Do you love your backyard? We do.
Backyardsunset is a project that started when the COVID-19 pandemic kept us all at home more than before. The passion was always there, but it seems we needed some extra time for sharing it with the world.

We are a 4-people team (with longer or shorter friendships) who love to work remotely while living their dream lives outside the cities. We do love sunsets. All of us! And while we are trying to watch it together as often as possible, we love our private space as well.

Fist bump?


George loves life. He is a very practical grown up. As sensible as he seems, the hard (and sometimes expensive) toys are his favorites. He can tell a really nice and deep story while drilling or cutting some wood. Great mix, isn't it?

I have always loved the water. Don’t know why. But I can definitely spend any afternoon in my backyard playing with the water and finding different shapes and spreadings that would create an awesome image in the sunset light. I am watering the grass and my love`s flowers with a weird-hard-to-describe joy. I surely know more about watering the plants than keeping humans hydrated. But I find that just alright…


Katrina loves George (yes, of course he loves her too, but why would he share this here?). She loves her plants as well. Some days she speaks with her plants more than she talks to George - but every couple has those days, right?

Leaving the city for more outdoor private space was the best thing I have done so far in my thirty-mmmmmsh years. I just love watching the sky. Coffee breaks are coming with plenty of different colors, but this time they’re not on the screen anymore. Wanna talk about our plan(t)s?


David loves wood (ok, food also). And mountain air. Hiking, for sure. Growing up in England, he walked a lot before started climbing. He met the team (and Alice too) in a hiking trip with their common friends - John and Barbara, who are still thinking if they want to join this project - and never stopped calling since.

Traveling around the world was nice, but at some point I had to settle down, and the US have chosen me. And I chose Alice and she chose me as well. So many choices... but outdoors is always a no-brainer!


Alice can make EVERYTHING look nice. Sometimes is frustrating for the rest of us. But we are so lucky to have a genuine visual guru to learn from. She definitely makes the world a nicer place. Oh, and that smile!

I cannot really say I have left the city for good, but just for keeping the door open. I definitely enjoy this far-away time and I am so happy about this chill way we are experiencing at the moment. I love walking barefoot in our backyard. Sunsets! - I love them too!

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