Top 8 Hedge Trimmers

The beauty of a garden is clearly seen when it is kept in order and fine shape. Part of these processes includes trimming, pruning, cutting, and plantings of trees and flowers strategically. Unlike before, when most gardening processes are hectic because they are extremely manual, the development of several hands and power tools have made these processes relatively hassle-free.

A hedge trimmer is also known as a hedge cutter, is a gardening tool that is primarily used to keep trees and shrubs in shape. It is particularly useful for trimming, pruning, and cutting solitary shrubs or edges to keep them in shape and attractive. 

Several designs and models of hedge trimmers make it somewhat challenging for most buyers to choose the best product for them. Acquiring the service of one of the best hedge trimmers is a valuable addition to any gardener tool collection or the garden in its entirety.

Below is a review of the top 8 hedge trimmers that are versatile and are useful for professional applications. This review is based on a thorough evaluation of each product's specifications, features, reliability, and durability. Several users' review were also evaluated, and quality assurance tests were also carried out on these products.

Makita hedge trimmer is an electric hedge trimmer that weighs about 8.4lbs, and the tool exhibits top-notch structural design that ensures its high performance. The hedge trimmer has a dimension of 49 x 9 x 8.5 inches.

The hedge trimmer has a large transparent hand-guard that provides a clear view of the work area. It also features an ergonomic grip design that ensures easy handling and comfort. The tool has a two-hand operation switch that makes the motor run whenever the operator holds the grip with two hands.

The corded electric trimmer ensures low motor noise for quiet and stress-free operations, and the trimmer exhibits high performance and large cutting capacity. The 25" trimmer has a 4.6amp motor that delivers 1600SPM for fast trimming.

It has a cutting capacity of 25-1/2" and 1/2" for enhanced efficiency. The tool ensures the user's comfort and, at the same time, provides high efficiency by combining commercial-duty power and improved performance.



Very easy to control and handle

It is quite expensive

Does not cause noise pollution

The trimmer stops at intervals

Powerful hedge trimmer with enhanced speed

It is lightweight and easy to carry

Makita UH5570 electric hedge trimmer provides balance and comfort to its operator. The tool has a clutch that protects the gear from blade-lock, which in turn prevents motor damage. The tool features a blade tip guard that prevents kickback and ensures the protection of the gears.

The electric hedge trimmer has a design and structure that ensures less vibration and quiet operation. It has an ergonomic multi-grip design that improves control and ensures comfort. Its large blade of 21-5/8" provides a large cutting length.

The trimmer weighs 8.2lbs making it lightweight and handy with a well-balanced design, and the hedge trimmer ensures an enhanced view of the work area with the aid of a large transparent hand-guard. The trimmer has a dimension of 47.75 x 9.23 x 8.24 inches.



It is lightweight and handy

It does not have well-spaced teeth

It is easy-to-control with its ergonomic multi-grip design

The tool might be too bulky

Ensures visibility and efficiency

The trimmer provides large cutting length

The cordless hedge trimmer makes use of a powerful 40V lithium-ion battery to power up. The hedge trimmer cuts branches that are up to 3/4" in diameter.

It has a perfect grip handle and a low vibration enhanced system that ensure its comfort and maximum control. It has a 24 inches dual-action blade that guarantees less vibration while trimming. The trimmer makes powerful cuts that enable you to cut through tough materials with the push of a button.

The trimmer can trim as large as 6,000sq.ft of hedge per charge. The tool weighs about 7.1lbs and has a dimension of 8.03 x 7.6 x 38.86 inches. The trimmer is suitable for trimming shrubs, bushes, and hedges without an extension cord.



Rechargeable battery feature

There is a slight delay in the blade start when you pull the trigger

Lightweight and highly controllable

It might not be easy to maintain

Stress-free cordless trimmer

High-performance with less noise and vibrations

The trimmer has a hardened steel blade that cuts branches as large as 3/4 inches thick. Its soft-grip handle provides perfect handling and control. It also provides comfort to the user.

The trimmer has a lock-up switch that prevents accidental start-up and a lock-on switch that prevents interruptions during use. The trimmer weighs about 6.5lbs, making it easy to carry and handle when trimming. It features a rear handle that rotates 180⁰ for suitable hand positions when trimming horizontally and vertically.

The tool has a full bale handle that allows multiple grips and perfect controls. It has a powerful motor and design that suits different trimming tasks, and it has a dual-action blade with increased efficiency and reduced vibration by 40% less than single blades.

The trimmer features an innovative inline motor design that provides improved control, balance, and precise trimming. It has a 24" blade that ensures extended cutting, including dual-action blades cut branches easier and faster.



Dual-action blade for faster trimming

It might not cut through large branches

The lightweight feature that allows easy control

Relatively short cord

It is highly affordable

40% less vibration than the single blades

The trimmer has a 4amp motor that cuts through tough branches. It has a 22" dual-action blade that has high cutting capacity. It has 3/4" cut capacity making it capable of performing tough trimming tasks.

The corded hedge trimmer features a power-saw innovation cut of about 1-1/2" thick branches. The hedge trimmer is highly affordable and weighs about 3.04lbs. It has a product dimension of 35.56 x 6.13 x 7.13 inches.

The tool displays high-efficiency value and performance and provides comfort for the user.



Powerful blade that cut through tough branches

Easy to control and use

It is not cost intensive

It is not easy holding the button down to keep the machine going

Lightweight and handy

Easy to control and use

Craftsman CMCHTS820D1 is an affordable cordless hedge trimmer that offers impressive performance. It has 22” laser-cut blades that perform a dual function. It includes a full blade bale handle to ensure easy handling.

The inclusion of a ¾" blade gap that allows cutting on branches. It can also offer a power saw performance because it can cut branches with thickness up to 1-1/2" thick. This feature improves the versatility of the tool.

This hedge trimmer model features a powerful motor that ensures impressive performances with its 20V motor backed by a high performing 2.0AH lithium battery. This motor and power setup provide long runtime for various applications. 



It has a dual function of a hedge trimmer and power saw

Easily get clogged during extensive applications

Power saw innovation

The stress of repeated charging before use

Easy to handle and maneuver

Massive cut capacity

WORX WG261 is a cordless hedge trimmer with a battery and charger included in its package. The 5.3lbs hedge trimmer is lightweight, making it easy to handle and maneuver. It also has the D-Grip front handle to ease its usage.

This cordless model has a powerful 20V motor, 2.0Ah MaxLithium power share battery that enhances its powerful application. It also includes a dual-action hardened steel blades that complements the powerful motor to ensure smooth and easy cuts through twigs and branches. This motor setup also reduces vibrations that often accompany other hedge trimmers.

The product's operational safety is top-notch, with the inclusion of a safety guard that keeps debris off your face and your hands. The design also reduces vibration, which in turn reduces operators' fatigue. 



Ergonomic design that absorbs vibration

Limited maneuverability

D-grip handle for comfortable use

Battery life problem after repeated use

Nibble enough to round corners

Dual-action blade

One of the impressive features of Makita XHUO2M1 is its cutting capacity. The inclusion of the 22" blade enhances its cutting capacity. To complement this feature, it also includes a powerful motor that delivers impressive cutting speed.

The cordless hedge trimmer includes a 18V LXT Lithium-ion 4.0Ah battery that delivers 2,700 SPM. Makita XHU02M1 can take 120 minutes of run time under no load with the lowest setting.

This model also includes an anti-vibration design that has five cushions within the motor housing. This feature minimizes vibration and operational fatigue. The safety of Makita XHU02M1 is also enhanced with several alert systems. It has a battery capacity warning system that stops the motor and triggers an indicator light to indicate the product needs recharging. 



Easy to use and comfortable to handle

Relatively heavyweight

Impressive power setup and improved runtime

It is cost intensive

Fantastic cutting speed and capacity

Anti-vibration design

Battery capacity warning system

Frequently Asked Questions

What to look for when choosing your hedge trimmer?

One of the best ways to ease the rigor of getting the best hedge trimmer is identifying what exactly you want in a product. The essential features and properties to look out for in a hedge trimmer include:

        ●  Power source and motor
        ●  Length and overall dimension
        ●  Blade type
        ●  Cutting capacity
        ●  Ease of Use
        ●  Safety features
        ●  Purchase and maintenance cost


What is the best type of hedge trimmer?

There are several types of hedge trimmer with their unique features and cutting capacities. Hedge trimmers can be grouped into two major categories which are: cordless and corded hedge trimmers. Selecting the best hedge trimmer is solely based on personal preferences and needs.

Can I use a chainsaw as a hedge trimmer?

First off, you should remember that a chainsaw is not a substitute for a hedge trimmer. However, you can apply a chainsaw for some tasks that would ordinarily require a hedge trimmer. Although chainsaws can make cuts through shrubs and branches, they do not make precise cuts, unlike hedge trimmers.

How thick a branch can a hedge trimmer cut?

The thickness of the branch that a hedge trimmer can cut is primarily dependent on the individual model's cutting capacity. This cutting capacity is primarily influenced by the blade type and power setup of the product. On average, a good hedge trimmer should cut through branches that are about ¾" thick.

When should you cut your hedges?

One of the qualities of a great gardener is identifying what to do at the right time to keep the garden in perfect shape. On a general ground, hedges should be pruned in late winter because the plants are dormant at this period.

What are the best hedge trimmers under $150?

The best hedge trimmers under a $150 budget can be found in various manufacturer models which are majorly products from Craftsman, Black decker, and Worx.


A hedge trimmer will certainly find its way on the list of the essential gardening tools. They serve cutting, pruning, and trimming functions. The best hedge trimmers are not just ones with enormous size; they are models with impressive features and cutting capabilities.

We have helped you with an explicit review of some of the best hedge trimmers that offer impressive performances. However, identifying your gardening needs will help you decide better on the hedge trimmer that best suits your needs.

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