Top 10 Garden Benches

Garden benches have become a welcome mainstay in just about any backyard or garden design. A garden bench provides you with a comfortable seat where you can take in the view of your landscaping. A well-placed bench has the ability to transform a backyard design into an outdoor extension of the home.

Selecting the garden bench that is best for your landscaping and placing them in the correct spot can be fun. What really turns up the enjoyment is getting to use them.

The truth is, there is always something great to look at in a backyard or a garden. It could be something as simple a flower bed, a water feature or even a flurry of bird activity at the birdbath. Having a garden bench provides you with the opportunity to enjoy all of that.

This article aims to provide you with 10 of the best garden benches available for purchase, so you can cut through the confusion and get to enjoying your backyard design.

Best Wooden garden bench

This Christopher Knight outdoor bench is either perfect on its own or as an integral part of your outdoor setup. It is a versatile, close-legged wooden garden bench made from acacia wood that is suited to performing numerous functions in a patio or backyard design. It does not matter what type of setting it is, this garden bench ensures there is space for everyone at your outdoor event. It comes with a wire brush, teak finish that is pleasing to the eye and it also adds an extra layer of texture that is bound to impress anyone.



Handcrafter details

Requires some assembly

Made from acacia wood

Sturdy design

The Adirondack Double Bench from Linon is the perfect way to add classically styled seating to your porch or patio design. It has been built to comfortably seat two, with both people getting an armrest on either side. Its acorn finish helps to seamlessly compliment any existing design. It is one of the garden benches made from solid wood on this list, and the backrest is at an angle to provide maximum comfort. With a tall seat height, you don’t need to worry about dropping down to sit in this outdoor bench, and its cushion has been constructed to provide maximum comfort. It has a weight capacity of around 400 lbs, which while not being the largest on this list is still sufficient to hold up to daily usage.

The design of this outdoor bench highlights craftsmanship at its finest, as it has been crafted from solid acacia which is a naturally resilient hardwood. This material ensures that this outdoor bench is suitable for year-round use, regardless of the weather. This also means that maintenance is simple and easy



Made from solid acacia wood

Reclined sitting position might not be comfortable for certain people

All-weather material

High-quality craftsmanship

Can hold up to 400 lbs

Reclined backrest for additional comfort

Giantex Patio Wooden Bench, Foldable

This foldable outside bench has been constructed from extremely strong acacia wood ensuring that it is durable. It is not a wooden garden bench that peels, chips, or cracks easily. It is also held together using premium galvanised screw ensuring that it won’t come apart when being used. The strong included legs also ensure that the integral weight capacity is as high as 705lb, more than you need to seat 2 grown adults.

Compared to other outdoor bench seats, this garden bench comes with locks that can be used to fix various parts in. This is not only useful in strengthening the bench, but also enabling it to be folded. This wooden bench can seamlessly be folded for easy storage when it is not being used. This ensures that it only takes a little bit of space when stored.

As stated earlier, this backyard bench has sufficient space for 2 people to comfortably sit together. The wide armrests and the curved backrests included in the design ensure you have great support when you sit down. When it comes to comfort, the bench seat is not left out, as it has been constructed using wood slat, ensuring that it not only comfortable but breathable.

The style of the bench can be said to be concise and natural, offering a perfect complement to your backyard or patio design. Its style means that it can perfectly match your furniture both inside and outside your home.

Assembly is also a breeze as you have visual and clear instructions. You also have included the necessary hardware to put this outdoor bench together.



Detailed assembly instructions

Some users claim the wood splits

Can sit 2 comfortably

Some screws might not be secure enough

Holds up to 750 lbs

Stable feet support

Style complements any backyard design

Seat is comfortable and breathable

Safavieh PAT6738K Outdoor Collection

This outdoor bench from Safavieh is bound to add a fresh look to any outdoor space, be it a garden, backyard, or patio design. It has a dark slate grey finish which ensures it is the perfect accent to any outdoor space. The cushion is upholstered in polyester and the frame is crafted from acacia wood to ensure that it will last for an exceptionally long time. Its design ensures that it can be a standalone or as part of an outdoor dining set.



Handcrafted details

The back can bend a little if you lean too much into it

Polyester upholstery

Made from acacia wood

Sturdy design


Vifah Bellevue Patio Diamond Bench

With this Vifah Bellevue Patio Diamond Bench, you get what you actually need, a bench that has been made with the finest construction, ensuring that it is not only slim but also sturdy enough to provide a safe and comfortable experience every time you sit on it.

This design of this backyard bench is both traditional yet so modern ensuring that it would fit seamlessly into any patio landscaping. In this garden seating, you get a regular back height with an alluring pattern design. No longer will you have to choose between a great design and a standard back height, you can have both thanks to the garden bench from Vifah Bellevue.

Given that it is going to spend the bulk of its life outside, it has been pre-treated at numerous layers ensuring that it is able to seamlessly resist decay, rot, mildew, and mould. With a design that was created to last, you cannot go wrong with this outdoor bench.



Mildew, mould, rot, and decay-resistant

Heavier than most benches

Durable enough to handle the elements

Comfortable design thanks to the standard height

Light yet sturdy

Best Functional Outdoor Garden Bench

Giantex Patio Glider Chair

This Giantex Patio Glider chair has been created using thickened steel tubes to ensure that its frame is not only strong but durable. The fabric is a durable weather-resistant fabric, ensuring these outdoor bench seats last for an exceptionally long time. In line with its sturdy design, this outdoor bench can hold a weight capacity of 530 lbs.

Its design is both safe and its ability to seat two is heralded. This is perhaps one of the quietest rocking chairs available. It is also smooth so you can be sure of the most comfortable rocking experience. to ensure that it does not slip and slide when being rocked, it comes equipped with protective footpads which not only protect this outdoor bench but the ground as well.

This garden bench differs from others on this list as it comes with a table providing convenience and comfort at the same time. meals, drinks, and books can be put on the table for seamless access. The armrests are also wider than normal ensuring that you have additional relaxation and comfort for your arms.

The style of this rocking chair is both beautiful and fashionable ensuring that it can be placed just about anywhere such a garden, patio and more. When it comes to putting this outdoor bench together, assembly is a breeze. It comes with all the required tools, hardware and of course, clear instructions.



Comes with detailed instructions to assemble

Weighs a bit on the heavy side

Multipurpose design with table

Made with weather-resistant fabric

Anti-slip pads at the bottom

Large weight capacity

Rocking mechanism

Quiet and smooth gliding system

Christopher Knight Home 306427 Noel

This Christopher Knight Home metal bench comes with cantilever iron legs which provide it with a modern but sleek look. The seat surface, itself is made from acacia wood and has been slatted to add to the general modern look. Uncluttered and understated are the general theme of this garden bench. This outdoor bench is suitable for any garden design, either as an accompaniment to a cookout area or simply a standalone bench. The details on the metal garden bench have been handcrafted. Users might think to be cautious about storing this bench outside without a covering due to the metal stands, however, it is capable of handling the elements. It is important to note that some assembly will be required, however, it would be something that even the most DIY challenged individual can handle.



Sleek design

Assembly can take a bit longer

Made of Acacia wood

Cantilever iron legs

Handcrafted details

Comes with detailed assembly instructions

Giantex Garden Bench

The Giantex Garden Bench has been built with durability in mind, thanks to its all-weather structure. Its steel frame has been coated with rustproof powder to ensure that it remains water-resistant. Apart from that, its thick legs and heavy-duty structure improves the load-bearing capacity to maintain excellent stability. Additionally, its slat seat design can prevent water accumulation for outdoor use.

The bench is spacious enough to seamlessly accommodate 2 to 3 people, ensuring that you can enjoy the scenery of your backyard design. Most importantly, the outdoor bench has an ergonomic backrest as well as slightly curved armrests to ensure that comfort is assured every time you sit down.

For further functionality, you get a folding middle table which can be quickly pulled up and fixed. It can hold al sorts of books, snacks, drinks and decorations. When not in use, it can be neatly folded down to be used as an additional seat.

Its versatile design is extremely clear as it comes with elegant arc-shaped legs and a simple, yet classy appearance. This patio bench can match any surroundings. Assembly is easy thanks to the detailed instructions. All you must do is connect 4 parts using bolts and a wrench which are all included in the package. Maintenance is also easy as all you need to do is lightly wipe it using a cloth.



Clear and easy to follow assembly directions

Is not water-resistant and should not be left in the elements during rain

Versatile and design

Spacious and ergonomic seats

Comes with a functioning folding table

LIFETIME 60253 Convertible Bench

This Lifetime outdoor bench is a convertible bench that can be transformed from a garden bench to a table. It has been constructed of weather-resistant polystyrene simulated wood in a harbour grey colour and black frame. The conversion handles are located on both sides of the table.

This garden bench is extremely durable as it has been UV protected ensuring that it does not peel, chip, crack, or face. Compared to wooden garden seating that tends to warp or splinter, this patio bench does not have to be varnished or painted. Its steel frame has been powder coated with a rust-resistant finish to ensure that this outdoor bench will last for years to come.

Converting this bench to a picnic table is something one person can do in seconds.



Easy One-Person Conversion from Bench to Table in Seconds

The tack screws can sometimes shear off

Durable Weather-Resistant Polystyrene

The hinges can deteriorate

Slats Allow for Quick Water Drainage

All the benefits of wood without the negatives

Easy Access In and Out of Seating Area

Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench

The Keter Eden Storage Bench is both versatile and beautiful. A perfect product that shows functionality and style can go hand in hand. The Eden is a patio storage bench which sports a modern, yet elegant look which rivals the look of natural wood. Thanks to its sophisticated, yet simple lines and of course, neutral colours, it can complement any garden design. As you can tell, it is not made from natural wood, but instead constructed from durable, UV protected resin. It has a look that is right at home inside and outside the house. Cleaning and maintenance is easy as all you need to do is wipe it with a damp rag.

Apart from being a great outside bench, it also has additional storage underneath the seat. And its all-weather durability ensures that you can leave it outside regardless of the season. This is down to its UV protected resin which also ensures it can stand up to sun exposure, pets and abuse from regular wear and tear. The lid can be locked on the Eden to either limit access or prevent theft of its contents ensuring you have peace of mind.



Functional under-seat storage

Assembly can be difficult for some users

All-weather durability

Snapping mechanism can be brittle

Elegant Look

Can Seat 2

Lockable Lid

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you treat a garden bench with?

You can use things such as sanding, varnishing and epoxy mixes to protect your hardwood garden bench. You can also use any of the treatment oils such as teak or danish oil.

How wide should a garden bench be?

A garden bench should be at least 51 inches wide if you want 2 people to sit on it, however, it can be as much as 60 inches.

How do you keep wooden bench legs from rotting?

You can soak the wooden bench legs in a wood preserver as the wood preserver typically contains chemicals that kill insects and rot.

Can you leave outdoor furniture outside in winter?

It depends on what your outdoor furniture is created from. Materials such as high-quality rattan can be left outside year-round without any form of weathering.

Do you need to cover outdoor furniture?

It is important that you cover your outdoor furniture, particularly during the winter. This not only makes your furniture last much longer but purchasing a cover can save you having to buy a replacement in the near future.

What is the best wood for an outside bench?

There are numerous woods that can be used, however, the best woods suited for an outside bench are: acacia, cedar, teak, redwood, white oak, Douglas fir, cypress and black locust.

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