Top 12 Snow Sleds

School’s out, snow is on the ground and that means the kids want to be outside playing with their friends. There is nothing quite like playing in the snow with a snow sled. There are numerous brands that offer numerous snow sleds for kids, toddlers and of course, adults.

To find the top 12 snow sleds would be a daunting task if you do not know what to look for and how one model and brand compares to another. You have to consider that while snow sleds are supposed to be fun, they are also supposed to be safe and that means you have to pay attention to the features, construction, material and the accompanying pros and cons.

In this article, we aim to provide you with a walkthrough on every snow sled to ensure that you can find the right one or you. It is easy to believe that every snow sled is the same, however, this is erroneous, as there are features and considerations that set every snow sleigh apart. Here are the top 12 snow sleds available in the market.

This model is part of a kids snow sled range from Vispronet. This children’s wooden sled has a frame that has been made from laminated beech wood to ensure that it is completely sustainable. To prove this, it is FSC certified ensuring that it comes from an environmentally compatible source. To ensure that the wood is protected from the damp caused by the snow, it has been sealed using a water based protective lacquer. This kids snow sled also comes with a pair of blue impact caps over the short wooden horns which help absorb any impact whilst protecting your child.

The snow sleigh measures 39.37in in length, 13.4in in width and 9.45 inches in height. The bridges and the runners have been constructed from a single piece to ensure there are no weak points. The design of this kids snow sled harkens back to an older time when the best snow sleds were made from wood and this design is nostalgic.



Nostalgic design

Might not survive a strong impact

FSC certified materials

Weather resistant

This snow toboggan from Flexible Flyer is a wooden snow sleigh that is guaranteed to ensure the little kids are not left out of the snow fun. It has been hand crafted from Northern hard rock maple. The runners and back rest have been steam bent to ensure they are all from one piece. The riding position in this sled for toddlers elevated to ensure your child always remains dry. This snow sleigh’s double-slat backrest is perfect for children that require additional support when sitting.

You get this kids snow sled already assembled, so all you have to do is get out there. You also get ropes that can be attached to the sled legs to help you tow your child onto the snow. This is a small sled that is perfect for toddlers and infants. It has a measurement of 29 x 14 x 11. 5 inches.



Elevated sitting position

Some models have not been properly sanded

Made from maple

Snow sled is smaller than it looks

Stylish design suitable for infants and toddlers

This tube sled from GoFloats is another offering from a brand that has revolutionised the inflatable pool toy market. It aims, with this snow sled to do the same. This winter tube sled comes in a quirky, yet stylish unicorn design. It is a full functional and reliable tube sled perfect for riders of all sizes. This snow sleigh has been crafter using premium cold weather materials which are a 100% more thicker than the material found on other brands. This ensures that it lasts much longer and can better resist damage from wear and tear. You get 2 inbuilt handles to provide stability in this sled and the seat has a high centre of gravity ensuring that you never actually feel the ground when you sit in this tube sled.



Super high seating position

Maximum weight limit is on the low side

Cold weather materials provide additional durability over other brands

Handle in some models can crack during use

In built handles

Colourful design

This is a 2 person foam sled from Flexible Flyer, which is great for families. It has an extremely lightweight design which makes carrying this 2 man sled up the hill easy, even for children. As a double foam sled, it is perfectly sized for 2 snow sled riders. There are 4 handles attached to the foam sled ensuring that each rider has a secure grip on the sled.

When it comes to safety features, you get a thick cushioned foam front base, which helps absorbs bumps, making the ride much smoother compared to the best snow sleds made from plastic. Durability seems to be a watchword, as this foam sled has been constructed of 1 inch polyethylene foam which has been laminated between a durable top layer and a super-slick crack-resistant hard plastic sled bottom.

The slick underside of the sled ensures that you fly down the hill, gliding over new snow, rather than digging in like other traditional play sleds. This kids snow sled can also pass as one of the sleds for adults as it is able to hold 250 pounds of weight. It is perfect for children aged 5 and up.



Can hold up both children and adults

The structure is a lot flimsier than one would expect

Super slick bottom

Speed is sometimes unattainable

Durable design

Twice the fun with 2 person capacity

The Yamaha Apex Snow Bike Sled is one of the best snow sleds for kids of 5 years. It is shaped like a snowmobile and it offers a smooth drive down the hill. Both kids & adults can enjoy its ride. It is extremely easy to drive, you don’t even need any kind of training to ride this sled. You just must sit on the seat & drive on snow. There is steer on this sled which helps it control while going down. There is also a hook or attachment in front where you can use a rope to pull or tow the sled up the hill.



Attractive design

A bit on the heavy side for kids

Hook attachment

The Sno-Storm 50 inch Snow Sled comes with a strong EPS core, a resilient Water Barrier Skin- crosslink and soft crosslink top graphic deck skin. The bottom slick has grooves for directional drive and speed as well as providing stiffness to maintain board shape. The contoured deck and moulded handles create possibilities for up to two riders or simply pull someone along with the attached tow rope and handle.

The design of snow sled is clearly innovative as Sno-Storm aims to usher in a new era of the foam sled with a focus in performance and quality. Each foam sled has been crafted from rigid foam construction that creates a thrilling yet safer ride for enthusiasts of all ages.



Quality design

The handles can easily crack on some models

Grooves at the bottom for improved speed

2 boards in the set

This metal runner sled is a classic adult snow sled. It is large enough to hold adults and children ensuring that nobody misses out on the thrill of winter sledding. Large enough to sit an adult and a child at the same time. This snow sled is easy to steer while holding a child in your lap. Made of smooth birch wood, this snow sled is durable, and it has steel runners that have been powder coated. The metal and wooden sled comes with a triple knee construction.



Steering is easy thanks to maximum control

The wood can get damaged during delivery

Durable design

Suitable for kids and adults

Comes fully assembled

This snow tube has an upgraded two-layer bottom over the previous model making it more durable than it has ever been. You do see a small hole in the outer bottom material, however, that is not a defect. It was actually created that way to ensure that air between the two layers can be discharged when inflating and deflating. This double base ensures that this snow tube is faster and durable.

The snow tube is made of environmentally friendly material. K80 PVC+PVC coating laminated fabric. It can be resistant to extreme cold temperature, up to minus 40 degrees, special coating makes you slide faster, perfect for sledding down snowy hills. The seamless bonding technique used to create this kids snow sled ensures that it is not only tear resistant but leakproof. It also capable of handling up to 500 pounds in weight. The ultra-thick material also makes it wear and scratch proof while you are on the snow.



Upgraded design

The handles are small unable to fit gloved hands


Scratch and wearproof

Able to handle extreme cold weather

Fast inflation

Large size makes it suitable for both adults and children

The Hammerhead Pro HD sled is one of the best snow sleds out there. Hammerhead sees it as a serious sledding machine. This snow sleigh has a patented stainless-steel leaf spring steering system which help steer skis made from HDPE and polycarbonate. The frame is a precision aluminium design and has been powder coated to ensure you can get downhill quickly.

The stainless steel, leaf spring steering system allows you to twist and turn as you're racing down the hill. The Polycarbonate front skis in conjunction with the slick HDPE rear skis guarantee the fastest ride possible. durability is a watch word as the powder-coated 6000 aluminium frames has been constructed to last for years of sledding.



Stainless steel, leaf spring steering system

Underside fasteners are low quality

Polycarbonate front skis

Comes with convenient carry strap

The design is built for speed

Light weight

This Marvel 45 inch classic snow slider 2 person snow sled has been made with water resistant XPE top skin. It has excellent shock absorbing foam construction to absorb the hits, so you don’t have to. This foam sled is extra thick to make for a much smoother ride compared to hard plastic. The super slick sled bottom enables you to zip downhill.

The lightweight foam materials that the sled is comprised of weigh in at only 2 lbs. making carrying your sled uphill a breeze. You also get extra grip thanks to the 2 pair of textured handles ensuring that your safety and that of your partner is not compromised. With the famous Marvel Avengers theme, it easy to tell that this is one of the children sleds range, perfectly suited to those aged 6 and more.



Excellent shock absorbing feature

Might feel a bit flimsy to others

Textured handles for additional grip

Lightweight foam design

Marvel Avengers Theme

This Rails original plastic sled is suitable for all ages. It has a weight limit of 200 pounds. You do not require lessons, no special gear. With this snow sleigh you can go as fast or as slow as you want. This plastic sled features patented skis and a snow brake to offer you complete safety and control. You get an adjustable handle bar height which makes it perfect for both the young and older riders.

Its anodized double head tube clamp, welded t-bar design, aluminium deck design ensures that it durable and can handle whatever you throw at it. The quick adjust handle bar folds quickly and seamlessly for carrying and storage.



Lightweight design

Some assembly required

Snow brake

Aluminium deck

Suitable for both children and adults

Comes with free safety leash and sticker

This is sledding a different way! Perfectly suited for any snow-covered hill or environment. These sled legs are simple to strap on, easy to transport, and fun to ride. You can run, slide, and sled with all the fun and none of the hassle of another snow toboggan.
Each Sled Leg has a ramp design in the interior foam, so you don’t have to worry about your toes dragging while sliding down the hill. Instead, your toes can act as a rudder, helping you turn or stop so you can have complete control of your sledding experience. These Sled Legs are designed for riders 5’ and taller up to 250 pounds.

With your own Sled Legs, you can create new sledding memories with friends and your kids. You can stand, run, and slide with these strap-on sleds so every moment on the hill can be fun. With a sled made of ABS plastic and a moulded foam pad for extra leg support and comfort, enjoying every holiday snow game does not have to mean feeling discomfort in your legs or knees.



Easy riding

The accompanying straps are a bit flimsy

No drag

Perfectly suited for adults



Shappell Jet Sled 1 - ATC

If you are interested in snow sleds, you will probably need the Shappell Jet Sled 1 - ATC as well

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a sled go faster?

This can be done by rubbing standard ski wax or candle wax on the underside of the sled. You could also choose to spray the bottom of the sled with cooking spray or any other lubricant if you are unable to access wax.

Can a 1 year old go sledding?

A 1 year old child can go sledding; however, the child would have to be accompanied by an adult as children aged 5 and below requires adult supervision when sledding.

How do you stop a sled?

This can be done by leaning on the back of the sled. If you happen to be on a hill, leaning backwards in a sled or toboggan will also slow you down. It is possible to also use a sled’s steering strings if the snow sled has one to enable you to decelerate.

What's the difference between sled and toboggan?

A snow toboggan is perhaps the simplest form of sledding. It is a simple snow sled that is curved at the front and placed directly onto the snow without skis or runners. A sled differs in design in the fact that it has skis and runners at the bottom.

Who invented sleds?

It is said that the Vikings invented the world’s first sled.

How do you wax a sled?

Liquid wax can be rubbed all over the bottom of the sled, left for ten minutes, then buffed with a nylon brush. If you happen to be using a solid wax for wooden sleds, you'll need to warm up your sled with a hairdryer or other heat source first, then work in the wax using a brush.

Sledding is a fun activity that everybody should get the chance to enjoy. The list contains the top 12 snow sleds available for purchase today. It is important to pay attention to the features that each snow sled offers to ensure that you pick out the one that is most suitable for you. You also have to pay attention to the weight capacity, as that can mean the difference between having fun and having a broken sled.

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