Top 10 Garden Shelves

Trying to create an outdoor garden design is a lot more complex than most people believe. There are several things you get to ensure your landscaping fits the vision in your head. One way of doing this is to get garden shelves to help arrange your plants, organising them in an aesthetically pleasing manner. However, a quick search online can show you that there are so many garden shelves to select from, making it quite hard to know which one suits your needs, style and of course, your budget.

Thankfully, we have taken the time to study numerous varying outdoor shelves available for purchase in 2020 and all that knowledge has been whittled down to provide you with the top 10 garden shelves. Let us begin!

Best Workbench Garden Shelves 

The Yaheetech potting bench is an outdoor garden shelf that also doubles as a workbench station. It has been constructed from fir wood, a wood that is renowned for its stability and strength. This is why it is great for outdoors. Apart from the shelf space, you get a large tabletop that can be used as a storage or working space and a removable plastic sink which offers you a way to seamlessly clean up.

Asides the drawer found under the tabletop, you get a pair of tiered slatted shelves to provide additional storage space to satisfy your numerous storage needs. This garden shelf has a rustic style that ensures it fits perfectly with your backyard design.



Offers great flexibility

Some wood pieces do not come with drill holes making assembly a bit more challenging

Customisable appearance

Wood might be too light for some users

Comes with a tabletop and sink

Comes with 3 hooks and additional storage space

This Best Choice outdoor shelf has an elevated design meaning that you don’t have to worry about bending down to use it. It is made from sanded Chinese Fir and is durable enough to handle any weather condition.

This garden shelf comes with an extendable sliding tabletop which enables you to either have a workspace to piece your outdoor plants together or splits apart to reveal a dry sink conveniently sized to make soil mixing and potting easier. The dry sink is food grade and has been constructed with materials that ensures your soil remains safe even after contact.

You also get two built-in hooks by the side which can be screwed into the outdoor shelf providing storage for things such as gloves, gardening tools and more. Apart from the tabletop, you get a 2 tier upper shelf storage for your plants, with the bottom shelf sturdy enough to handle massive supplies like soil bags.



Made from durable materials

Assembly can be challenging for some users

Has an elevated design

2 tier storage space

Comes with a dry sink

This Best Choice flower support outdoor ladder shelf has a solid wood construction having been crafted using strong fir wood. This means that it can last throughout seasons so long as it is properly maintained. Its design includes a built-in cabinet which is perfectly suited for storing gardening items and tools such as gloves, seed packets and scissors.

Assembly is easy and the natural wood finish can be seamlessly painted or customized to your specifications. This ensures it is a great addition to any backyard design.

You get a spacious workstation where you can pot your plants and a lower shelf that is great for storing just about anything, pots, pails, potting soil and more. You also get 4 side hooks which are great for hanging your garden tools.



Ample storage space

Some users feel the wood is too thin (We don't)

Comes with a drawer

The drawer could have been bigger

Three-tiered shelves

Easy assemble

This potting bench from Suncast is the perfect way to keep your gardening and potting supplies organized. It comes with a natural cedar finish which can easily be stained or painted. You get multiple shelves which then provides you with a sufficient amount of space to store just about anything from potting soil and hand tools to watering cans and pots. With this large garden shelf, you will have no issue keeping your planting station clean. 

This garden shed shelving is capable of matching just about any décor type, so you can be sure it will fit your patio design. The pieces that make up the outdoor shelf have been prefabricated to ensure assembly is easy.



Easy assembly

Not as water-resistant as claimed

Can be painted or stained

Sufficient space

This garden potting bench with an outdoor shelf has a design that comes with an open shelf and a cabinet providing additional storage opportunities. The workbench has a large tabletop ensuring that you can use it to hold your plants to repot or add fertilizer, soil and more. For those who want a garden tool storage rack, you can be happy with this built-in cabinet which provides additional storage space and the wood finish has been designed to complement just about any garden design.

You get 3 hooks on the side to ensure that your tools are easily accessible. The tabletop is not only large enough to handle any type of garden task, but it is also covered with metal, ensuring that clean up is a breeze. Asides from the cabinet, you get a drawer which can be used to store garden supplies. You also get 2 shelves, a lower and higher one right above the tabletop which can be used to hold your plants.



Comes in a perfect height with no need for bending

Hooks aren’t heavy duty

Wood finish ensures that it can match any backyard design

Does not come with rubber stops for feet

Comes with detailed instructions for easy assembly

Spacious tabletop

Easy to clean tabletop

Hooks for storage

Best Garden Shelves with Sufficient Storage Space 

This bamboo 9 tier garden shelf brings modern design and alignment to any backyard design. It is also versatile enough to be used indoors as well as outdoors. It suits the back garden just as it would a living room, pool area, rooftop, balcony and more. It looks like an outdoor shoe rack as it can hold 17 potted plants making it the perfect choice for those that have numerous plants they want to display.

This design is multipurpose as it not only houses your favorite potted plants but it also makes a great place to set small ornaments, mementoes like trophies, and pictures of your memories. By design, this flower support makes your plants the main attraction, letting them receive sunshine in a comfortable environment.

When it comes to durability, it has been manufactured from insect protected and anti-corrosive bamboo. Assembling is also a breeze.



Easy to assemble

Cannot house heavier plants on top 

Large enough to hold 17 potted plants

Versatile to be used indoors and outside

Multipurpose design

This SONGMICS product is a 9-tier bamboo outdoor shoe rack which has been created with sturdy bamboo, that provides additional storage space for just about anywhere in the home as it does outside. Its considerable and stylish design makes it the perfect choice for a bathroom, kitchen, living room, or balcony as it would a garden. When used inside, it can be used as a rack to store decorative things, sundries, towels, toiletries, books, spice, knickknacks, and of course, plants.

This customizable outdoor shoe rack has been designed in a way that enables you to assemble it into varying storage rack styles. You simply need to take away a layer that you do not need to meet your space requirement. Every one of the outdoor storage shelves on this product can be easily cleaned and maintained. The choice of bamboo as the manufacturing material ensures that it will fit your furniture inside the home as well as your patio design.

With 9 tiers of storage space, you can never say you run out of space to hold your plants or anything you can think of storing. The workmanship is also of high quality as the finish is smooth and natural, the corners have been rounded to ensure there are no sharp edges. And the screws are countersunk to ensure there is no chance of getting scratched.



Customizable design

No assembly instructions

9 tiers of storage space

The finish does not hold up to high humidity

Versatile bamboo design

Can be split apart to form different storage shelves

This TJ.MOREE garden shelf is a hanging plant shelf which enhances the look of your walls. It is versatile enough to be hung in front of a window, or on the wall. It is a great plant rack as its construction and design enable it to provide your potted plants with enough sunlight. Not only is this easy to hang, but it also comes already assembled, all you need to do is install the hooks.

You get 2 anchors and hanging hooks, with an adjustable rope that enables you to move the shelf tiers around. You get a premium product that is not only sturdy enough but lightweight thanks to the planks being made from paulownia wood.




Might be too lightweight to handle heavier plants

Easy to install

Not enough storage space like others on this list

Already assembled

Adjustable rope


Best Metalwork Outdoor Garden Shelves

If you are looking to add storage and style to your garden or backyard design, then you need to look no further than this beautiful metal flower support shelf from MyGift. It has a beautiful, yet sturdy metal scrollwork frame which enables it to be freestanding. You get 3 shelves which are spacious enough to hold just about anything from candles and books to plants. The highest of the shelves is smaller than the other 2 and that enables you to place taller items like potted plants on the middle shelf.

When not in use, this metal plant support can be folded away for easy storage. Its black metal finish in addition to its scrollwork design adds an elegant yet functional element to your landscaping. Thanks to the woven grid design you can store an array of pots and adjustable feet ensure this garden shelf remains stable and secure no matter the surface.



Elegant metal design

Paint can sometimes peel or bubble, if not properly maintained

Adjustable feet provide stability

Versatile to store any item

No need for any lengthy assembling

This metal outdoor ladder shelf has been constructed from high-quality iron which has been coated with a matte black powder ensuring that it does not rust. Its tubular steel design ensures that it remains sturdy and sharp edges are reduced. It takes on a unique design different from the rest of the products on this list as it has a 90° design and that makes it a better fit for the corners. This is particularly useful if you are short on space.

This design is versatile enough that it is suitable in a garden, balcony, living room, hallway, patio and more. Apart from using it to hold your potted plants, you can use it to store your garden tools or transform it into an outdoor shoe rack.



Matte black powder-coated to protect against rust

Does not come with adjustable feet

Versatile design that fits anywhere

Prone to small scratches

90° tubular design helps saves space

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I put container plants outside?

You can do this the moment the minimum temperature for your plants is reached.

How do you keep potted plants from freezing outside?

Should you have numerous potted plants placed outside, you can group them. Just like animals and humans, when grouped, plants can keep one another warm. Your most hardy plants should be placed on the outside of the group to protect the less hardy ones from freezing.

How do you winterize outdoor potted plants?

You could choose to bring your potted plants inside. If that is not an option you could cover your potted plants in mini greenhouses. Another option is to bury your potted plants in the ground. The last option would be to use mulch or any organic material to cover your pots.

What temperature is too cold for plants?

Generally, temperatures lower than 15 Celsius or 60 Fahrenheit can disturb plant growth.

At what temperature should I cover my plants?

You must cover your plants once the soil temperature drops below freezing. Depending on the plant type, you could also cover it if the temperature is a bit above freezing.

Does spraying plants with water prevent frost damage?

Choosing to spray your plants with water, especially before a cold snap can help stop frosting. This is because spraying the plants with water cause the plants' temperature to rise which then beats out the cold.

There are numerous outdoor garden shelves to select from. However, these are just a few of the best after an extensive research. Before selecting the one that is right for you, you have to consider quite a number of factors. For one, you have to consider how many potted plants you have or intend on having. You also have to consider your patio or backyard design to ensure the outdoor plant shelf you select is one that matches your landscaping. The last consideration is also the price and your budget.

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