Top 8 Hammer Drills

Several tools are employed in various crafts, including gardening. Not all gardening tools are big or manual. Some are useful for tasks that would ordinarily be difficult if handled manually. Hammer drills are certainly one of these tools that are of high importance for gardeners.

Hammer drills are suitable for various purposes because they have standard drill chuck and round shanks. Often, the hammers used in gardens can perform the dual function of drilling and fastening. They are usually employed for various purposes, including fastening the smallest knots and drilling the hardest wood.

The market is loaded with varieties of hammer drills from various manufacturers. So, for an average buyer, getting the best hammer drill can be challenging. However, in this review, we would evaluate some of the best hammer drills that are available for you. 

This review is based on a thorough evaluation of the features and reliability of various hammer drill models from different manufacturers. Various user reviews were evaluated, and some tests were carried out to establish some of the most outstanding hammer drill models available on sale.

Here is a review of the top 8 hammer drills that will serve as a powerful addition to your garden tools cabinet.

DEWALT DCH133B is one of the best products that you would find around. This model features a 20V cordless motor that powers it for various applications. One of the most outstanding features is the inclusion of a D-handle that enhances the user's comfort and allows extended use. You can be confident of using this product for a long time without worries about operational fatigue.

DEWALT DCH133B has a fast rotation that makes it suitable for tough applications on various surfaces. Besides, this model's manufacturer allows it to maintain the same speed almost throughout the application without bogging down even the largest bits.

The product is portable, compact, and lightweight. Thus, you can efficiently utilize it in a limited space. It comes with a 5-piece rock carbide tip that is optimized for effective performance and longevity. Each of these bits comes in various sizes and dimensions because each of them is optimized for a specific application.



Lightweight, compact, and easy to use

It does not come with a battery and charger

Brushless and powerful motor

It is relatively expensive

Fast rotation and efficient delivery

Different carbide teeth for various application and durability

DEWALT DCD771C2 has an ergonomic design that supports its versatile application. It is also compact, lightweight, and easy to use. Therefore, you can be confident that your workspace will not be stuffy with this model.

DEWALT DCD771C2 supports a wide range of applications because of its powerful motor. This motor can transmit and deliver two high speeds suitable for various fastening and drilling procedures. It has an ergonomically designed handle that aims at ensuring the comfort of users.

This cordless hammer drill has an effective power setup and long duration of use. It features a 20V maximum initial battery voltage when there are no loads. It also has an 18V nominal voltage and a battery capacity of 1.3 amperes per hour. 



Lightweight, compact, and portable

No space for a spare bit holder at all

Cordless design and efficient battery support

An extra amount of force is needed to load the battery

Dual speed support for various applications

Ergonomic handle to ease comfort and control

DWE5010 is another DEWALT hammer drill with amazing performances and efficiency. This model has a lightweight design, and it is suitable for extended use. The corded electric drill ensures optimal delivery even on steel and masonry drilling operations.

One of the best gigs with this product is that it works with variable speeds that optimize it for specific applications. It also features a dual-mode operation which increases its versatility and overall delivery.

The product is designed for easy handling to promote the user's comfort. The comfort of this product is improved with the two-finger trigger designs for optimal performance. 



Dual-mode of operation

No special provision for brakes or halting rotation

High speed and versatile application

Constantly looking for power sources might be difficult, particularly for gardeners that work on open fields

Relatively affordable

Easy to use and flexible for various tasks

DEWALT DCD996B is particularly suitable for gardeners that want to engage in powerful operational processes. This model delivers enough power for almost all processes, including the smooth execution of tough tasks.

This 3-speed hammer drill features up to 2.8 times faster application speed, provides more run-time, and is 82% more powerful than an average hammer drill. It has a superior bit gripping strength because of its heavy-duty 0.5 inches ratcheting nitro-carburized metal chuck with carbide inserts.

DEWALT DCD996B includes 3-Mode LED lighting for easier, precise, and accurate applications. Overall, this model is ideal for gardeners that are especially concerned with power delivery.



Fast, efficient, and durable

Relatively expensive

Powerful motor for versatile applications

It requires high maintenance

3-Mode LED lighting for effective applications even in dim lights

Makita XPH12T is a Makita hammer drill with a kit of impressive features and extended applications. It has a variable dual-speed design covering a wide range of drilling operations. It also has a maximum torque that supports these applications.

You would also get to enjoy an amazing run-time with this product. The brushless motor is electrically controlled for optimal battery energy use. This model also has a cooling feature to complement its extensive use and longer run-time. Therefore, the electrically controlled motor can alternate the model's torque to deliver a performance that matches varying demands.

The buildup, particularly the gearbox of this model, is built with the understanding of various Jobsite rigors. This is another reason why it is suitable for various gardening processes.

Overall, this product is ideal because of its amazing design, effective delivery, improved power, and easy control. 



It is easy to use and operate

It is relatively expensive

It has variable operational options for flexible applications

The maintenance process can be a little bit demanding

Longer battery life

Improved design for adaptive Jobsite applications

If you intend to secure the service of a high-speed drill for your application, then Makita XPH10R is all you need. This model has an impressive drilling speed of 1900RPM that optimizes it for various application processes. At this speed, you can trust it to cover a wide range of driving and drilling hammer applications.

Makita XPH10R has a portable length and overall size. It features an ergonomic design for comfortable use and efficient delivery. It also includes a lightweight, rubberized soft grip for easy handling and to reduce operators’ fatigue.

It is built with 4-pole motors that deliver 480 in.lbs in maximum torque, optimizing it for powerful applications. It also includes dual LED lights that allow use in confined space or dim light. 



It has features that reduce operator fatigue

It is relatively expensive

Fast and powerful operation

Might not be easy to use for amateurs

LED lights that allow use in dim lights and confined spaces

Versatile and extended applications

This hammer drill is sturdy and adaptable for powerful functions. It has a powerful motor that supports its optimal performance for various gardening-related drillings and fastenings.

This rotary hammer drill functions with a vibration control mechanism to enhance easy control and minimize operators' fatigue. This model includes some safety features such as the safety clutch protection designed to protect your wrist at high torque.

Another remarkable feature of the SDS-Plus model is its variable tip options. These options optimize it for various applications and functions. It has a 360 degrees adjustable handle for easy and effective control. It includes features like heat exhaust and a dustproof system for extended use. 



Vibration control and adjustable handle for easy control

Might not be an effective option for regular drilling operations

Heavy-duty motor for powerful applications

Various tip changes might not be very easy

Diverse tip options for various applications

SDS-Plus keyless chuck included

It is impressive when you have a tool with high versatility that is suitable for heavy applications. Milwaukee 2804-20 M18 has a brushless motor that makes it suitable for its heavy-duty tasks. This model's power setup is built to ensure up to 60% more power compared to other competitive sets.

Milwaukee 2804-20 M18 not only focuses on performance alone, it also makes provision for user safety. This model includes a Relink plus intelligence that provides overload protections while also ensuring optimal performance. It also supports up to 1200 in-lbs of torque.

You can depend on Milwaukee 2804-20 M18 for your long outdoor gardening tasks. The included battery of this product delivers more working hours per charge. 



Suitable for heavy-duty tasks

It gets hot too quickly

Delivers up to 60% more power compared to similar sets

Limited application

Includes protective features for improved durability

Easy to use

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when buying a hammer drill?

There are several features that buyers should take note of if they intend to get the best hammer drill model to suit their needs. These features include:

       ●  Applications, drilling capacity, and versatility
       ●  Power setup
       ●  Power source / Type of battery
       ●  Value for money
       ●  Weight
       ●  Ease of operation/ maintenance costs


Is a hammer drill good for metal?

Yes, an average hammer drill is good for metal. A strong hammer drill should effectively drill through metals and other surfaces because of its structural buildup. In general, an average hammer drill should be good for woods, concretes, and metals alike.

What does the symbol on a hammer drill mean?

Almost everything inscribed on a hammer drill passes a significant message. The numbers on a hammer drill represent the torque amount the power tool can deliver during drilling operations.

For symbols, the n0 represents the number of rotations per minute. The broken drill shape represents drill holes, and the broken drill shape with a nut-like edge represents driving fasteners. Lastly, a long rectangular bar with broken bars under-represents direct current. 


What is the difference between a rotary hammer and a hammer drill?

For most out lookers, the rotary hammer is the same as the hammer drill. However, there are some underlying features and functionalities that highlight their differences. Broadly, a hammer drill is a less-advanced tool compared to a rotary hammer. Even though a hammer drill can also be useful for drilling various surfaces, a rotary hammer is more of a power drill that has been optimized specifically for this functionality.

Is a hammer drill better than a regular drill?

On average, it is safe to say a hammer drill is better than other regular drills considering its applications and versatility. Besides, a hammer drill is more powerful than other regular drills making it a more efficient option for tough tasks.

What are the best hammer drills under $150?

Several hammer drills are available for under $150. These include several DEWALT hammer drills, Makita hammer drills, Milwaukee hammer drills, etc. These are some of the most affordable sets of hammer drills with optimal performance.


Like most other DIY tools, hammer drills are very versatile. They are particularly an essential part of gardening tools and yard tools. However, you need to identify the best products if you intend to get the best of this power tool.

Searching through the entire market for a suitable model might seem a hassle. However, the review above lists some of the best hammer drills for efficient and versatile applications. This list aims at helping potential buyers secure the best model for their budget.

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