPM. Both motor setups deliver fast and efficient material removal. It also includes a spiral bevel grip handle for smooth rotation and effective transfer of energy.

The comfort and precision of this model are optimized with the inclusion of rubberized mold over motor housing. The trigger lock-on button also plays a vital role in the operator's convenience. The included rubberized handle of Makita GV5010 ensures easy control and comfort for extended use. 

This model's double insulation feature alongside its ball-and-needle bearing construction ensures the durability and rigorous application of this tool. 



Ball and needle bearing construction for durability

No dust extraction feature

Rubberized grip for comfortable handling

Limited adjustability

High-performance motor

Balance control and even weight distribution

Lightweight and easy to use

Bosch orbit sanders are notable for their top qualities and exclusive features. Bosch 3727DEVS is a Bosch sander model with a 3.3amp, 120V motor that delivers a variable speed between 4,500 to 12,000 orbits per minute. Aside from its impressive speed, it has a variable speed control feature that allows the operator to optimize the tool's speed for specific applications.

The design of Bosch 3727DEVS includes pads that both orbit and rotate to deliver well-blended smooth surface finishes. Its integral pad-dampening braking system ensures a consistent finish by preventing swirl marks. It includes rugged die-cast aluminum gear housing with an exclusive dual-bearing pad mount that is durable and eliminates vibration wobble.

It has a microfilter dust system that eliminates dust as small as ½ micron diameter. Its ergonomic design includes the addition of multiple position handles for easy handling and reduction of fatigue.



Variable speed control

Relatively heavyweight

Optimal design to prevent swirl

Require two hands to gain full control and keep it on track

Microfilter dust system

Ergonomic design for operator's comfort

Negligible wobble and vibration

DEWALT DWE6423K is one of the most impressive DEWALT orbit sanders with lots of fantastic features and sturdy build up. This sander model features a 3.0amp motor that deliver a variable speed between 8,000 to 12,000 orbits per minute. This variable speed allows you to optimize the tool for specific applications.

DEWALT DWE6423K sander model is compact with a relatively short height that increases the operator's proximity to the work surface. Other ergonomic designs of this sander ensure comfortable use. The design reduces the vibration, and the rubber-mold mitigates the operator's fatigue.

It includes a dust-sealed switch that ensures dust protection for improved durability and cleaner tools. The dust-bag also includes a one-hand locking system for optimal performance. 



Short height for precision

Limited adjustable features

Variable speed control

No specialized handle

Dust-sealed switch

Rubber over-mold grip

Reduced vibration

DEWALT 20V DCW210D1 has a brushless motor that gets your job done efficiently and effectively. It includes a 20V max, 2Ah lithium-ion battery that delivers a variable speed between 8,000 to 12,000 orbits per minute for varieties of tasks and optimal speed control.

The attachment of DEWALT 20V DCW210D1 to the dust collector is quite flexible with the inclusion of a one-handed locking dust bag. It also includes a rubber mold grip for comfortable handling and extensive use. It has a dust-sealed switch that limits the ingestion of dust.

The flexibility of DEWALT 20V DCW210D1 is enhanced by the addition of a replacement 8-hole hook and loop sanding pad for fast and easy paper change. Its precision is also enhanced with its short height design that allows easy proximity of the operator to the work surface. 



Variable speed control

Relatively expensive

8-hole hook and loop sanding pad

Relatively heavyweight

High precision and durability

Textured rubber over-mold grip

Comes with dust bag and carrying bag

Milwaukee 2648-20 M18 is one of the lightest weight cordless sanders you would come across. This model weighs 2lbs without compromising other essential features. It uses an M18TM 3.0Ah battery that can deliver up to 35 minutes runtime. This power system also delivers variable speeds between 7,000 to 12,000 orbits per minute.

Its powerful motor allows operators to more material per battery charge. It has an impressive dust extraction and elimination system that ensures the product's cleanliness, durability, and efficiency. It includes a universal hose adapter, dust canister, and extension adapter. 




Relatively expensive

Variable speed control

Doesn't come with a battery

Efficient dust extraction

Strong battery power

There are some accessories you can include with your random orbital sanders purchase for better and enhanced performance. Some of these extras include:

Coceca 80pcs Sandpaper 5 inches

100PCS 5 Inch 8 Holes Sanding Discs

Makita 743081-8 5" Round Backing Pad

Frequently Asked Questions

What to look for when choosing your random orbital sander?

The key factors to look out for a while choosing the best random orbital sander for you include:

       ●  Orbits per minute (OPM) rating
       ●  Power source (Corded-electric or battery-powered)
       ●  Cost
       ●  Weight
       ●  Operational safety
       ●  Power and performance
       ●  Ease of usage

What is the best sander for wood?

Most sanders have an impressive performance on a wide variety of surfaces. The best sander for woodworking is within the range of 6" disc size with high power and speed.

What is the best sander for refinishing furniture?

The best sanders for refinishing furniture are sanders with variable speed control. Refinishing furniture does not need many rigorous applications; you need a sander you can optimize its speed for this application.

What is the best sander for removing paint?

The best sander for removing paints is quite similar to that used for refinishing furniture. It would be best to have a sander that is easy to control and a model that has a variable speed.

Should you wet your wood before sanding?

No! You shouldn't wet your wood before sanding. Even if it is initially wet, you must leave it to dry for optimal results.

What are the best random orbital sanders under $70?

The best random orbital sanders under $70 are less expensive models from specific manufacturers such as; CRAFTSMAN, TACKLIFE, PORTER-CABLE, and Black & Decker


Random orbital sanders are versatile and impressive power tools that are suitable for preparing various surfaces. This power tool plays an essential role in garden care and other DIY processes.
However, you should get the best orbital sander to guarantee optimal performance. This review aims at helping you make your orbital sanders' selection process completely hassle-free. We have evaluated some of the best products in various categories, as highlighted above.

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