Top 10 Outdoor Dining Tables

Dining al fresco can be one of the greatest ways one can enjoy the lovely weather and to be able to do so, you will require an outdoor dining table. This piece of outdoor furniture comes in numerous varying shapes, sizes, styles and cuts across numerous price points. Nevertheless, trying to find the best outdoor dining table can seem like an insurmountable task. Thankfully, there is a way to whittle the sheer volume of choice available to you by considering numerous factors.

For one, you will have to consider the material and size of the outdoor table you intend on purchasing. You should also consider the style that best suits your yard and of course, just how much you are willing to pay to have this great garden dining set to your space outdoors.
With that in mind, here are the top 10 outdoor dining tables available for purchase. It is important to know that these tables are going to be grouped by their most noticeable characteristic. Let us begin!

The Nuu Garden Outdoor Dining Set of 5 has a stylish yet modern metal design which makes it suitable for any outdoor setting. It is stylish enough to be used inside the house as well. It has been manufactured from cast aluminium making it durable and the diligently burnished spot welds add an elegant finish to the overall design. While it is suitably designed for the summer, it can be used throughout the year, making it a perfect addition to your living space.

With this set, you get 1 aluminium round table as well as 4 aluminium armchairs in a bistro fashion. As stated earlier, it has been carefully constructed using aluminium and iron to make the overall dining set durable and solid. You don’t have to worry about any stress when it comes to maintaining this dining set while it is outside, as a wet or dry cloth can do the trick ensuring it is ready for your next outdoor activity.

You get a 1.6-inch umbrella hole right in the centre which is large enough to put a patio umbrella in it to provide you with a convenient and cool bit of shade. This bistro set from Nuu Garden is a bit on the heavier side compared to the other dining sets on this list. However, that ensures that you can be sure of additional stability. The process of assembly is manual and you get complete accessories and a detailed instruction guide ensuring that you can enjoy the outdoors in no time.



High-grade aluminium finish

Heavier than most

Comes in a set of 5

Suitable for all weathers

Easy maintenance

Adjustable anti-slip rubber base

The COSCO Outdoor Living Paloma steel dining table is a great table to share a meal with family and friends outdoors. You get a classic design thanks to its charcoal grey hues which offer up a complementary style to any patio design. This outdoor table diverges a bit compared to others on this list as it comes with a tempered glass top which is large enough to hold just about anything. It measures 60 by 38, large enough to hold your next summer cookout spread. It also has an umbrella opening ensuring that eating or leisurely sitting outside during the bright, sunny days is still possible.

The steel frame holding the tabletop up has been powder coated to be weather resistant and the easy to maintain yet stylish charcoal grey finish can seamlessly match with your existing outdoor furniture.



The charcoal grey finish is stylish

Not quite as tall as other outdoor tables on this list

Comes with a tempered glass tabletop

Does not come with chairs

Has some weight to it (100lbs) which offers stability

Coms with an umbrella opening

The Christoper Knight Home garden table is made from acacia wood and it makes a perfect addition to just about any patio. The tabletop is supported with an X shaped base ensuring that the table is not only gorgeous but functional as well. You can use this table to have dinner outside with the family. It can also be transformed into a serving table for the days when you host a swim party or a summer cookout. This functionality is translated to its durability as it has been treated to seamlessly withstand the weather conditions, ensuring you do not have to pack it up and bring it out every time you intend on using it. It can become a permanent fixture in your backyard.

This patio table has a versatile design which ensures it is at home inside your home as it is on your patio. What sets this outdoor dining table apart is the fact that it has been constructed from wood and still can be used outside in the elements. You get metal stops for the feet to ensure that the table can handle bumps and shoves without sliding away. It, unfortunately, does not come with a hole for an umbrella, so you will have to make your own arrangements for shade when dining at this outdoor dining table.



Made from treated wood

Does not come with an umbrella hole

Sturdy design

Round design limits the number of people that can sit around it

Can fit 4 people easily

Tabletop is a bit on the small side

Does not come with chairs included

This outdoor table set has been crafted from the best acacia and akle wood to ensure that you have one of the best-looking wood outdoor tables available for purchase. This makes it a perfect addition to your wooden patio design. It can be used in any setting and even comes with an umbrella hole to ensure that you are protected from the bright sun.

Versatile enough to be used both indoors and outdoors. it can comfortably sit 6 people and is sturdy enough to handle heavy winds.



Can sit 6 people comfortable

Not as water-resistant as claimed

Wood design is stylish

Some customers state the finish is poor

Easy to assemble

Scratch-proof surface

This Giantex Picnic Table has been constructed using premium acacia wood ensuring that every aspect of this garden dining set and bench has bright colour and beautiful wood grain. Apart from that, this outdoor table is suitable for any patio design as it can handle the elements by not deforming easily when the temperature goes up.

You get a sturdy and stable metal frame ensuring that this patio table set can handle anything you throw at it. It is capable of handing 350 pounds with each bench capable of handling 800 pounds.

Its picnic design makes it perfectly suited for outdoor use, and this means that you can use it on your balcony, patio or in your backyard. For further functionality, you get a covered umbrella design which enables you to put a patio umbrella up to provide shade. You get adjustable pads as feet to ensure that you can use this outdoor dining table on any type of ground. It is also great to know that it can be cleaned easily while assembling is a snip.



Heavy-duty weight-bearing capability

The design is more functional than stylish

Acacia wood with metal design looks great

Some customers claim the tabletop could be made a little thicker

Picnic design can sit 8 people comfortably

Adjustable pads

Stress-free maintenance

Comes with patio umbrella hole

This Sophia & William Patio Dining Table has been constructed using a sturdy steel frame to ensure that it can withstand whatever your throw at it. The surface is finished using a premium wood-like PVC which is the standard surface used to ensure that it is not only textured but easy to take care of.

This bistro set from Sophia & William is not only great for the garden but it is also suitable for use inside the home, especially in the kitchen or living room area. This multifunctionality has been built into the design ensuring that this outdoor dining table is at home in just about any setting.

It comes with an umbrella hole measuring 1.57 inches in diameter, ensuring that you can have shade while enjoying outdoor leisure or dining. If you don't intend on using the umbrella hole, or if you intend to use the table indoors, you can simply block the hole using the provided lid.



Has a sturdy frame

The table is a bit on the small side

The tabletop is textured helping it to mimic real wood without any of the deficiencies

Seems a bit flimsy with little weight to it

Easy to maintain

Comes with an umbrella hole

Can be used indoors or outdoors

The Lokatse home outdoor patio table has been made with a quality rust-resistant steel manufactured frame. It is durable enough to handle outdoor use and sufficiently stylish to fit perfectly in any interior setting. The frame is corrosion resistant making it hardy enough to handle the sun, wind and rain. You can be sure that this outdoor dining table will not chip, deteriorate, fade, split or crack while it complements your chosen backyard design.

You get a 2.32 inches or 59mm umbrella hole which is suitable for the majority of patio umbrellas. you also get a hole at the bottom to help stabilise the umbrella, protecting it from strong winds. This outdoor bistro set has a natural yet simple style which makes it perfect for just about anywhere: a patio balcony, backyard, porch or a garden.

When it comes to assembling this outdoor dining table, you need just the most minimal of DIY skills as long as you carefully follow the instruction. Every bit of hardware you will need to set up this patio dining set is included.



Easy to assemble

It can get stained by the rain, so you will have to wipe it down quickly

Comes with all the necessary tools

Prone to denting

Comfortably sits 4 people but can sit 6 as well

Does not come with chairs included

Matt finish is stylish

The Devoko 9 piece patio dining set perfectly suited to just about any patio or backyard design and landscaping. With this set, you get a combination of modern design and fashionable rattan to complement just about any space. The construction is durable so you can be sure of using this piece year after year. This garden table and chairs add a luxurious and beautiful feel to just about any outdoor living space, thanks to its shiny glass tabletop.

The Devoko 9 pieces patio dining sets contains a table, ottomans, 12 cushions and 4 chairs, which when put together can comfortably sit 12. Each ottoman and chair gets a cushion filled with thick cotton to ensure that you have the optimal relaxation and comfort. The cushioned have been designed for outdoor use. This set is easy to set up thanks to its accompany install manual and video, you will have it set up in no time.



Comes with comfortable cushions and chairs

Cushions can get soggy if rained on

Easy to assemble

Rattan might not last as long as other materials


Comes with a glass tabletop

This TITIMO Dining Set comes with 4 chairs and a table that can to meet all your furniture needs for the outdoors. With this outdoor table set, you can add style without having to sacrifice comfort. The included chairs perfectly fit around the table ensuring that nobody gets left out of backyard family picnics, lounging or dinings. They have been designed to fit just about any décor, whilst having the added versatility of being able to be used both outdoors and indoors. This outdoor dining table set has been constructed to be durable and sturdy, thanks to its rust-resistant cast aluminium frame which can guarantee you years of usage.




The chairs are a bit on the heavy side

Stylish thanks to the blooming flower design

Countered shape and armrest offers comfort

Durable cast aluminium frame

This beautiful bistro set comes with a breath-taking vintage floral design ensuring to add a bit of classic style to your garden design. This garden table and chairs set is on the small side, at least compared to the others on this list. However, it makes up for it by having a durable cast aluminium frame ensuring that it remains resistant to rust, lasting year after year. Thanks to its powder coat it is crack, chip and fade resistant.



Crack, chip and fade resistant

Smaller than others

Floral design

Only sits 2 people

Ergonomic backrest


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for outdoor dining sets?

Synthetic resin is the best as it is lightweight, extremely durable and low maintenance


What kind of patio furniture doesn't rust?

Aluminium is the best choice as it not only does not rust but it is also lightweight

Which is better wicker or metal patio furniture?

If you prefer something lightweight, go for wicker as one person is enough to move things around, while metal is heavier and will require two or more people. However, metal can stand heavy winds that wicker might not be able to

How long should patio furniture last?

Good patio furniture should typically last till about 15 years with good maintenance

Can you leave metal patio furniture outside in the winter?

Metal, in general, will suffer if left out during the winter, however, wrought iron patio furniture is more at risk than say, galvanised metal

How do I protect my outdoor wood table?

You can consider where you place your outdoor table, paint it, use water sealers, add varnish and of course cover it when not in use

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