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For some, snow is a curse as much as it’s a blessing. Having to clear snow in our lawns, patios or backyards is enough to put us into a love-hate relationship.Fortunately, the future is now. We live in a time where many kinds of snow blowers are available for us. Electric, gas, cordless, single-stage, two-st​​​​age, you name it. However, choosing an incompatible snow blower will “snow” you with more problems. Thus, learn and discover the best snow blower below:

Best Electric Snow Blowers

Snow Joe SJ625E Electric Single Stage

The Snow Joe SJ625E came to start our list. This electric snow blower shows off excellent features and performance in handling snow.Full-fledged FeaturesThe Snow Joe SJ625E offers you maximum comfort with its features. It comes with 180° adjustable chutes, LED lights, and a two-year warranty, no questions asked!Powerful PerformanceDespite it being electrically powered, it manages to dish out powerful performance. Its 15-amp motor enables it to move up to 800lbs of snow per minute. It’s also capable of swooping 21” wide by 12” deep flurries of snow.Cost to ValueWith the two rubber blades and steel augur, it also provides durability. This makes the snow joe snow blower an exceptional electric snow blower. Its affordable price is well-appreciated, too.



Durable materials

Incompatible for huge snows
Strong performance even for medium snow

Convenient features


Greenworks 2600202 20″ Electric, Light Kit

Next up, we have the Greenworks 2600202 snow thrower. It captures your heart by offering portability and convenience in its features.Portable and ConvenientGreenworks 2600202 offers several convenient features. First, it has a push-to-start button to operate the blower with ease. Then, you can fold its handle to store them easily. Finally, you can adjust the chute in 180 degrees.Power in a BudgetWith its affordable price tag, the Greenworks 2600202 offers an ample performance. It supports a 13-amp motor with decent snow clearing capabilities. Expect to discharge up to 20 ft with this snow thrower.Cost to ValueIn short, this snow thrower is a decent choice for an electric snow thrower. It manages to deliver both quality and affordability in one.



Convenient to use

Can’t handle wet and bulky snow well

Relatively silent engine

Decent performance


Earthwise SN72018 Corded, LED Lights

The last electric snow thrower in our list is the Earthwise snow thrower. It offers features such as push-button activation, 2 LED lights, and a rotating chute. All that at a bargain!Built to LastThe Earthwise’s overall build is robust with an ergonomic handle. Its augur is made with low-heat resistant plastic. For us, we prefer durable plastic over steel. Plastic works better with snow and it doesn’t bend nor rust, enhancing its longevity. Competitive PerformanceEarthwise doesn’t forget about its performance. With a 13.5-amp motor, this electric snow thrower could throw up to 700 lbs of snow in one minute. It’s capable of clearing snow within an 18” width and 12” depth of snow.Cost to ValueBy far, we conclude that this Earthwise snow thrower provides the best bang for the buck. It offers commendable performance without sacrificing durability and quality.



Best budget snow thrower

The clearing width can be wider

Great material choice

Convenient features
Adept performance for tall snow

Best Gas Snow Blowers

PowerSmart PSS2240-X Electric Start Gas

Moving on, now it’s time for the gas snow blowers! They are great for heavy snows and provide more power than electricity or batteries. PowerSmart gas snow blower is the first on our list.Comprehensive FeaturesPowerSmart offers an automated drive system with 6 forward and 2 backward driving options available. It also has both a push-button start and a manual start. Furthermore, a 13” inflatable tire enhances its grip on slippery terrains.Undoubted PerformanceThe sheer power this gas snow blower offers is unrivaled. The PowerSmart comes with a 212cc engine with serrated steel augers equipped. Clear up to 24” wide and 20” of snow with this machine.Cost to ValueFor a two-stage gas snow blower, the PowerSmart is a valuable buy. It offers a reasonable price for the performance it provides.



Powerful 212cc engine

The weight can be encumbering in manual control

Enhanced grip with inflatable tires

Automatic drive option
Push-button start available to use

YARDMAX YB5765 ZTwo-Stage

Next, we have the YARDMAX TB5765. It’s a two-stage blower that clears thick snows without hassle. Like other blowers, it employs a rotating chute for easy snow removal.Self-propelled DriveWith the weight two-stage blowers, having an automatic drive feature is a relief. YARDMAX offers a 5 forward and 2 reverse option for you. Also, its wheels are attached to a pin-locked axle to improve traction and maneuverability.Heavy Duty MonsterWith aluminum gear cases and alloy steel gears, the YARDMAX is a robust machine. With a 196cc engine and serrated steel augers, munch huge amounts of snow out of your yard.Cost to ValueConsidering its cheaper price than its peers on this list, it’s a great buy. This YARDMAX snow blower is practical in its use with adequate features.



Great traction

Manual recoil start only

Heavy-duty durability

No lights for nighttime use
Amazing performance
Self-propelled drive feature

Briggs & Stratton 1022E 22-Inch

The Briggs & Stratton blower offers a modern take on snow blowers. This single-stage blower is excellent for your lawn with hard snow with short to medium height. It also comes with a limited 3-year warranty.208cc Engine BeastFor a single-stage blower, the Briggs & Stratton equips a 208cc engine for maximum efficiency. Its engine exerts 9.50 lb-ft of torque. With it, clear up to 22” wide by 12.5” deep snow without challenge.High-end FeaturesThe Briggs & Stratton comes with several features. There’s an electric start for ease of use. Then, it uses wear-resistant rubber for its augers, an excellent material. Also, there’s a large manual handle for its chute.Cost to ValueThe Briggs & Stratton blower justifies its premium price with its quality. And investing in excellent gardening tools is always worth it.



Durable auger quality

No automatic rotating chute

3-year limited warranty

Electric start available
Exceptional engine performance

Best Cordless Snow Blowers

Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB18 Cordless

The Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB18 comes with impressive features. It has the adored adjustable rotating chute, LED headlights, and comes with a warranty!Optimal Blowing CapabilityThis snow joe snow blower comes with a 1200W motor. The brushless motor can clear up to 14 tons of snow in one charge. It has a 4-blade rubber-coated steel auger that gives both performance and durability. With its size, it clears up to 18” wide and 10” deep snow.Efficient Battery TimeThe Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB18 comes with two 4.0 Ah batteries and a charger. Each battery runs up to 40 minutes per charge. Don’t leave yourself hanging with a dead battery.Cost to ValueWith its current price tag, this cordless snow blower is a solid choice. The strong performance, great features, and reliability is well-appreciated and worth the price. 



Comes with 2 batteries

Average clearing capacity

Optimal performance

Durable rubber coated auger
A wide array of features

Snow Joe iON18SB Cordless

Another well-made cordless snow blower from Snow Joe. The Snow Joe iON18SB dishes decent performance and features. It clears paths up to 18” wide and 8” of deep snow.Smart Material ChoiceThis snow joe snow blower is made with plastic. We’re really fond of plastic materials. They’re durable and last longer than steel. Because plastic rarely gets bent and isn’t affected by rust. Furthermore, it’s lightweight.Quiet Long UsageThe iON18SB comes with a 40V 4.0 Ah EcoSharp battery. It runs up to 50 mins per charge with minimum noise. It also features a 180° auto-rotate chute that throws snow up to 20 ft. It’s suitable for nighttime usage as well with attached LED lights.Cost to ValueTo put it short, the Snow joe iON18SB is a fair priced blower. It’s a decent item to get for your lawn care equipment.



Long battery life

Smaller clearing capacity

Excellent material choice

Great features (chutes and lights)

Greenworks 2600402 Pro Cordless

The Greenworks 2600402 promotes a high-end cordless snow blower. It delivers exceptional performance accompanied by added comfort through its features.Efficient MachineThis Greenworks blower comes with a brushed motor. It provides an efficient, silent, and maintainable machine. Clear up to 20” wide by 10” deep snow with this machine.Up to Date FeaturesGreenworks provides well-received features on their blower as well. There’s an automatic-controlled chute, LED light for night cleaning, and a push-button start. Their battery carries a quick charging feature as well.Cost to ValueGreenworks prices this product with a premium price tag. Despite being an adequate quality blower, the price tag might scare some off. If you have no trouble with budgets, do consider it.



Handy features

Batteries don’t handle cold well

Wide snow clearing area

Silent and brushless motor
Quick charging battery

The Best Snow Blower

TACKLIFE Snow Blower

TACKLIFE has bested other blowers as the best snow blower. It’s a value buy for its performance, quality, and features that it provides. Check it out.Efficient Snow BlowerThe TACKLIFE equips a 15-amp motor that throws up to 800 lbs of snow within a minute. It has 3000 rpm that clears light to medium-sized snows on your lawn and patio. It has a 4-blade steel auger that is coated with antifreeze rubber. It has a 20” wide by 10” deep snow clearing area.Enhancing FeaturesTACKLIFE installs features that enhance ease of use, durability, and comfortability. There’s the 180° adjustable chute, an antifreeze plastic-handle, and an overload protector for its motor. Its wheels are also anti-slip for better grip. Expect a long-lasting gardening tool with this.Cost to ValueIn the end, TACKLIFE offers a valuable blower for its quality. Its affordable price tag makes it a bang for the buck!



Value buy

Bad for wet and heavy snow

Strong performance

Durable materials
Great complementing features

Frequently Asked Questions

What to look for when choosing a snow blower?

The important things to look for in choosing your snow blowers are:     –  Their type, is it a single stage or two-staged blower?     –  Their power, is it powered by gas, electricity, or battery?

What is the best type of snow blower?

The best type depends on your lawn and snow. If your lawn is flat and hard (e.g. concrete), a single-stage blower is enough. For uneven land with gravels, having a two-stage blower is better. They are built to clear slopes and graveled lawns.The same goes for snow. Single-stage blowers work best for lighter and drier snow. For heavy, wet, bulky snows, consider a two-staged blower.Gas-powered blowers are more powerful than electric and battery-powered blowers. Thus, it’s recommended to opt for a gas snow blower to deal with thick and wet snows.

Which is better, a single-stage or two-stage snow blower?

If your lawn is flat with small to medium amounts of snow, a single-stage blower is perfect for you. Meanwhile, go for two-stage blowers if you’re facing thick, wet, tall snows with slopes in your land.


How deep does snow need to be to use snow blowers?

In general, you can start using them on 1½ inches of snow. Keep in mind that taller snows require a bigger stage snow blower.

What is the best snow blower for the elderly?

For the elderly, the best snow blowers would be a single-stage, battery snow blower. It provides the convenience the elderly need while doing excellent work on the snows.Look out for a lightweight battery snow blower with 180° chute auto-turn, and an electric start. They are convenient to use, especially for the elderly.

What are the best snow blowers under $400?

Referring to our top pick, TACKLIFE’s snow blower provides the most value and quality under $400.

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