Top 10 Fireplaces

There really is no denying that having a fireplace as part of a home design can add a bit of charm and a touch of class to the environment. However, it can be difficult to find a fireplace in a modern house. Even if you do have a fireplace in your home, there aren’t many of us that can actually find a use for them other than for their aesthetics. Not so long ago, fireplaces were used by people not only to provide warmth but to also enable them to cook as well. Thankfully today, they do nothing more than provide a nice, homely feature in the home.

A great alternative to traditional fireplaces would be to utilise electric ones. These fireplaces offer an aesthetic that is similar to those provided by an old style fireplace, however, they do have an additional benefit in the fact that they are much easier to maintain and take care of. With these benefits in mind, it is time to find out what the top 10 best electric fireplaces money can buy are.


e-Flame USA Freestanding Fireplace Stove

This classic design highlights the realistic wood burning effect and dancing flames. The hearth is lightweight, and stays cool-to-the-touch. Transporting from one room to another is seamless. This is a fashionable modern fireplace solution for any space. Perfect for your guest room, basement, garage, apartment, office, or motorhome/RV. Safe to set on all flooring types.

It works seamlessly thanks to a quiet, fan-forced heater that also comes with easy-to-adjust settings for even heat distribution. Enjoy the warm glow of the flames all year with the no-heat. Safety protection includes automatic shut-off to prevent overheating. This electric fireplace is odourless and smokeless.

You can use this electric fireplace to reflect your personal style. All the exterior faces remain cool, so it is a great way to display your seasonal décor and home design.This unit heats up quickly, and has two heat setting options so there is no need to pay the high cost associated with heating up your entire home.



Energy savings

Could be larger

Stylish design

PuraFlame Alice 50 Inches Recessed Electric

This electric fireplace is an in wall recessed installation, meaning that it cannot be freestanding or hung on the wall. However, it makes a perfect fit for 2 by 6 inch walls. You get two electrical connections with this modern fireplace: hardwiring or plug in. With the plug in, you simply have to connect your wall fireplace into a 110 V outlet and then enjoy.

You get a realistic flame effect thanks to the ultra high intensity LED lights that are also bright. When it comes to the ember bed, you get 2 options to select from; the crystal stones or the log set. You have the ability to select 4 varying flame settings ensuring that you are able to achieve the right ambience for your home design. You get 1. Yellow with a little bit blue low brightness 2. All yellow brightness 3. Yellow with a little bit blue brightness 4. All blue brightness. This electric fireplace enables you to select the flame effect with or without heat ensuring you have the appropriate ambiance regardless of what the weather is like.



Two heat settings

This wall mounted fireplace is delicate


Modern décor style

Adjustable flame colour
Remote control
Touchscreen buttons

TURBRO Suburbs TS17 Compact Fireplace

The TS17 electric fireplace from Turbro is the sweetest little stove that you could ever need! This vintage fireplace design with realistic dancing flames and burning log effect can provide your family with a warm ambiance.

Durable metal appearance and vintage design with full-screen viewing glass, TS17 is not simply a heater, but also a secret weapon to get your house levelled up. The flat top could be used as a display stand for photos, decorations or any other items.

Emulation log set and ember bed sit in a black fireplace box and feature a realistic dancing flames and burning log effect. Enjoy all year round fireplace view (with or without heat) but require no wasted time, effort or money.



Double heat settings

It is a bit on the heavy side


Rustic décor style

Giantex 28.5″ Electric Fireplace Insert

This Giantex electric fireplace comes with a tempered glass design that enables you to watch the logs and flame in the fireplace as they “burn”. You are able to get 3 flame colour options: orange-blue, blue and orange, with this wall fireplace. It provides an extremely cozy atmosphere thanks to its vivid flames. Additionally, you get 5 brightness modes of flames to select from and the flame decoration can be used without having to turn on the heating option.

Thanks tot its intelligent thermostat feature, this electric fireplace insert enables you to set the temperature from 62 F to 83 F. You also get a timer, enabling you to turn this fireplace on and off at any predetermined time, ensuring that it works for a maximum of 8 hours.2 Heating modes are available to you on this wall mounted fireplace. Operating this heater is extremely convenient, manual operation is just as seamless as remote control operation.

This wall fireplace can be inserted into a wall or cabinet ensuring that you get adequate comfort without having to sacrifice too much of your space. This embedded fireplace will add a touch of sleek and elite into your home design. 



Easy to operate

The plug end can get hot when heater is set to high on some models

Seamless installation

3 flame modes
5 bright flame modes
Intelligent thermostat
Realistic flame

Homedex 50″ Recessed Mounted Electric

This modern fireplace from Homedex offers comfort and relaxation in the home. It is suitable for any home design as it can fit seamless in the bedroom, family room or anywhere you need additional heat and ambience. Its touchscreen buttons offer a unique user experience making its design versatile.

You get a very efficient heater with this mimic wood fireplace thanks to the heating vent at the top and two heat settings. There is a thermostat that enables you to control the room’s temperature from 62 F to 82 F. A countdown timer can be set to turn off the fireplace from 1 hour to 8 hours.

The ultra high intensity LED lights offer a very realistic and bright flame effect. You get 2 choices for ember beds: Log set or crystal stones, which can suit home design. You get 9 different flame colour settings cater to your desired ambience. The flame effect can be operated with or without heat for year-round ambience.

This unit heats up quickly, and has two heat setting options so there is no need to pay the high cost associated with heating up your entire home.



Easy installation

The fan can be a bit loud

Energy saving

The model is prone to breaking down
Realistic high intensity flame effect


Walker Edison Wood Fireplace

This electric fireplace tv stand enables you to display your television in style. Measuring 70 inches, it is crafted from high-grade MDF with a durable laminate finish for a rich, textured surface. This fireplace tv stand this storage console features two adjustable shelves on both sides of the fireplace for anything from your electronics to your home design. It has a cord management port at the back of each shelving space, ensuring that you never have to worry about a tangled mess of wires. This entertainment centre blends a traditional style alongside a rustic farmhouse look in its simple design and will be a classic addition to any living room. This media stand will accommodate most flat-panel TVs up to 70 inches. Installation for the fireplace insert does not need a technician, all you have to do is plug into any standard household outlet.



Easy to install

Accompanying screws are a bit on the weak side

Classic style

Handles up to 70 inches
Cord management system

Walker Edison Tall Wood Corner Fireplace

Utilize your corner space with this classic 48-inch wood media stand with electric fireplace. Its corner design makes this the perfect space saving unit while creating a warm, entertaining space in your home. This traditional corner electric fireplace console has been created from high-grade MDF with a durable laminate finish and can accommodate a TV up to 55 inches.

This unit heats up quickly, and has two heat setting options so there is no need to pay the high cost associated with heating up your entire home.

Features include shelving stuck behind two tempered glass doors, an open shelf to fit your media accessories and components, and a cable management system to maintain a tidy space. You do not need an electrician to install this fireplace tv stand, simply plug into a standard household outlet and no venting required.



Easy installation

Stand is made of pressed wood

Sufficient shelf space

Made from high grade MDF
Can support 55 inches tv

Ameriwood Electric Fireplace TV Stand

The simple yet functional Ameriwood Home Carver Electric fireplace tv stand is a great way to give your home design an instant upgrade with its 23” electric fireplace insert. The 23” electric fireplace insert comes with a remote control, 4 touch panel settings and exclusive AltraFlame built in reflectors for a realistic flame effect on the logs.

The medium and white brown laminated particleboard and MDF pair perfectly with the silver handles and tempered clear glass doors to create an elegant look.

This carved fireplace and TV Stand has both open and closed storage shelves to keep your entertainment components organized and looking just as good as your living space. Each shelf is equipped with wire management cutout to keep your cords neat and tidy.



Remote control fireplace

Assembling takes a bit of work

High quality MDF construction

Additional shelf space
Wire management

Novogratz Concord Fireplace 70″, Walnut

This stand gives you the opportunity to step away from the ordinary, providing your living room with a mid-century modern makeover. Whilst it might look simple, this electric fireplace tv stand comes with a 23” electric fireplace insert with all the bells and whistles. It is capable of warming up a 400 square foot room with the touch of a button, enabling you to relax knowing that the timer will take care of the rest.

If you want to simply enjoy the look of the flames without the heat, use the included remote to switch off the heat option and pick your flame brightness. On either side of the fireplace insert are 2 shelves, 1 glass, that hold your entertainment components like gaming consoles, a DVD player, remotes and more. Both of the side shelves are illuminated with blue lights to coordinate with the glowing fireplace. These lights can be turned off if you prefer not to have them on.



Comes with a remote control

The laminate is prone to chipping in some models

2 shelves

Illuminated blue lights

WE Furniture Wood Fireplace Stand

This cozy 58-inch fireplace tv stand is the perfect piece to give your living or home design a charming country feel. What you get with this unit is a concealed storage space located behind the barn styled side doors with adjustable shelves that can fit your media and accessories. You get a mix of rustic and modern farmhouse style with this fireplace tv stand.

The inbuilt electric fireplace is a fireplace insert that has been designed to warm you up when it gets chilly. It also helps that it is seamless to use and you don’t require an expert to help you out it together.

If you are interested in having a unit that provides not only functionality but also style, then this fireplace insert is the right one for you. 



Easy installation

Stand is made of pressed wood

Sufficient shelf space

Rustic design
Can support 60 inches tv

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the electric fireplaces really heat a room?

An electric fireplace is able to directly dissipate warmth through a room in a manner that ensures no amount of heat is lost via a special venting or chimney, given that they do not require any. Whilst an electric fireplace has not been designed to be a source of central heating in a house, it is able to efficiently heat a room much better than an actual fireplace.

Do electric fireplaces use a lot of electricity?

An electric fireplace typically used around 1,500 watts of electricity, especially if it is set to the 50% usage setting.

Do electric fireplaces need to be vented?

No, electric fireplaces do not have to be vented throughout direct vent, chimney or any other source like wood and gas fireplaces do as they do not create any emissions.

Can you leave an electric fireplace on all night?

While there is nothing wrong with leaving an electric fireplace on all night, it is actually recommended that you turn it off when possible. Although an electric fireplace does not give off carbon monoxide fumes, it is usually best to turn the unit off when you plan to leave the room for an extended amount of time or if you intend to get some sleep.

Can you plug an electric fireplace into a regular outlet?

Most electric fireplaces can be plugged into a standard 120 Volt outlet, and no dedicated circuit is required.

Is it OK to put a TV above an electric fireplace?

There is nothing wrong with placing a television above an electric fireplace. This is because a modern electric fireplace has been designed to only produce heat outward.

While we have taken the time to thoroughly cover the aesthetics and features of the listed, there is one thing that has not been mentioned. That is the fact that these modern fireplaces are extremely economical. They are extremely inexpensive to operate and they do quite a great job of providing additional heat into a room. Additionally, they also provide ambience and charm to a room, especially the models that come with multiple colour and light options. They are also quite a lot cheaper than having to install a wood burning or masonry burning fireplace and that is why everybody should have one if they can. Additionally, there are a couple of things you have to consider before buying one. While the basics have been taken care of and highlighted, there are also a couple additional and somewhat optional features to consider when thinking about getting an electric fireplace. A couple of the few optional and more common features you can consider are digital controls, touchscreen controls, brightness controls, flame colour controls, flame speed options, LCD displays, and adjustable thermostats. Whatever electronic fireplace you select, it is important that you consider what type of aesthetic you intend to portray as you can get electric fireplaces in designs from rustic and modern to classic. You should also consider your budget, ensuring you select a unit that fits within your price point. 

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