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Have you ever come home a bit later than you normal and had to feel your way up to your door from your car? Or if you have a great garden design that is perfect for entertaining only to be let down by the lighting. Well, this is a problem that most people tend to have, finding themselves in the dark most of the nights and being unable to actually enjoy their space out back. If you are like that, then you definitely have to read on to discover a quite a number of unique and brilliant way to add some light to your situation using a few wonderful backyard lighting solutions.

Light during the day is much different to how it appears at night. It is for this reason that it is of more importance to have correct lighting at night, especially at outdoor spaces like a garden design and pathways. There are quite a number of principles that you have to bear in mind when selecting the correct type of lighting. For one, you have to consider that light tends to vary in its emitted quantity, colour and intensity. Regardless of what type of lights you are selecting, there are three layers that outdoor lights are divided into. They are:

•  Overall: this offers illumination for an entire room or space.
•  Task:
this helps to define what the purpose of the lighting is for, either to light up a path or a patio.
•  Accent:
accent has to deal with the way it draws attention to an object or an area. This is typically accomplished using spotlights or floodlights.

Additionally, there are a variety of bulbs that can be suited for use as outdoor lights. They are:
•  LED bulbs:
which are the most expensive, however, they have a long usage life and are energy efficient, consuming minimal energy.
•  Halogen bulbs:
which are similar to incandescent bulbs, however, they are more efficient, consume less energy and have a longer use life.
•  Incandescent bulbs:
these bulbs emit a light that is pleasant to the eyes, however, they tend to consume more energy and have a shorter life.
•  Fluorescent:
these are available in more colours and tend to have a longer lifespan. They also consume less energy.

Let us begin!!

Reimagine the northern forest in your home

If you are searching for some landscape lighting that is a bit more natural, something that fits perfectly with the outdoorsy theme of your landscaping, then you can get some outdoor lights that incorporate lights into salvaged logs. This enables you to fully take advantage of what nature offers, and it still fits in with a rustic themed garden design. Your lighting does not have to be “modern”, with wires running everywhere.

Texas ranch style

Everyone knows that everything is bigger in Texas and having Texas lamp posts as one of the outdoor lighting ideas can be a great way to imbibe everything the Lone Star State has to offer. To do this, you simply need to head over to your local lumber yard or garden centre to pick up planks that can either be bored into the ground or placed into planters. At the top end of the planks, you can string lights from one plank to another, sort of creating a canopy of lights. It is important to note that you will need a little bit of elbow grease as your bases will have to be shovelled out and concrete would be necessary. While this might seem like quite a lot of work, this idea enables you to create your own porch lights which can also double as a flowering container garden. If you want to add a bit more wow factor to it, you could place hanging baskets at the top of the posts. Think of these as planter lights.

Light your path inside and out

It does not matter if you have an already existing walkway, or you are interested in making your own, there is something about providing creative outside lights by adding in glow in the dark pigments and elements to your walkway materials, that really make your pathway stand out. If you already have a pre-existing walkway, you could simply add these glow in the dark pigments into your paints and then repaint the walkway. Doing this will provide you with a somewhat self-charging walkway with exterior lighting that is just as bright this night as it was last night. With this landscape lighting idea, you don’t have to paint the entire stone pathway, you could choose to be divergent and paint the grout that lies between the stones, or even take it a step further by painting the areas that you prefer to shine light. One benefit of this idea is the praise you are going to get from neighbours and guests when they discover your ingenious garden lights idea. It can be a great conversation starter.

Give the stars a boost

If you love ping pong, then you are bound to love this exterior lighting idea. Transform your love for ping pong into a lighting situation. Rather than setting up a ping pong table, this idea requires you to create a beautiful and calming ambience for your garden design. This idea is an extremely cheap one and making it is even easier. All you need are ping pong balls, obviously and a string of white Christmas or holiday lights. What you do is place the ping pong balls over the lights and there you have it, a great set of decking lights that provide just the right ambience for your home design. This is sure to be a crowd pleaser in any garden design. If you want to take it a step further, you can use permanent markers to colour and customise the way your new garden lights look. This is an extremely easy project, and you would be glad you started on it when you see the results.

Swap indoors for outside using a simply hack

If you are interested in making a great set of outdoor lanterns that you won’t need to plug, all you have to do is follow these instructions. The first you would need to do is to head over to the nearest thrift store and find an old lamp. Once that is done, you then head over to your local garden centre to purchase any outdoor solar lights you desire. After your purchase, head home to get rid of the op lighting piece from the stake of your chosen outdoor solar lights and place it where the bulb in the old lamp typically goes.

A great hint to remember if it does not seem to fit, you can use a little bit of wall putty generally used to secure pictures on walls to have your outdoor solar lights secured to the base. This idea enables you to take advantage of nature, there by providing you with porch lights.

Use nature to your advantage and light up your porch

What if there was a way for you to harness all that the sun had to offer? For this outdoor lights idea, you will need some glass blocks, speaker wire, LED lights, sealant, an outdoor solar panel and a little electronical knowledge. If you are lacking a bit in the electronical knowledge department, you can enlist the help of someone knowledgeable. This idea enables you to create a beautiful lighted pathway. All you have to do is customise your block colours and shapes to create a conversation piece that every guest would be itching to talk about.

What if trees could provide light

Wrapping your trees using lights does not have to be saved for only a special holiday. Wrapping your trees in light can be a beautiful design for not only Christmas, but graduations, birthday parties and weddings. Any backyard or garden design party is bound to benefit from the beauty of the decking lights provided by hundreds, if not thousands of soft bulbs. These bulbs come together to create an atmosphere that your guests are sure to remember. There are a few things you will have to remember that putting up these outside lights on your trees can be quite frustrating if you do not begin the process with a plan.

For one, it is important that you begin stringing up you lights at the base of the tree. Ensure that the male plug is placed at ground level so that it can be connected to your power cord.

Beginning with the male end that is placed closest to the tree base, start systematically wrapping the tree up, using the male end to connect with the next set of outdoor string lights via the female end. It is imperative that you wrap the lights up as tightly as possible to ensure that there is a completely snug fit. When the lights are wrapped tightly, they tend to stay in place, however, if you require a bit more confirmation, you can make use of zip ties to secure any areas of concern or loose wires. As you go higher up the tree, it is important that you increase the vertical spacing of the outdoor string lights on the branches, particularly where the outdoor string lights will be wrapped up and down again.

Originality can come into play

If you have ever wanted to have garden lights that spoke to your creativity and were this functional, then this is the right outdoor light idea for you. all you need to do for this outdoor lighting ideas is to head over to where your used wine bottles are. Once you have that, you then head over to the hardware store to buy the parts that will enable you to recreate this original yet reusable outdoor torch. This exterior lighting comes in two parts, the hanger and the bottle.

With the hanger you have to first decide where you would like to mount your exterior lighting. The top plate connector should be placed on a mountable surface, you then drill holes to place the screws in. It is usually much easier to ensure your mount is level if you pre-drill the screws first.

Once the top plate connector has been mounted, you attach your 3/8 rod till it locks in place. The next step would be to thread in your hex nuts on the rod with one being tightened all the wall at the top plate mount. The other part goes to the split ring hanger that will hold your bottle in place.
Given that you are using metal in this process, you can prefer to have it keep its un-weathered shine, by giving numerous coats of clear polyurethane before it is mounted. If you are not bothered, or you would like your torch to have a bit of character then you can completely skip this process.

For the bottle, carefully wrap the end of the coupling with Teflon tape. It is important that each wrap is clean and nice so that it forms a smooth and even surface. You should continue building the tape till it fits snugly into your bottle’s opening. You do not any point want the coupling to fall in.
The wick should then be inserted into the coupling till it sticks out about a quarter of an inch. The moment the wick absorbs oil, it becomes even tighter, so you do not have to worry if it feels a tad bit loose.

The split ring hanger should then be unscrewed from one side, enabling you to place the bottle’s neck into the ring. The ring should then be put back in place and tightened until it is even on both side. It is important to note that you might have to loosen the other side so that it fits evenly, however, one thing you do not want to do is over tighten the hander. Doing so could cause the glass to break.

Once this is done, you can use a funnel to fill the bottle with your favourite oil. This is where the functionality comes into play as you can fill it with any mosquito repellent. So not only does it act as a source of external lighting, but it also helps to keep annoying mosquitos away ensuring your outdoor fun time remains just that.

You should move to insert your wick and coupling into the top part of the bottle, twisting it till it fits snugly. You should probably wait a few minutes before lighting the wick, so that it can sufficiently absorb the oil.

Recreate shooting stars in your backyard losing lights

It does not matter if it’s your pathway, flower pot or garden design, having aglow in the dark stone in them can make them shine so beautifully in the dark. These glow in the dark stones might appear like a simple but pretty decoration in the light, however, they are transformed in the dark into glowing gems. These tiny stones are special enough to provide a magical and enchanting experience ensuring that your landscaping is transformed from your run of the mill garden design into one out of a fairy tale. At night, these pebbles shine bright like a precious stone, glowing brightly and offering one of the best landscaping lighting you could ever have. They look so amazing that guests will be unable to ignore these bright and pretty stones.


There are quite a number of benefits associated with outdoor lights. For one, the beauty they provide can be a great asset to your landscaping. Having the right exterior lighting can help create a pleasant ambience on your patios and decks. Additionally, it also helps to make the exterior of your home that much more appealing from the sidewalk. You should see it as adding a bit of elegance to your home design.

Security can also be another benefit, as when you have exterior lighting, you are able to ensure your home remains secure. When your entryways, walkways and garages are properly illuminated, you are able to seamlessly spot anomalies and potential intruders.

The last but most important benefit associated with outdoor lights is safety. When your walkways are kept properly lit during your outdoor event or house party, you make it much easier for your guests to seamlessly navigate their way around your house, without risking injuries.

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