Top 8 Miter Saws

Cutting, pruning, and woodworking are some of the activities that are essential in putting a garden in order. While some tools are specific for gardening processes, some power tools are more versatile. They are useful in gardening activities and other crafts.

Miter saws are part of the most versatile power tools you would come across in a gardener's tool cabinet. A miter saw is a powerful woodworking tool that is specially designed to make cuts at various angles. It usually has a blade mounted on a swing arm to pivot right or left to make specific angle cuts.

Miter saws are useful in gardening and other woodworking crafts. Depending on the quality and type of the miter saw, it can make angle cuts on various materials, including hardwoods. It is useful in making cuts for door frames, window casing, crown molding, etc.

One of the major challenges of gardeners is getting the right miter saw to suit their needs. There are different models of miter saws from different manufacturers. Acquiring the best miter saw model is essential to get the desired results.

We have created a review on some of the best miter saws available to assist potential buyers in making the best decision. This review is based on an in-depth evaluation of each product's specifications, features, and versatility. Various users' reviews were also evaluated.

DEWALT DHS790AT2 is a flexible miter saw that allows you to enjoy the power of a corded miter saw and the freedom of a cordless miter saw. It has two lithium-ion batteries that automatically change voltage when you change the tool.

The effectiveness of this miter saw is a function of its brushless motor that provides extended runtime. This motor can deliver up to 289 cross cuts in 3-1/4" baseboard molding, and it can deliver a no-load speed of 3800RPM. At this speed, this model can make smooth and effective cuts through a variety of materials.

It has several adjustable features that make it easy to use and control. DEWALT DHS790AT2 includes a CUTLINE blade positioning system that permits you to make precise and accurate cuts.

DEWALT DHS790AT2 has impressive cutting abilities, and it is suitable for various applications from medium scale to large scale.



FLEXVOLT 2 lithium-ion batteries

It is relatively expensive

Powerful brushless motor

It has a relatively heavyweight

Cutline indicator for easy blade positioning

Very flexible and easy to maneuver for various applications

DEWALT DWS715 is one of the most versatile miter saws. It has a 12" blade that complements other features of the model to suit various woodworking applications on several materials. You can be confident about getting power, performance, and durability in this model.

This DEWALT miter saw model has a powerful 15amp motor that delivers a no-load speed of 4000RPM on its 12" blade. With this power and speed, you can be confident of making smooth cuts through varieties of materials, including hardwoods and composite materials.
The 42.8lbs model has an adjustable stainless-steel miter detent with 14 positive stops that enhance productivity by increasing its cutting accuracy and precision.

Another key feature of this DEWALT miter saw model that makes it suitable for various gardening processes is its ease of control and usage. The features of this model offer complete operational control. It has a miter detent override that allows you to adjust the tool settings without the fear of the saw slipping into the miter dents.

Overall, it offers practical solutions to various professional and beginner woodworking applications. This power tool comes with other accessories that enhance its functionalities and performance. These accessories include; dust bag, blade wrench, vertical clamp, comfortable side handles in the base and carbide blades. 



Portable and easy to handle

Relatively makes loud noise

Relatively affordable

Not suitable for extended use

Built-in carrying handle for portability

Few users complained about blade warping issue

Powerful motor and durable materials

Cam Miter lock feature for repeatable accuracy

CRAFTSMAN CMCS714M1 is a miter saw kit designed to offer versatility and efficiency for various woodworking tasks. One of the most remarkable additions to this product is that it is lightweight. This feature makes it easy for you to carry it about and easy to use. It has side carry handles to enhance easy carriage and enhance its portability.

This model has a powerful motor setup that uses a V20 cordless power and a 4.0Ah battery. The motor of CRAFTSMAN CMCS714M1 delivers a no-load speed of 3800RPM on its 7-1/4" blade for smooth and efficient cuts. This speed allows this miter saw model to cut 2x dimensional lumber, baseboard, and hardwoods with ease.

CRAFTSMAN CMCS714M1 includes several features that make it easy to use. It has LED light that eliminates shadows, lights your cutting path, and makes it possible to work in areas with dim light. It has a molding base for solid performance and adaptability to various Jobsite functions. 



LED Cutline to eliminate shadows during operation

It has a short blade diameter

Portable and lightweight

Short runtime

Side handles for easy carriage

Relatively affordable

Impressive cutting ability

Bosch GCM12SD is a dual-bevel sliding miter saw with powerful sawing abilities. The miter saw has a 12”, 60-tooth saw blade that allows it to cut through varieties of material. It has a patented axial glide system that ensures wider cross cuts.

This Bosch miter saw model allows easy adjustment with its large, easy-to-read stainless miter scales and uniform bevels. The miter saw offers unmatched smooth cuts with the aid of the patented glide system. It delivers a 3800RPM no-load speed and has a 14" expanded cutting capacity that ensures versatility and makes it suitable for various cuts.

The saw weighs about 65lbs with a corded-electric power source. The saw's handle is made of wood, giving the operator a perfect grip on the tool. It has a dust chute and vacuum adaptor that ensures the user's comfort by keeping dust away from the tool and the user's view.

Bosch GCM12SD has an upfront bevel that controls the range selectors and metal bevel locks for easy and quick bevel settings. It allows the operator to make quick changes in the settings without going behind the saw.



Delivers wider cross cuts

The saw does not produce square cuts

Easy to use and control

Relatively heavyweight

It is very durable and reliable

Relatively cost intensive

Expanded cutting capacity

It has dust removal features

Bosch CM10GD is one of the best Bosch Miter saws. This compact model is a corded dual-bevel sliding glide miter saw with impressive cutting ability, durability, and efficiency.

It will take up to 10" lesser space because the rail system has been effectively replaced with a compact design without compromising its functionality. It has features that enhance convenience, easy control, and comfort.

Its 10”, 60-tooth carbide saw blade delivers a no-load speed of 4000RPM which allows smooth and efficient cuts even through tough materials such as hardwoods. It has an axial glide system that is exclusive for Bosch products. This feature permits wider crosscuts and precise alignment.

Bosch CM10GD includes large upfront metal bevel control and square lock precision to enhance the precision and accuracy of cuts. The cleanup is also easy with the inclusion of a collection chute and vacuum adapter.

This model is also comfortable to use with the inclusion of soft grips. It also has a form-fitting ergonomic, ambidextrous trigger handle to enhance easy control and comfortable handling. The visibility of cuts is also enhanced with the inclusion of a clear lower guard. 



Soft-grip handles

Relatively expensive

Easy to use and control

It has a heavyweight

Compact and portable

Easy cleanup and maintenance

Great alignment and wider cross cuts

TACKLIFE miter saw has several impressive features embedded in a single model. The double bevel sliding compound miter saw has a 40-tooth, 12" blade that permits versatile cuts on different materials. This cutting ability is backed by a powerful 15amp rotorazer motor that delivers a no-load speed of 3800RPM.

The double bevel feature allow you to optimize the power tool to meet various cutting demands. It also includes a double linear sliding rail design that guarantees smooth, precise, and repeated cuts. You can easily work on long and extensive materials due to its integrated laser feature that you can easily control with a single switch.

TACKLIFE miter saw features a soft-grip handle and base angle change handle for comfortable use. It has a 35mm dust collection port that collects up to 90% of dust materials.

The table is also extensible to allow you to work on extensive materials. 



Extendable and uniquely comfortable handles


Double linear sliding rail design

Limited application in an open workspace

90% dust extraction

Makes loud noise during intensive sage

Non-cost intensive

Professional Laser guide System

The primary selling point of this product is its powerful motor and power setup. It uses 120V, 1800 watts motor that delivers smooth and effective cuts through various materials.

You can be confident about making precise cuts with the integration of a linear ball bearing system. Makita LS1019L also has other innovative features, including a direct drive gearbox and an in-front bevel lock to increase cutting capacity and operation convenience. Its 10” blade can deliver a no-load speed of 3200RPM to cut through hardwoods.

This model has a see-through blade guard system for enhanced cut line and blade visibility. It includes a uniquely design 2-steel rail sliding system that allows single slide-glide operation. This feature allows operation flush against the wall and reduces the saw's footprint. 



Has features that ensure accuracy and convenience

Relatively expensive

Innovative design

It has a heavyweight

Impressive cutting capacity

Low no-load speed capacity

Soft start feature

Electric brake feature

Metabo HPT C10FCH2S is a lightweight miter saw that is most suitable for individuals with multiple jobsites or users with reasons to move their miter saw around. It has a powerful 15-amp motor that delivers a no-load speed of 5000RPM on its 10” blade to make smooth cuts even on the toughest materials.

It is useful for flexible applications because of its easy angle adjustments. It also includes adjustable bevel stops that enhance precision. The inclusion of a laser marker system improves the cutting ability of this power tool.

The 26.5lbs miter saw is lightweight and easy to handle. The integration of a horizontal vibration reducing handle further eases its easy and comfortable use.



Vibration absorbing handles

Poor dust extraction feature

Lightweight and easy to handle

Poor bevel markings

Laser marker system

Laser maker isn’t bright enough under sunlight

Highly affordable

High no-load speed capacity

Frequently Asked Questions

What to look for when choosing your miter saw?

The factors to look out for while choosing your miter saw include:

       ●  Cutting capacity
       ●  Power setup
       ●  Weight
       ●  Durability
       ●  Maintenance and ease of usage
       ●  Cost
       ●  Warranty offers


Which is better; 10” or 12” miter saw?

The better miter saw between the 10 and 12 miter saws is dependent on the specific applications. The 10" miter saw is better for small to medium scale application while the 12"miter saw is better for more rigorous and industrial applications.

How high should a miter saw table be?

The miter saw table's height depends on specific applications, and sometimes the preference of the user. On average, the considerable height for a miter saw is about 18-25 inches.


Do I need a stand for my miter saw?

The best action would be to optimize your miter saw to suit your applications. The decision to use a stand for your miter saw is dependent on your scale of usage and needs.

What is the difference between miter and bevel?

To be precise, a bevel is an angled cut relative to the material's face while a miter is an angled cut relative to the square side of the material.

What are the best miter saws under $200?

The best miter saw under $200 includes models from various manufacturers such as; TACKLIFE, Richpower (Genesis), WEN, and Koki holdings (Metabo)


Miter saws are one of the essential gardening tools that have versatile applications. It is useful for various woodworking processes. However, the effectiveness of this power tool is dependent on the quality and capacity of the model purchased.

This consideration highlights the need to get the best miter saw. The review above provides a guide that can assist you in making the best decision. However, it would be best if you understood your needs and what the product can offer before making your choice.

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